November 5th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “tires”

  1. tires? squeaky. it could save your life when its working properly, it could kill you if they’re messed up. round, with holes. black, thick, heavy.

    By Eloisa on 11.06.2011

  2. Round thing that spins under a car, that you can change

    By gio URL on 11.06.2011

  3. rubber objects that will get you from here to there

    By Adna Jusufagic on 11.06.2011

  4. Rolling, running, ruining. No obstacle can stand in their way, no person will stop them. They just keep going, oblivious to what they leave in their wake.
    It would be nice to go through life like that, unafraid and uncaring. But I can’t help myself- I always have to stop and smell the flowers.

    By Julia M URL on 11.06.2011

  5. the tires squealed. of course he knew, something weren’t right. She had stopped the car, there were death in her eyes. No life, like it used to be, and he wonderd. Why?

    By Geir on 11.06.2011

  6. Life is so complicated, as well is love and the matter of people around me dying, when I too want to die

    By Ella on 11.06.2011

  7. I am tired. And I tire after a long day at college. Or after a night out, I tire. I just can’t be in a hyper mood anymore cos I’m tired unfortunately. So I tire a lot. I think I need more sleep but I do sleep a lot so it confuses me. Hmmmmmmm.

    By Elain on 11.06.2011

  8. the tires fell off the car as he was driving 145 miles an hour down the highway. She kept going until there was a bunch of smoke. she pulled into a tire depot, had them replace all of the tires on the car. jumped back onto the highway and speed into 150 miles an hour as the tires started to fall off the car again! she cried and cried all the way home.

    By michelle URL on 11.06.2011

  9. I love my tires. They get me to where I am going. Although they are expensive, I need to replace them often so that I may be able to drive in the snow. I have four of them on my car. I think that if I had a motorcycle, I would have two more… making it 6 tires in all.

    By Jen Tyes on 11.06.2011

  10. how is my time already up?!

    By a on 11.06.2011

  11. Things on a car that go round and round. Usually made of rubber. Not very exciting objects. Also make good swings.

    By James Todman URL on 11.06.2011

  12. Every time I see a tire, it reminds me of my country’s instability. Why? Because every time the situation is complicated, people go down to the street and burn one big fuckload of tires.

    By cornishtrilogy on 11.06.2011

  13. Your tires squealed to a stop. I peered out the window from the small little cottage that I was sitting in. You got out of your car. I smiled, happy to see that you really did come. My smile quickly faded. Maybe I was just imagining it, but I swear that I just saw two hooded figures shuffling through the woods. I wasn’t imagining it. They ran out from the woods, and you didn’t even notice they ran right behind you. I banged on the window, trying to get you to turn around. I screamed out your name, but you wouldn’t turn. Then they pulled the trigger, and before I could even blink, your knees buckled, and you became limp. You fell to the ground. The two figures saw me then in the window. I panicked. I ran to the closest closet and hid behind all the cloths. I heard them enter the house. This next part, I don’t know if I was dreaming or if I was dead. But the closet went on for miles and I entered a black and white world. It was a forest. The trees were all black and white and were all different shapes. It was in a clearing in the woods. Then your tires squealed to a stop right in front of me. I smiled. You were still alive. Suddenly, my smile faded once again as the two hooded figures came. The same exact thing happened, where you were shot. Suddenly, a small cottage grew around me, bringing me back in front of a window. Again I ran to the nearest closet. As I got in, I was in the back of the closet, where the clearing of trees were. My eye brows wrinkled. What was happening? I started to run to the front of the closet, away from the hooded figures standing in the clearing. I ran to the front of the closet, to be stopped by two hooded figures blocking the door. I quickly ran away, and the closet started to evaporate around me. Everything was disappearing around me, leaving me in blankness. Everywhere around me, there was just…white. Until there was another gun shot. I fell to the floor as maroon blood spread around the floor. The entire white room became red. The room shattered, and I feel down…down…down…into a small cottage by a window. My eyes opened. All I heard were your tires squealing to a stop…

    By emma URL on 11.06.2011

  14. Tires are often the reason why my car hates me because they seem to randomly go out on me for no particular reason. Jesus, Why?! And why are they so expensive? I mean, come on! How hard is it to shape rubber into a circle? It’s not like they’re those ridiculously huge tires that you find on semis. I just need four little round shapes on which my car can move.

    By Erin on 11.06.2011

  15. are dirty very dirty… but they are black very black exept some times …
    they have air inside them but they are heavy… who knows…?

    By cinematic on 11.06.2011

  16. suddenly a loud bang rang threw out the car, my eyes shot open and i screamed as the car swerved out of control. the tires had exploded!

    By fennifer2005 URL on 11.06.2011

  17. i like tires, but i never get to touch them. there always in use for life, but what do they do when your not near them? my tire is big, i use it for bikes,cars, and swings but i never buy more than one.

    By saeed mohamud on 11.06.2011

  18. I wait anxiously, staring at the clock as the seconds creep by. It has been too long, it is always too long. Four wheels carry you to where I am.

    By Lucille URL on 11.06.2011

  19. I loves tires. That is the craziest thing to love, but I have a good excuse. I collect them, that is also crazy but I have a very good reason. I also collect cars, and if you collect cars it only makes since to collect tires.

