June 27th, 2008 | 239 Entries

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239 Entries for “trail”

  1. trail, a mark left behind, is important in various contexts.
    like an evidence for a crime,
    golden footmarks by a fortune man.
    its just that how u take it or make it
    so where there is will there is a way

    By Prerit on 06.27.2008

  2. trail mix is kind of weird. i think because it originally contained raisins and i hate raisins. i’ve always hated raisins. i like grapes, but i think i like them for their water content. i like other dried fruit too, mostly cranberries, and mango. it’s pretty good. so maybe i’ll make trail mix with those instead.

    By meghan on 06.27.2008

  3. There’s a little treasure trail running down his stomach and I run my finger down it, watching without expression as his eyes widen and he shudders.

    Before long he is thoroughly debauched.

    By krista on 06.27.2008

  4. Once I went hiking on a trail, that was a lot of fun. It was in – I forget where – Connecticut? It was Connecticut – yes, because there was much banter about how it is the state where I am from. You see, I was there on a Princeton Outdoor Action trip for orientation – a strange concept, really.

    By Raj on 06.27.2008

  5. Hats of to the man who got in my way. He saw me walking and wouldn’t budge. I screamed at him, and he stood stock still. “You’re in my way, faggot!” I slurred, but the stupid man just stood there, feather hat on his head and a hand rolled cigar in his hand. I throttled him, and he crashed to the ground and shattered.

    By paisley on 06.27.2008

  6. The trail seemed short, i waked down anyway not knowing where i was going. i reached halfway and met a man, did not know who he was, what was i doing here it seems odd how i trusted him not knowing where he was from what he was doing here nothing, wewalked on together he told me he could take me where i wanted to go

    By Raffael on 06.27.2008

  7. trails. oh trails.
    long and short
    or inside.

    inside lungs.
    hollow, hollow lungs.


    my lungs stop.
    my heart stops.

    do you stop?
    i think you do.
    I think you do…

    By Rhiannon on 06.27.2008

  8. Once more they went out on the old trail in search of their father who had left many years ago. Every summer since they had trekked this way, but the old trail had never led them any closer to him yet.

    As they set off that morning there had been a strange feeling in the air, for some reason they both knew they wouldn’t be coming back this time.

    By Samwise on 06.27.2008

  9. does it lead to the emptiness? this trail laden with your lies and flattery.

    By margitay on 06.27.2008

  10. The trail was cold now. The scents, traces of air that breathed hints of who had passed before, were now just memories. The trail was definitely cold.

    Still, he pressed on. Determined now, more than before, to rediscover the clues he had been following. She was out there… somewhere.

    By Sinead O'Rourke on 06.27.2008

  11. The young boys spent their last days wondering along the majesty of the new york inner city trail. They saw the native citizenz, as they tried to maul them, until they fell into a den of inquity. THey

    By mike on 06.27.2008

  12. Trail – on or off the trail of life? To live according to the path that others have burnt. Or to burn your own path./ To burn MY own path. Are there truly any new paths to discover? Or are we now resigned to following the path of others with only minor variations. Alas – I do believe the paths are infinite in an infinitely expanding universe. And so blaze my own path, I will.

    By Trudi on 06.27.2008

  13. trail the love of your heart and the signs of the times into the stratosphere. Follow the trail of your words into the mind of another person and find the treasure of poetry. Follow the trail of your heart into poetry and find the treasure of your mind.

    By Suzanne Kane on 06.27.2008

  14. i was walking along a path and to my left i suddenly saw a trail. It was no ordinary trail. It was magnetic and i followed it.

    By caraille on 06.27.2008

  15. trail the treasures of your mind into
    the heart of another.

    trail the heart of another into
    the treasures of the world.

    trail the worries of your heart
    into the sea of the soul

    By Suzanne Kane on 06.27.2008

  16. Weaving through traffic, Henry wasn’t going to lose him this time. He’d gotten away way too many times before and now he was finished. He’s caught. Of course, shortly after these intense thoughts of determination, Henry lost him.

    By Stratcat X on 06.27.2008

  17. the trail, it seemed rather fair. so i took a walk down on it only to find that it led to the edge of a cliff. i wasn’t paying attention at the time so i ended up falling off it, and when i landed… it kind of hurt. ouch. but then i kept on walking. just a flesh wound is all.

    By Tyler on 06.27.2008

  18. the trails at camp are full of sticks. i run too quickly and trip on them. to the barn. to the car park. in the dark i use my headlamp. we rely on our voices. smell and hearing. the racoon eyes blink blue and yellow. fear. i want to get home. walk me home? ill walk you home. back and forth all night long.

    By luc on 06.27.2008

  19. the trail of tears lead me to the roots of the people who populated 100% of our continent before my ancestors came and trail blazed, leveled the land and gave the pox to the people who lived with nature and protected the land for millennia.

