June 15th, 2011 | 647 Entries

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647 Entries for “train”

  1. I think about the boy on the train. How he looks at me with admiration. How he seems like nobody.
    Don’t think i cant see you- boy- because i really can.
    You aren’t- no you can’t be invisible to someone like me.
    Because im invisible too…

    By Willow URL on 06.15.2011

  2. The train was wooden and small, obviously crafted by someone highly skilled and with too much time on their hands. The train was stored in a beat up old box, and even though it too was as beat up as the box, it was considered to be a treasure of the highest price by it’s three year old owner.

    By alice on 06.15.2011

  3. she was on the platform. 2 a.m. the night train- well the morning train technically. anything would do. it was a fast getaway and drowning in his huge black jacket with the hood up no one would ever recognize her. anonymous and fast and good enough. soon she would be home and nothing else would matter anymore.

    By Olivia URL on 06.15.2011

  4. The train came in at half past ten. I was trained for this purpose. There was a bride also waiting at the platform, the train of her dress had become muddied and makeup ran down her face.

    By Leanne URL on 06.15.2011

  5. i’ve always wanted to ride on a train- to nowhere anywhere wherever i end up. get on a train somewhere far away. and take it home just in time. for something, anything, anyone. it would have to be fast and i’d need to get there quick. because someone’s sick, someone needs me, someone misses me and i miss them. i’ve always wanted to be that girl.

    By Olivia URL on 06.15.2011

  6. He stood on the station platform, staring out into nothingness as he leaned against one of the pillars. The newspaper around the bouquet of roses in his hand crinkled as his fingers tightened around them. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He had to be strong. She had made her choice. He heard the train whistle and opened his eyes, looking to see the engine steaming towards the platform. Slowly he turned, one foot in front of the other, tossing the roses in the bin on his way past. He didn’t look back. He wouldn’t look back again.

    By Clarissa URL on 06.15.2011

  7. The yellow train set off to it’s unknown destination. The conducted waved goodbye to his family, goodbye to his friends. Goodbye to his everyday life. He was setting off. No destination, just going. As the train pulled out of the station a single tear fell down the conductor’s wrinkled face.

    By devin on 06.15.2011

  8. the train is the one you catch in a station. You can go anywhere if you cat it. The biggest cities in the world always have trains. I really like trains. Every train have different stops.

    By lucy on 06.15.2011

  9. fast
    too fast
    i cant stop it
    it cant stop itself
    practically out of control
    almost a wreck but not a train wreck
    but somehow helpful
    helpful to get there helpful to

    By Taylor Hopkins URL on 06.15.2011

  10. I went on a train once. I was six. It was during the fall of 2001, and it was November, two months after 9/11. That’s why we took a train. I liked it. Fall brings adventure and pretty colors. I would wake up early just to watch the bright colors go bye.

    By Jacqueline on 06.15.2011

  11. Sitting on the platform waiting for my train to arrive I suddenly saw him leaning against a lamppost reading the paper.I was so stunned I nearly spilt coffee all over me.

    By suzi67 on 06.15.2011

  12. Once upon a time there was a train crash. Millions and millions of people were running and screaming all over the town. The train ended up going into the nearby ocean where people were playing. Some of the many people swimming in the ocean were injured.

    By Kristina Shipley on 06.15.2011

  13. Thomas and friends, life when you were little. Remember that? Those were better times, because you were so carefree. But today’s trains are being used for murder, like on that episode of Sherlock. Is that what life comes to? One day, you’re carefree, the next…

    By seana on 06.15.2011

  14. smoke, tracks, rust, industrial, sounds, transport, graffiti,

    By Heather on 06.15.2011

  15. We got on the train and waved what would be our last goodbyes. Mother seemed rather happy. Not a surprise. Annabelle looked like she was about to explode with sorrow. But the train was moving faster and as it did, I thought about how I would never ever see them again.

    By Paola URL on 06.15.2011

  16. one day i will walk out the door and jump on that train, let it take me wherever it pleases. bring me to life, let fate take me.

    By Kaley Winters on 06.15.2011

  17. hop on the bus gus, get on the train jane… what rhymes with train and Jane? stain. this writing is already a stain on whatever sort of reputation i might have formed with previous entries.

    By caroline kaye URL on 06.15.2011

  18. the train came to a slow stop at the station. i watched the passengers rise from their seats and put on their hats, preparing to depart and scatter like shards of glass from a broken plate.

    By Andrew Walker URL on 06.15.2011

  19. it was dark on the train and the darkness made Beast Boy uncomfortable. he liked the bright open spaces. spaces like the one down by the tower, that beach. he didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time there but he hoped that once he was done with this mission he’d be able to go.