    By Katinka on 11.06.2011

  20. Tires allow you to go. But, if they pop or have a leak, you might not be safe. Check your tires regularly and everything should be ok.

    Go, enjoy and live.

    By Charlotte URL on 11.06.2011

  21. big

    By Kailie on 11.06.2011

  22. I hate whenever I end up having flat tires, it’s not a good time to have flat tires. Especially since I need those tires to stay aired up because I don’t have any extra tires to put on to replace those flat tires. It really tires me out because of the fact that my tires are flat and I have no tires to put on. What ever shall I do without brand new tires? It’s really tiresome and I hate it whenever my tires are gone. Tires need to stay aired up forever. There should be everlasting tires that never ever get flat. I have no way to find new tires.

    By Tammy on 11.06.2011

  23. They are generally made of rubber, but what if they were made of concrete and the roads were made of rubber. Sometimes I imagine cars flying through the air…with penguins manning the cars…that would be hilarious. One time I saw a lady get hit in the face from a tire that fell off of a stack

    By Jesse on 11.06.2011

  24. black and round and hard, and durable! used for cars, F1 racing, and swings. lovely memories created and hard falls taken. oh tires, wonderful creations.
    well, this was a little TIRESome. hope I’ll do better in the next one!

    By Sabrina Siow on 11.06.2011

  25. Tires, they are generally made of rubber which makes me think of roads, which are made out of asphalt. What if they switched roles and tires were made out of asphalt and roads — rubber? That could be interesting. One time while shopping for tires I saw a stack of tires fall over on top of an elderly lady.

    By Jesse URL on 11.06.2011

  26. I suppose the maker of tires is excited to read what we say about tires, but I know they’re there, but I’ve never formed any relationship with them.

    By Mortoni URL on 11.06.2011

  27. Those tires may as well have been made of pure gold. They were my ticket to freedom. I didn’t value anything above those tires. Maybe I should have thought about it a little more when I ran out of gas.

    By Lol on 11.06.2011

  28. i learned how to change tires from my dad. One time, it was July 4th, the night before my birthday and he asked me if i wanted to help rotate the tires. I was actually pretty difficult and late at night.. but i learned and it was really cool. Also it’s a funny last name joke because mine is Carr.

    By Ellen on 11.06.2011

  29. Black, schreeching, expensive. Moves a car. Scary when being hit by a crazy bike rider. Home of a car, which is a great place to have sex when a teenager. Wondering why Sex comes to mind when thinking about tires. Anyways, ice accident, slippery rain, skidding, skid marks in young childrens underwear.

    By ALS on 11.06.2011

  30. Speeding down the PCH
    Hand out the window
    Wind through my fingers
    Take me back to those swerving cliffs
    of clay mirroring blue
    Making the tires of my brain
    Screech on the roads to my heart
    Creating a thump thump thump.


    By Words That Entangle on 11.06.2011

  31. a pile of them equals a shelter to duck and weave into. just one dangled from a tree means eternal happiness- the sun kissing the cheek of its young rider. four of them equals independence and a set of two means danger is speeding around the corner…

    By brose URL on 11.06.2011

  32. Tires are like condoms they take all the feeling out of riding. running round in circles like the chain on my bicycle I think that we should stop. Before the tires pop- this is flat.

    By sonority URL on 11.06.2011

  33. my head tires me out, always looking in the wrong places, following the wrong tracks. old and used up before 23! and I have no spares to replace myself with. here I am with nothing more to say

    By anti URL on 11.06.2011

  34. car wash what im saying black tires are awesome 15″ 20″ oh i dont know hahaha no more

    By Mari on 11.06.2011

  35. I need snow tires like…now. Japan kinda sucks in that way. They are REQUIRED, and EXPENSIVE, here. I cant spell by the way. Just saying.

    By Megan URL on 11.06.2011

  36. carfs wheels racesdarkjerks everything cars darkness fun hhhh jooce loook yut interestrin

    By Bridie on 11.06.2011

  37. I have tired of waiting for this word to change.

    By Thirteen URL on 11.06.2011

  38. The flat tires were the only thing I couldn’t pass when I took my driving test the first time. It wasn’t that I couldn’t change them. It was the memories.
    Sam and I were really nervous. We had to get to the mountain quickly, and it wasn’t the best of weather. Yet that wasn’t why we were so nervous. We were fifteen and completely, far gone into crushing on one another. The prospect of spending two hours alone in the car with him was exciting an terrifying.

    By Lulu on 11.06.2011

  39. Tires can be used for various things such as lifting trucks. The higher the truck, the bigger the tires, the better the lift. I’m excited for a friend of mine to lift his truck but now that his mom drained his bank account i dont see that happening for a good long while :(

    By Drea URL on 11.06.2011

  40. tire are amazing they have loads of air like a marshmello oonly they are un ettible an dthe are black and crispy and delicious likea good song on a hot summer’s day, and some collaid wow! I love tires they take you place and get you going in the direction you want to go. they are symbolism for that thing that puishes you to go afetr your dreams

    By Abby on 11.06.2011