May 17th, 2016 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “chaos”

  1. chaos is trouble. chaos is ever-day problems escalating into horribleness. catastrophe. manic fits and rage. confusion paired with anger and frantic.

    By kit on 05.18.2016

  2. A chaotic day is stressful event. Panic, rage, confusion, mobs. Not knowing where the beginning or ending of fight is.

    By kit on 05.18.2016

  3. I had made my bed. Put away all my clothes. Fed and bathed myself. Vacuumed, even. I stood in the middle of my room, with the plain white walls I could never seem to cover, and slowly turned around.

    By ulimonster on 05.18.2016

  4. The world around me seems in chaos. We have worked to get the status quo removed and yet people still believe the yellow journalists and fail to fact check. How can we be great again when we never were?

    By Lauren Coats on 05.18.2016

  5. What is it really?
    Baelish says it’s a ladder
    I think it’s a spork.

    By Brandon Steward on 05.18.2016

  6. She felt like she was being bombarded with so input that she couldn’t see or hear anything. Disaster was raining down and she was struggling to move forward at all. She dimly made out her one constant in the chaos, and strained toward him with every ounce of strength she had left.

    By Lucas on 05.18.2016

  7. Go down that street, it’s a long one; it runs from one end of town to the other. People in town who make good money don’t live on that street; it’s mostly working class people who prefer living with their own color, religion or as they put it, ‘their own kind.” Now imagine a day when talk rages up and down this street like one of the wildfires out west you read about. Only this fire is being hosed down by the cops in Newark: black people, being the fire. According to the guy that runs the deli, another guy that has a liquor store, cops, teachers, anyone on the street you meet, the chaos that’s going on just thirteen or so miles from town is worse than anything the Russians could be doing to us or the Germans or anything else. They’re rioting in the streets, looting stores, carrying away televisions and God Almighty, what if they actually come up here and start looting our stores? Nobody asks why the cops are using fire hoses to knock people down, and kicking them when they do get knocked down. Nobody wants to know how you can be this desperate; they never ask themselves what they’d do if they couldn’t get a decent education or jobs or even use the same water fountains in some part of the country we live in. Nobody asks that. But when a few of them are gathered in a store where no black person ever is in this white suburb, they watch in black and white tv as people get the shit kicked out of them and ripped into with full-blast water, all black people, and as they huddle around the TV and watch it, there is a strange silent. No running commentary, no ‘they deserve it,’ no ‘good, I hope they die.’ Just silence. And somewhere in there is some glimmer of something. It looks like shame. Is that shame? is it possible that some guilt is here? Maybe that is the beginning of change. Shame for what you are letting other people do to people who just want to be treated like human beings. Maybe chaos is where change begins.

    By rubyluby on 05.18.2016

  8. My daughter just said that I am nothing specific, nothing clearly defined, that I am chaos and that it will always be that way with me. I am not sure how I feel about this, I’m flattered and wondering what exactly that means for the rest of my life.

    By Mikki on 05.18.2016

  9. Is my life at the moment. It’s as if a tornado swept into our family silently without notice. We are all spinning inside it bumping against debris we can not see only feel. There is the strong growl of the wind in our ears reminding us we are not in control –

    By Rune on 05.18.2016

  10. “I can’t handle this whole situation. You think this is chaos? just wait until they all break out” He finished his rant on how those monsters were gonna bring hell on earth thank to him. No one objected, but we all knew the solution was to close down the facility, even if it meant being trapped in here with them.

    By Bramsy on 05.18.2016

  11. Under the chaos of the pile of books and wrinkled, unwashed clothes, there’s an entire expanse of what you and me could have been. But you have been never been of the curious kind.

    By Sneha on 05.18.2016

  12. typically amazing and mind blowing, that has charm and power to attract you.

    By Aditi upadhyay on 05.18.2016