    By jim on 06.27.2008

  20. there is a long trail in the woods, and if you follow it, you shall come across a very mysterious, magical place that allows you to enter into a different time dimension. Once you nter, you are transported to and from eternity forever. it’s a very mystical trail, and only a small minority of people on planet earth actually know if its existence. Special people a

    By Rich on 06.27.2008


    By Anonymous on 06.27.2008


    By Anonymous on 06.27.2008


    By Anonymous on 06.27.2008

  24. trail ridders. Spending countless hours on the back of a horse going deeper and deeper into an unfamiliar wilderness.

    By Jonathan on 06.27.2008

  25. trails are wonderful things, they can perform several tasks that can include such things as eating shreddies, casting moderately sensible actors in amateur porn movies, and ofcourse, crashing elite tanks into tiny children’s icecream stalls that they built using

    By billy on 06.27.2008

  26. Many people use the term “off the beaten trail.” Is it possible to have such a thing when thinking about the internet? The trail may be only visible through how many “links” something receives, but not necessarily visible for those that are not used to navigating the internet.

    By Kyle on 06.27.2008

  27. trail once again is my word and it seems to be trailing off into the top of my screen as my thoughts follow their own trail as Genesis plays and the lights burn and the beer settles into my head and my butt begins to ache from sitting here too long

    By jim on 06.27.2008

  28. There are things like Trail mix, or going on a hiking trail. Both are equally fun and can be relaxing…If you’re watching a movie, you can eat the trail mix..If you want to exercise or just get out of the house for a day, you can go on a hiking trail…Or, there’s another form of the word trail…Leaving a trail of things around the house…Leaving a trail of hints….etc.

    By Jessica on 06.27.2008

  29. After an hour we didn’t really know where we were going anymore, so we opened up our maps and used them for clothing. (It had all decomposed the night before.) “Don’t worry, kids,” said Ethan, “We’re gonna live through this. You and I.” I was glad only I could see his face after he turned away. We kept on.

    By crabmuffins on 06.27.2008

  30. Sitting on the edge of the forest he found that the allure wasn’t there anymore. Twirling a long blade of grass around a slender finger didn’t bring back the memories of so long ago, that summer unto fall season when he’d met her, when she’d led him down the trail deep into the dark, damp, warm smell of the embracing trees.

    and no one had believed him
    not a soul.

    not a soul had believed him about her.

    He laughed out loud, a sound soft and and whispery that wasted away on the breeze. Now that he thought about it, now that he sat there at the edge of the forest and thought about it

    he could see why.

    By Mahri on 06.27.2008

  31. There’s a mountain not far from here,
    where the sun does shine brightly on the deer.
    The fog surrounds the crests and dips,
    And the dew rests lightly on the tulips.
    It’s there where the light is pale,
    in the mid of day on the mountain trail.

    By Red Rosaleigh on 06.27.2008

  32. path to be followed

    By hari on 06.27.2008

  33. ahh, if i could walk on any trai…alone….for every….id be happy….in a bright forest canopy with living things alll around me… footsteps would be the loudest crunches for miles and miles and the trail would be my only guide….no learning of it , no rembrance…a new step each step.

    By Michael Reynolds on 06.28.2008

  34. Trail; like a hiking trail. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw trail. A trail that you follow, like a path..Though now that I think about it, there’s other things too. Like in a mystery…like a trail of clues or something…

    By Rithwik Hari on 06.28.2008

  35. She cursed as the dirt moved beneath her. Reaching out she grabbed the nearest tree branch to steady herself. maybe she should have stayed on the trail after all? Ugh, she hated the trails – always filled with tourists and loud kids. You could never see anything from them. She found better footing and kept moving.

    By Morgan on 06.28.2008

  36. I see a trail of ants on the floor. Wonder where they’re going. Wonder if they found my secret stash of candies. Maybe I should interrupt them… my candies…

    By Coco on 06.28.2008

  37. I like trails. They can give you such an amazing outlook on life. It’s extraordinary how much it can open your eyes. You can have an epiphany like non other. Trails can be long short in exotic lands or around your neighborhood. They’re all amazing!

    By Angelica on 06.28.2008

  38. of the dead, lost in the forest, dryads, trail in the forest trail to the city of wonders,

    By ivan on 06.28.2008

  39. A sandy coloured path, through a forest. It’s scattered with pine needles, pine cones and other bits of the land.

    It’s empty, or rather, it only seems that way. Look closely, the activity of life is teeming through the grains and detritus.

    By MsM on 06.28.2008

  40. trein ik viind het moii je krijgt er ongelukken eng snell gft avfal blablsabl aizzy is een bitch mar ook lief ik kan mooi tkenen blanana is een leuke anime/manga enn alle andere leruke mangad ook yakate japan

    By enmantra on 06.28.2008