November 5th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “tires”

  1. I can see through the wisdom of your old eyes
    That I cannot change these tires
    It’s time to take the rusty thing
    For one last joy ride
    And rest forever
    In an eternal peace

    By SubtleWhispers URL on 11.05.2011

  2. He tires quickly these days. He’s not sure why, only that it happens. It’s become a bigger problem than it should be, what with OWLs coming up and [name] constantly reminding him to study. He knows that he should tell someone, Madam [name], if no one else. He can’t seem to bring himself to say anything though. Not now. This is the only thing he has that’s his. The only thing Skeeter and The Prophet and everyone else doesn’t know. He needs to keep that. At least a little longer.

    By Kolya URL on 11.05.2011

  3. So. Tired. I rest my head on the table and pass out.
    Frikin’ hate biology.

    By Isabella on 11.05.2011

  4. my cars tires are probably really bald now that i have succesfully learned how to drift and make a j-turn. this is awesome considering im a girl and aparently have more balls than will and my car will never run out of gas again because i learned my lesson FINALLY and lucas is an ass.

    By kelsie on 11.05.2011

  5. Kit hates tires. Hates them. Hates that they exist. Hates that Kurt knows how to change one and he doesn’t. Hates that tires are how Kurt and their father started being able to talk to each other. Hates everything about tires and cars and everything else at Hummel Tire and Lube.

    He knows it’s irrational. Kurt talks to their father because he was around. When Kit had soccer practice and sleep overs with the other boys on his team Kurt was at the shop. It just doesn’t seem fair. He got friends, but Kurt got a dad.

    By Kolya URL on 11.05.2011

  6. On my car, I have tires, They don’t slid on the wet ground because they are special to help reduce slidding. I Hate when in snows though because the roads ice over and I cant drive anymore.

    By Saxony on 11.05.2011

  7. tires…i roll on like a tire, burning hearts desire like recycling a tire…metaphors, tires and me are for a kid and a swing…simple days with tires.

    By jessie lee spriggs on 11.05.2011

  8. it was the first time i experienced flat tires, and i was on a lonely road and 18 yrs old. the sun was beating down, which comforted me a lot. i knew an a
    adventure was in store, that day in 1974. i was on my way home from summer classews at t

    By Celia Grandon Sadlou URL on 11.05.2011

  9. Rubber. Black. Cars. I don”‘t know. Without it we die. Horses. Electric. Softer makes it harder. Paloi. Stupid. This is hard. Saya stressing. Apuu.

    By Mohamad Najib on 11.05.2011

  10. Tires are pretty circular and such, you know. I almost read this as the word, “tired” instead. I guess that’s a pretty large implication of how tired I am of my life. -__- It doesn’t make sense, I mean, I was always so into being busy, but never have I ever imagined that I’d ever be “THIS” busy in my entire life… well, I’m only 16, turning 17 in about 5 days, so I haven’t had much time to figure out my life, but either way, I still don’t think what I’m doing is way too much.

    By Curtis on 11.05.2011

  11. my heart tires
    hearing the sadness
    of the past
    of the present
    of your days
    and your years
    as I try
    some balance
    to the present
    to the future
    of your days
    it tires

    By Anita Cruse on 11.05.2011

  12. Tires. They go round. Duhhh. But they go places, places you never in your life might not get a chance to see.. and in this economy, that’s amazing.

    By Jennifer Quinones on 11.05.2011

  13. She tires
    of her daily life
    the redundant that will not relent
    the stalking familiar
    the painful knowingness that nothing will change
    so she resolves to fight it
    to no avail
    for when she wakes up
    the cycle is reborn.

    By Madeline URL on 11.05.2011

  14. He tires easily now. He’s getting weaker by the minute, sicker every hour. His face turns a pale yellow, his red cheeks stand out in stark contrast. His usually grey eyes are bloodshot and watery.
    Despite all this, he looks at me and smiles. “I’ll be okay,” he says. I’ll be okay.

    By timeisoftheessence URL on 11.05.2011

  15. tires are black. They are on cars. Tires are really round and they sometimes go flat, but it isn’t nice when they go flat because then you can’t go places in your car, but you have to get your roommate or dad or aunt to come pick you up and take you places. Tires are great.

