May 19th, 2016 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “transform”

  1. beautiful wings, and it’s fantasia! fantasia! what a remarkable place, movie, song, everything, the word just encompasses what we need, what I need, everyone wants, we all want. that’s it, isn’t it? the true form of everyone’s happiness is in what we want to transform into. everyone, or so many, or close, they all stop: stop at the dreaming, and I won’t, I refuse to be and I won’t be like them and I will become what I want to become and then that will change what I want to become, ever onward, ever forward.

    By gilted.lavendel on 05.19.2016

  2. i watched her undress, a pile of clothes forming on the floor at her feet. i watched more, as the skin covering her flesh began to peel off, revealing viscera and muscle, nerves, then bones, then nothing. in wanting her, i destroyed her, eviscerated her, and all that was left was nothing.

    By lapis URL on 05.19.2016

  3. Blake transforms from vaguely bored action man to driven investigative policeman in his inbuilt motivation to do the right thing by his country

    By Youjoeking on 05.19.2016

  4. In a flash, it happened. I had been made into exactly what i had always wanted. Now i realize this transformation was nothing what I had anticipated. I was gone forever. How I long for the real me.

    By Alex G. on 05.19.2016

  5. tranform into something you care about. something that brings you job but also inspires you to challenge yourself into something more. it’s not who we are in a moment, it’s who we are in a journey and adapatioan and transformation are just tools which allow us to evolve both as human beings, but also members of the universal society of entites.

    By Jules on 05.19.2016

  6. Trying hard to stay positive, to transform myself from the cranky angry teeth-clenching hag I’ve become, to the normal person I think I once was. Maybe this is the new me, post-transformation that I didn’t even ask for.

    By Amimee URL on 05.19.2016

  7. i am branches i am growing i am becoming beneath the bark. laurel leaves, encircling, circlets to contain what should not be (contained). i am sprouting and i am still, i want to run and not be found, i want tendrils to be uplifted, my feet uprooted, detached from the ground. chloroform and chlorophyll sound too similar to be safe, remove this toxicity of green and let me grow in a way not predestined and let me find my own crowns of leaves

    By ella on 05.19.2016

  8. She gazed around herself, the wind blowing on the thin, long grass. It made a hue of blues and greens around her, and mixed and swirled as the wind blew. The sky was a mist of reds and yellows and pinks. She blinked. The land transformed, dropping her into cold, dark, terrifying water.

    By Linn P. on 05.19.2016

  9. her body warps from shape to shape
    in a timeless cycle. her hair in the curls
    of a fern, her eyes from the pebbles
    in the stream. her skin is night and stone,
    her mouth the cavernous universe.

    By Evie on 05.19.2016

  10. That’s a word I like. ‘Cause life is not about things that don’t change. Even rocks, they become sand.

    By Kalinda on 05.19.2016

  11. They transformed the old, run down farmhouse, into a beautiful modern home.

    By Katy on 05.19.2016

  12. I am so ready to transform my entire life! My soul is going through major transformation now, just like my body and my habits.I am “quiting” smoking with the help of medicine, everything is about to change.

    By Cayla Whitfield on 05.19.2016

  13. Rawr, err, ahhrn, ohn, eehn! Right in front of him, a gigantic robot burst forth from the form of a semi-truck. “Optimus?!” the boy said. “Who?” the robot replied.

    By ml on 05.19.2016

  14. It’s something of a … transformation. I don’t mean in the physical sense, although I suppose there is a bit of physical transformation as well. I mean primarily in the… sorry, I’m trying to avoid the word “spiritual”. Maybe a transformation of the essence? It changes, somehow, the way you react to the world, and the way the world reacts to you. Even if you have the same body, even the same mind, the same cognitive functions, you become a barrier where once you were a pass, and a help where once you were a hindrance.

    By CapricAura on 05.19.2016

  15. I wish I could transform right now. Into the person I use to be. Into the person I want to be. But, until then, I must continue on.

    By CA$HLEY on 05.19.2016

  16. The change was gradual, so gradual she almost wouldn’t have seen it had it not been for the shimmering in her peripheral vision. She glanced over to the lake and squinted into the distance. The sun, in it’s rising, was giving the whole earth a golden glow.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.19.2016

  17. Transform through the renewing of your mind

    By ECAkids on 05.19.2016

  18. Transform what does not enhance your life. Let go of old beliefs…they only drag you down.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 05.19.2016

  19. I watched my caterpillar slowly transform into a butterfly, and what a beautiful transformation.

    By Em on 05.19.2016

  20. As the animal began his transformation it began to turn into a weird creature with weird scales and fins.

    By Caden on 05.19.2016

  21. The caterpillar under went a transformation into a butterfly. Which took over 1 month to under go the transformation.

