May 30th, 2010 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “leather”

  1. leather like my skin,hard and soft,depending on the process of making it

    By vaggie-p on 05.31.2010

  2. you look so strapping dressed in leather
    like a dancing windfilled feather
    or an eagle despite the weather
    How I long for you in leather
    as hard as granite, yet soft as heather.

    By aimee.takaya URL on 05.31.2010

  3. The smell of the old battered sofa filled my lungs with the nostalgic scent of childhood. Scraped knees and buckled shoes.

    By Hope on 05.31.2010

  4. Once, the scent of leather would have pulled me to my old writing studio. Now, I only can sit and stare at my computer, wondering if I should kill myself, the computer, or the lazy writing muse taking a lunch break when he should be working inside my brain.

    By Alexia URL on 05.31.2010

  5. Delicious leather. Black and slippery when wet. Often on calves. A strange but consistent habitat of leather. Also heads. Shoes. Belts. But never bottoms.

    The dwelling habits of the Leather is interesting indeed…

    By Eve URL on 05.31.2010

  6. isn’t that the stuff people like to wear in their sexual encounters to make it a little dirtier?? lol… too funny… black leathered out! lol

    By obpreston on 05.31.2010

  7. guilty conscience. modern cavepeople. unnecessary vanity.

    By Joanna on 05.31.2010

  8. the man paused at the top of the hill. stretching his arms and rubing the sleep out of his leathery face, his skin weathered and beaten by the elements.

    By LynnNolan URL on 05.31.2010

  9. I really have nothing to say about leather… I thought I already did this one… but come to think about it, don’t you hate it when its really hot and it decides to stick to your butt?

    By obpreston on 05.31.2010

  10. Red leather yellow leather. Funny aren’t they? Tongue twisters. No relevance. Then again what is relevant? Leather’s just a piece of material. Might as well be fabric, but it recieves much more attention than that.

    By Brittany URL on 05.31.2010

  11. leather comes from cows right? so that makes beef and leather. food and clothing. the two most important things for humans. cows kick ass! all the provision from one stinky animal.

    By Ollie on 05.31.2010

  12. Slippery when wet like the original mind…Ever evolving into decay.

    By Mentalistacer URL on 05.31.2010

  13. ewwwww its weird feeling…..

    By taylor on 05.31.2010

  14. As i watched the Mord’sith put on her skin tight blood-red ,leather suit, my body shivered in anticipation. She picked up her Agiel. Her face cringed in pain as it shocked her, the constant pain just hurting her. Its time. I taught her well. Now it’s her time to torture me to death. I’ve been waiting for this moment

    By Ashleigh URL on 05.31.2010


    By AnaaBitchezz(: URL on 05.31.2010

  16. My leathery skin has baked in the sun so long that I feel less like a human and more like a handbag.

    By a on 05.31.2010

  17. its nice to touch and soft. sometimes in the heat though you stick to it. leather is from cows and makes nice furniture and cool clothing. it comes in many colors. leather is very helpful and can be used for a lot of tings. leather is great.

    By Caby on 05.31.2010

  18. skin. clothes.
    sacrifice. fashion.

    By anon on 05.31.2010

  19. the seat creaked as Will found it a sluped into it. The cracked leather groaning under his exhausted weight, he frowned and scratched his brow. It was wrpmg that he had been reduced to this.

    By Sophy URL on 05.31.2010

  20. Old, warm, menacing. Torn from an animal’s flesh for our use, perhaps. But it smells like instinct and feels like home. Brown and soft.

    By Alex URL on 05.31.2010

  21. I saw a leather sofa on the side of the road. My Italian friend pronounced it ‘leether’. It made me laugh, real hard. I think it’s still there!

    By Megan URL on 05.31.2010

  22. i know its comes from cows which im against. but when i did horseback riding all the equipment was leather and its important so that makes me not really against it. i dont like jackets though.

    By lauren on 05.31.2010

  23. the sky is thick and rough as leather as it rubs against my body. its scent distinct and putrid.

    By sarah URL on 05.31.2010

  24. S and M, anyone? I know, I’m a pervert. Leather is one of the best smells there is–up there with the earth after it rains, and campfire smoke. Delicious, comforting.

    By laura on 05.31.2010

  25. they thought the child was so out of touch with reality, he was always dressed as a cowboy with his leather vest, and his leather cowboy boots. They laughed and laughed. now, he’s a world renown lasso expert, and a rodeo clown. Take that.

    By amanda lucas URL on 05.31.2010

  26. leather is nice on furniture. it is also what some people look like when they tan too much and grow old. please do not tan that much you look like an oompaloompa. like come one if you are so tan you look orange, there is something wrong, no one finds you attractive when you do that. and it makes you look worse when you grow old, i would rather be pale and white than be that tan

    By jp on 05.31.2010

  27. i think cows are very nice, espcially when they die so we can ritually harvest their skin, proceed to burn it in the sun until a vile, ruthless consitiency is about it, and then fashion it into unorthodox shapes so that we may wear skin ontop of our skin to make ourselves feel “more human”

    By Frakenstein on 05.31.2010

  28. Leather is made from cows. If you wear it too much it smells really bad, although it smells pretty bad to begin with really. Surprisingly, it can grow mould on it but you can wash it right off. Shoes break really easily if they aren’t made from leather. Some people say vegetarians shouldn’t wear leather, but it’s pretty hard to avoid in regards to shoes and belts.

    By Lizzie on 05.31.2010

  29. the shoes are hurting – why did I go for these high heel shoes? tell me! the beautiful red leather was to die for – only natural that they would kill.

    By Daniele on 05.31.2010

  30. What kind of random explosion can I come up with leather!? Leather!? First burst of words would be kinky! But really, let’s be serious. Wouldn’t the world be great without synthetics and just leather?

    By Frankovich URL on 05.31.2010

  31. The leather straps were itchy against her skin. Strange, leather didn’t usually itch. “Do I have to wear this…?” she asked, looking into the mirror and wincing at the reflection. She looked like a whore…well, she was one now.

    By Willow URL on 05.31.2010

  32. shoes. bags. it’s expensive. but of high quality. also animals. damn, i hate it when they kill animals just to be accessories.

    By Alena on 05.31.2010