May 31st, 2010 | 348 Entries

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348 Entries for “train”

  1. he caught it just in time and sat down in the only empty seat on the car which just so happened to be next to a homeless guy who didn’t have money. he decided to pay for his ticket, as he didn’t have any money, and it was cold outside.

    By sam on 06.01.2010

  2. The train rished in to the landing, whoosing and steaming with all the glory in the world. It was beautiful, streaked black with those shining words on its side, Worthington Express.

    By sarah on 06.01.2010

  3. She touched the glass. She touched the mountains outside with her delicate fingers as they rushed by so quickly. She tried to grasp the passing scenery but she knew that was impossible and soon the train would take her chugging away and everything she had ever known would soon be out of reach.

    By La on 06.01.2010

  4. Pounding along the track, engine burning, soot exploding out of the funnel. My hair is pushed away from my face as it approaches, I stare at the track just in front of it. I wonder, will it hurt. I guess I’ll never rteally know until the instant it happens. But then the train has passed and I’ve missed my chance.

    By Sophy URL on 06.01.2010

  5. contemplating my answer if i had properly trained perhaps this situation would not have ended so poorly.

    By miles on 06.01.2010

  6. I would travel on a train for years if necessary. Seeing the boys jump on and off, waving their hats with jaunty light fingers from the sides of the road. Me, I would flatten my dress and sip my tea carefully, so as not to spill among the bumps.

    By Sarah on 06.01.2010

  7. i’ll be going on a train soon. to my grandmother’s. usually my whole family goes, but this time it’ll be just me. i love hearing her talk about her childhood and how she grew up. it’s very interesting. trains actually remind me of children. innocent fascination.

    By esiforshort URL on 06.01.2010

  8. There we were on the train. Janis stood up after laughing to herself. “What’s so funny, Janis?” She looked at me with a grin crawling across her face. “Tomorrow never happens, man! It’s all the same fucking day, man!”

    By Alexander on 06.01.2010

  9. beep mouse click growl nose pop sinmg doodle know hop hear snore beer sneeze time up no no eep ugh oh no daemon forum eight why no oh god not good help running out

    By Meep the Sheep URL on 06.01.2010

  10. The train whistled by and brushed her hir. She gasped and stepped back, almost banging into a tall man in a pinstripe suit. He smiled and rumbled in a deep voice. I am the conductor. She nodded and turned pale but got onto the shining silver vehicle.

    By Meep the Sheep URL on 06.01.2010

  11. It hit him like a train, carreening into him and nearly knocking him over.

    How could it be true–
    “What do you mean…?”

    “We’re over.”


    “No. No more.”

    “…but… why?”

    “I just can’t do this anymore.”

    “I still Love you…”

    “I can’t.”

    “So this is it?”


    By Nick Matherne URL on 06.01.2010

  12. Good idea oh no wrong page well the girl stared around the darkened hallway of the train and all blood drained form her face. It was the train hallway she had beenhaving nightmres aout. The conductor lauhged evilly. The doors shut. Something told her that she wouldn’t be getting off any time soon.

    By Meep the Sheep URL on 06.01.2010

  13. She’d always hated train station goodbyes. The noise, the squalor, the lack of time to speak or reflect or simply be together. Embraces were always rushed and hurried, conversations uncomfortable. Not real goodbyes at all.

    By Emma Whipday on 06.01.2010

  14. it moves acorss land carrying loads and people…Bringing people of distances together…Classy and smooth yet large and powerful…Old and new…Contrasting and beautiful

    By Rose on 06.01.2010

  15. The train came around the bend, and she very quickly put her nickle on the track before it came.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 06.01.2010

  16. Thats when it hit me…Like a run away train.

    I had fallen in love with you
    A man
    Who lived so far away.

    I couldn’t control this burning passion of the collision between I and the train…

    It was fate.

    By Rose on 06.01.2010

  17. train has a caboose that breaths freedom!! my pillow case is black

    By meagan URL on 06.01.2010

  18. i heard the train a comin and im standing on the tracks.
    while the engine’s rollin and i am runnin;
    your face is all i see.

    By jillian URL on 06.01.2010

  19. The train slowed to a stop. Laura hopped off and ran, narrowly escaping a bullet from her persuers. Taking off into the woods, ducking below branches, she dove into the passageway.

    By Libri on 06.01.2010

  20. Riding at dusk in the sunlight that is disappearing on the horizon. The leaves are blowing around the train car that I’m in. Waiting for my stop.

    By Megan Bray on 06.01.2010

  21. smelly people, magazines and trees..
    a girl talking by the window, smiling

    By Vass on 06.01.2010

  22. at the parallel tracks,
    the train cooed as it
    barreled through
    and she had five
    seconds to

    By Sarah Walton URL on 06.01.2010

  23. “train up” he screamed “this is going to help you in the field. learn this or you will die. this is no joke survival depends on your training.”

    By andy on 06.01.2010

  24. The train sped quickly throughout the country side, not worrying about where it was going, only following the tracks as it had been told to since birth. Many obstacles may have lain in it’s path, but it didn’t care. It just kept going. It was…. The little engine that could.

    By Nevin Sokol URL on 06.01.2010

  25. I’ve never been on a train, but I’ve always wanted to. It’s one of those experiences. Sitting next to a stranger…having them look over your shoulder at whatever you’re doing…disturbing, but still an experience.

    By Tori Fontenot on 06.01.2010

  26. i could heard the train coming through town again. would he be on this one? would he come and visit me? I don’t know but i hope so.

    By Sarah URL on 06.01.2010

  27. i train for a goal, i waited for it for about 3 years now it’s the time to do it!!

    By Billias on 06.01.2010

  28. The long line of cars pulled into the station. It was a high-speed Acela train, one of the newer ones that could get him to Washington in under three hours.

    Dimly, he remembered the first time he’d ever been on a train, though it certainly wasn’t as fast and snappy as this one.

    By serendipitous URL on 06.01.2010