    By Caden on 05.19.2016

  22. The man began to transform into fire and started to shoot fire at of his hands. The man on the other side of the room was transforming into ice!

    By Caden on 05.19.2016

  23. This team is getting to be more of a culture monster, transform and adapt instead of being negative and reactive. Continue to build and make this place shine like delicious demons.

    By daniel URL on 05.19.2016

  24. the cell had been transformed into a baby all because of the man

    By im a real person URL on 05.19.2016

  25. I am in the current process of transfomation
    The transformation has been coming on for a few years now
    but now is the time to transform
    i am no longer the old person i used to be
    i have let it all go
    that life of the person that dreads
    i have gotten rid of all that causes me to shrivel
    i am alive. i have been transformed.

    By Mistress Quickly on 05.19.2016

  26. I could feel my limbs pulsing with energy and was doing all I could to move and break free of this strange experience. Everything around me was speeding up and blurring out as I slowly rose off the ground, held by some invisible thread through my back.

    By ulimonster on 05.19.2016

  27. everything now adays has transformed….all resulted just because of science
    catterpillar transform into butterfly and in the process it has to go through several problems several stages.
    so every transformation requires a lot of struggle….
    nothing is formed at once …we have to give and dedicate all ourselves…then we can bear some fruit
    transformations are always beneficial…..

    By Sanam on 05.19.2016

  28. Love blossoms given time. It transforms from a tiny seed into a large oak tree, intertwined with its beloved that sit next to it. Their branches entwining with one another, creating a larger, stronger tree with their two forms. The branches reach toward one goal, the sky.

    By Rosheen on 05.19.2016

  29. Its from one thing to the other, but we all do it all the time.
    I was gonna make this poem rhyme
    And it does, so I guess the intention of it transformed
    Ah transform what a great word
    But growth is more important than change in my opinion.
    You should do both.

    By Ed on 05.19.2016

  30. They were broken. No. Broken wasn’t the right word. It pained to think, but the way their chest burst with every breath meant one thing: they lived. The transformation had shaken them, but what was it in the eyes of a god?

    By Apollo on 05.19.2016

  31. It was easy to transform my image once I left high school and settled into college. I cut my hair. I wore flannel shirts instead of blouses. I bound my chest and let my kneecaps sneer from holes in my black jeans. My mother wouldn’t let me start hormone therapy until I had gotten my degree, and I didn’t really have another choice – I was on her healthcare, and it was her rules.

    Still, I came up with a name I preferred more than my birth moniker: Ethan. That suited me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.19.2016

  32. There aren’t many things like being a kid on a hot day when the adults are at work, mid summer vacation, playing with the neighbor girl who you guess is ok but she can be bossy sometimes. You skip around and ride bikes and lay under the trees near the transformer station, next to a weird humming green box that’s warm to the touch, and think about whether or not your mom has counted the popsicles in the box or if it’s too dangerous to sneak one.

    By Amanda on 05.19.2016

  33. Fire licking up the sides of the house, paint slowly transitioning from solid to toxic gas.
    Timbers falling, wood crashing. The sofa on fire. At last, freedom.

    By theatercook on 05.19.2016

  34. renewing your mind .renewing your way of life
    not as you were before. progression leads to transformation.

    By horton on 05.19.2016

  35. do you dream of revolution
    smack masses in delusion
    it’s a crisis of confusion
    with no concept of constitution
    can you preach the restitution
    if it’s all a grand illusion
    or can you transform institution
    spite the unending pollution
    get the fuckers’ absolution
    or is this the dissolution?

    By matt m. on 05.19.2016

  36. transform is to change,. change your life, change your close become a different entity. Transforming is essential to growth. Without transformation, we would all still have the minds of a baby. It is the ability to learn to be smart to become individuals .

    By Melissa on 05.19.2016

  37. transform back into who you once were. tattered and scarred, transform, or rot and seep into this new self loathing sack of once was potatoes that now serenades the shitty fruit bowl on the counter that endlessly collects crumbs harboring spores of molded ideas that could have only come from your fucked up split conscience. transformers or die. fuck you.

    By stillinbed on 05.19.2016