May 25th, 2011 | 664 Entries

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664 Entries for “torch”

  1. A flame that you can hold in your hand. That is crazy talk! And it lights up the darkest of places…like Jesus’ love…or Harry Potter’s wand (which is not quite as bright). Fire is an amazing thing. Hawaiian parties are also quite fun times. I wish I was a hula dancer.

    By shelly URL on 05.26.2011

  2. Touch? Oh errrm okay …
    OOOH CHRIST. You said torch…
    Well this is intensely awkward.

    By Lillian Huest on 05.26.2011

  3. I wasn’t about to be a sad, torch-carrying cliche. You said goodbye. You humiliated me. That’s it. It’s over.

    By Tennille Bozarth on 05.26.2011

  4. The torch burned as we made our way into the dark tunnel. Ralph had his left arm wrapped around me, trying in vain to keep me warm. After we made it to the end we sat in the moonlight, huddled together.
    “I love you,” Ralph whispered.
    “And I you.”

    By Dani on 05.26.2011

  5. he ran his fingers over mine. then took my hand. he pulled me closer. his lips brushed against mine. and then… he kissed me. my heart quivered. his lingering scent filled my nose and my blood pulsed through my body like wildfire warming my skin like a torch.

    By Selena URL on 05.26.2011

  6. Fire burns.
    But also lights the way.
    Sometimes becoming enlightened is painful.
    Keep burning your torch.

    By Marla on 05.26.2011

  7. it was awkward though, he didnt know what to say, and she didnt want to talk to him. she didnt want to be anywhere near him, for that matter. he’d done enough to ruin her life already, and she has enough of it. she couldnt stop thinking about all the thing’s he’d said and done that’d hurt her, even if they werent meant to… she hated him…

    By aedan URL on 05.26.2011

  8. The flame drew me like a moth to a bug-zapper. It really wasn’t the smartest thing to do, knowing that the flame was attached to a torch which was held by the man who was infuriatingly messing up my life, but I couldn’t help it. It was either go to him, or suffer the rats in the cellar. And I didn’t like rats. Of course, he was a rat of a different kind, but a good looking one. Darn him. So I went, and I tried desperately not to succumb to his charm.

    By Mara Bjornsson URL on 05.26.2011

  9. Something that all great leaders hold. A torch is magnificent and stands for greatness. It can light the way for other people.

    By Monique URL on 05.26.2011

  10. To torch the light and make it glow, that is so really beutiful. I just love the yellow, the red and the orange a flame can make against the sky, the most brilliant thing. Wonderful.

    By Nicole URL on 05.26.2011

  11. fire celebration night time dark adventure nature pathways finding my way fun excitement . a group of friends take a trip in the jungle with in the subliminal fire light

    By dryan123 on 05.26.2011

  12. torch it up because if u dont life will fly in a blur and u will realise u just stood needs to illuminate ourselves in order to live our lives to its maximum it up before it wilts away!!!!!!!!!!

    By anahit URL on 05.26.2011

  13. passing it on and holing one for someone else. songs that make you cry and remember the people for whom you’re holding it, and to whom you’ve passed it. It’s also the fire tha drives you forward and keeps you focused on what you love.

    By Fred Zimmerman URL on 05.26.2011

  14. the torch was lit and the smell of kerosene drifted over the crowd of campers as they waited impatiently for the ceremony to begin

    By lisa on 05.26.2011

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    By elif yasemin on 05.26.2011

  16. Torch is a flame.. a flame that one can carry. You hold the power of the flame, and are in control of it. It reminds me of the olympics, it’s a symbol of power and of dedication and honor.

    By Amy on 05.26.2011

  17. flame light. philosophical significance. life, dreams, hope, mind, freedom essence

    By nickolle on 05.26.2011

  18. The torch was the horrific burden of the tunnel. Before, they could stumble in the dark, tricking themselves that everything was all right amidst the blanket of clueless naievity. Now they saw the truth, with just enough light to illuminate the horrific tangle of shadows in which they were entangled.

    By Celestial URL on 05.26.2011

  19. I light up the torch in the night
    See faces reflected back at me
    People, places, memories
    Ghosts of ghosts of old
    I blow it out
    But they never die
    Caught up in my mind
    I close my eyes
    See them in the lids
    I decide to keep them there forever

    By Caitlyn URL on 05.26.2011

  20. the torch burn bright for the lost love of Ella in a vicking burial. She was so lost with out his love that she felt her self driffting away to another world.

    By Melissa on 05.26.2011

  21. Life. Light. Angry mob.
    Adoration, and a pedestal.
    A dangerous thing to carry.
    A burden, or a safe way out.

    By Caitlyn URL on 05.26.2011

  22. Bright flame glancing off the walls, casting shados down the hallway. Illuminating the cobwebs and moss that covered the walls.

    By rach on 05.26.2011

  23. The clock was ticking.

    Tick tock, tick tock.

    She tried to write some cohesive story, some outline, something, but words failed her. This was not a good time. You hear that, Muse? Jeez, when did she give out paid vacations to her muse like this?

    Think, Clara, she reminded herself. Think.

    “Time’s up!” came the growling voice from behind her and Clara felt the hard, cold nozzle of a magnum press up between her shoulder blades. “Whaddya got for me?”

    By Charlie URL on 05.26.2011

  24. One word is what make a diffrence, in one’s life like yes or nor when u propose some one for marriage. One word can decide guilty or not guilty. Life never stops but one word make u feel important or weak.

    By Ashish on 05.26.2011