    By air007 on 06.15.2011

  20. the new trains coming into great barrington will fly at top speed
    moments will disappear and i will gain in time
    the trains move so fast that in one hour you have eared time
    you can make time just like you make money if you go fast enough

    but its a train ride why cant we simply enjoy a trip to see santa claus on the polar express

    By isabella on 06.15.2011

  21. He sits in the window seat and stares out at the green countryside and the impossibly blue sky above it. The train shudders and clacks beneath him, thundering along the track, carrying him away to the next dot on his marked-in-red-pen map, but he barely notices the noise; his thoughts are on the clouds.

    By Kali URL on 06.15.2011

  22. It wasn’t long before the baby was asleep in my arms and the train came to a screeching halt. I looked out to see if there was something in the way, a truck or lights shining in the night, but there was nothing. She was breathing evenly, and clam, I tried my best to stay the same.

    By thought2action on 06.15.2011

  23. the standalone tracks. somehow lifeless, even with the constant hustle-and-bustle of children, workers, gentlemen. where are they all going?

    By tifa URL on 06.15.2011

  24. I thought this was supposed to be random? Or is this just normal phrases in backwards order? I like trains, more reliable than planes. Maybe.

    By Nicole Frances URL on 06.15.2011

  25. Trains of thoughts race through my mind, puffing clouds of smoke up into the air around me. I hear the conductor’s whistle and the churning of the engine. Train is such an interesting word am I’m drawing a blank… what do I write?! ACK!

    By Meghan URL on 06.15.2011

  26. Speeding, steaming, fleeing the things I once knew. I’m happy in the anon of my peers. The past blurs and the wheels churn, soon I speed away from everything I know. The blue skies marking nothing but a forgotten summer.

    By Diana URL on 06.15.2011

  27. You’re waiting for a train. It’s raining outside, and you realized you should have brought your umbrella, but you know it’s much too late to go home and get it. Your hair is sticking to the back of your neck, and you ring it out as you hear the steadily approaching ring of the train.

    By chantelle on 06.15.2011

  28. The train passed slowly through the countryside, few actually admiring the scenery. To some, that’s the only reason why they took the train; to get away from the hectic city for awhile. It was just too perfect; the soft murmurs from the passengers, the creaking of the train, all of it.

    By Dakota URL on 06.15.2011

  29. I like trains, trains are nice. People get hit by trains. My brother used to be obsessed with Thomas and the Tank Engine and I know the lyrics to their songs. Train food are good but when people take off their shoes and sleep it stinks a lot. Trains are nice. Yup. Trains. Cool story bro.

    By April URL on 06.15.2011

  30. pink Pearl girl. sitting across the way. how nice to be here with you today. a ride we take. our own we make. traveling to another place. I do not know you. can’t control you. but ill always see you. ill always want you. pink pear girl, your mine.

    By E URL on 06.15.2011

  31. i took a train up to the mountain where i saw harry and his friends, so i took out my wand and blasted them off into space, but they flew back. so i freaked out and ran back into the train. it took me back home. and i woke up.

    By pauline on 06.15.2011

  32. When I was in girl scouts and about 16 years old. I took a train to Georgia. it was beautiful ride out there. I would have much prefed to fly but it was to expensive!! The train ride took a few days because we had lay overs and stopping and going. But when we finally got there it was a great experience!

    By AmyMaw URL on 06.15.2011

  33. it crashes and kills everyone onboard.
    its red.
    it goes cho cho!
    five letter word.

    By Jonathan on 06.15.2011

  34. trains..train on train tracks are so pretty.
    i wish i could just take a train and leave. never come back. adventure on.
    i wonder how people like hobos get on trains.

    By Jenny URL on 06.15.2011

  35. to georgia.

    full of strangers.

    harry potter.


    By destin on 06.15.2011

  36. the train crashes and every body onboard dies. There is blood everywhere. Then a huge explosion happens.

    By Jonathan URL on 06.15.2011

  37. I like trains. It reminds me of the movie “Source Code” with Jake G even though I’ve never seen it. I hear it’s kinda like Inception but with trains and it actually takes palce on th eMetra trains in Chicago which is the train I take so it’s kinda cool, ya know? I wanna see that movie. and inception too.

    By Maddio on 06.15.2011

  38. The sound of this transportation are off in the distance at night or in the morning. Very home-y and soothing for me. They take you on a journey far away, leaving behind all your troubles. When you step off, you’re starting a new journey somewhere fantastic.

    By Emily Hope URL on 06.15.2011

  39. the train is a magical place that whisks you away to far away places while you sit peacefully relaxing and not having anything to do but wait.

    By Justin on 06.15.2011

  40. i took the train in paris once. i was with my tour group and we got lost on it. i got separated from the tour group and had to find my way to the eiffel tower with just 5 other girls. we did. and it was awesome. i pretended to be a tour guide, waving my umbrella around like a crazy person. most exciting time ever.

    By Amrita URL on 06.15.2011