    By Sarah Neubecker URL on 11.05.2011

  16. my ex best friends ex boyfriend pat is obssesed with tires for his truck. he spends all of his money on home, and i simply just don’t understand it. maybe its beecause i’ma girl, but all tires look the same to me, and i feel like you don’t need to spend 2000 just to make your truck look macho. *over componsation*

    By Margaret on 11.05.2011

  17. It tires me this constant wave of animosity
    I am always thirsty but the tongue remains dry as my eyes
    in this search for clarity.
    You try to trump me but I am not even a pawn in your game
    Let yourself be free, fill yourself with integrity
    get the fuck out of trying to play a role in my life
    what’s me is always going to me

    By Words That Entangle on 11.05.2011

  18. They were best friends, stranded in the mountain with punctured tires and dwindling rations. He wonders how his best friend can stand these subzero temperatures with a sleeveless vest and threadbare shirt. But he does, and that’s why he’s superhuman in his eyes.

    By Circinus URL on 11.05.2011

  19. Well tires are made of rubber and they work because of the friction between the rubber and the surface that they are driving on. tires usually go on cars and motorbikes, cars have four tires and motorbikes have two.

    By Karl Stephenson on 11.05.2011

  20. I need new tires on my car. Friends have told me that I should get them replaced before winter because the treads are almost bald, but I’m pretty sure that I can handle myself. I drove just fine last winter and I don’t think my tires were that great anyways.

    By Joe on 11.05.2011

  21. I used to have this car I called the “cash money mobile”. The name was supposed to be ironic. It was a total piece of shit. When I bought the car, there was a one armed teddy bear in it, which I always thought was pretty cool. But, besides that, it was pretty much shit. The tires were old and worn out. The paint job was done with house paint with a roller. On the back of the car the metal had rusted through so the previous owner had just nailed house siding over it. One of the side mirrors were missing. It smelled like shit. It looked like shit. But it always got me where I needed to go. Even if it bitched and moaned, it sucked it up and took me places. The car is a lot like me. I look like a piece of shit, but when someone really needs me, I can be the most reliable piece of shit on earth.

    By You on 11.05.2011

  22. I want these tires to take me far, far upon my life, far upon the edge of air where I can breath, I want more mileage, I need them to take me, don’t brake me, just drive tires drive!

    By eric URL on 11.06.2011

  23. tires are on cars, they halep the vehicle move. they can be black or grey and they have scrws and bolts and rims attached to them. they get the dirtiest on a car becuase they’re always touching the ground. they can be on buses, cars, trucks. thye have little grips and sometimes they’re diferent weights and feels.

    By Hana on 11.06.2011

  24. Rolling deeply through gravel, set aflame by speed, following me toward myself. I wish they would stop wearing down. Stop leaving marks on me. Tires.

    By Sam on 11.06.2011

  25. tires turn in the the night. a low rumbling on the road . we are escaping the fear that drive the wheels. nothing stay as we scream past the blurs in the window

    By jase on 11.06.2011

  26. they go round..
    they remind me of the playground
    they tell me that life is a circle.
    they roll down the road…
    they make my car move…
    and then there are times when they just go flat..
    and it is then that i feel that the ride that life is
    has come to an end or there is a hurdle and there is no mechanic anywhere in sight

    By Srishti URL on 11.06.2011

  27. tires are round and black, they are on cars bikes and other types of thing that are able to transport you to place to place. They are very useful

    By Lauren on 11.06.2011

  28. Tires? We need new tires already? If you would learn to drive a little better, we would not have to replace them so often! These are city streets, not the Indy 500! I have to take the car in? Guess what – this time YOU get to take the car in, and sit there and wait. I have no more time to waste than you do. Can we see where this discussion is heading? Just go get the tires … and, BTW, you are paying for them!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.06.2011

  29. They roll through life without a care in the world. The master’s bidding is their sole purpose. It’s sad, really. I’m glad I’m not a tire. When you’re having a bad day, just think: “You know what? I’m not a tire. There, I feel much better.” And you will.

    By Erin URL on 11.06.2011

  30. you spin me around like the tires of a bike
    a constant motion of things i’ve seen
    the never ending process of ups and downs
    its a roundabout with you
    always the same from begging to end

    By Lacy on 11.06.2011

  31. He tires quickly. From walking beneath the big hard sun for miles and miles. He watches his life pass through his mind and he walks, and walks, and walks. He is content. He tires now, and lets the endless unknown take him away.

    By Evelyn URL on 11.06.2011

  32. When I was stolen away into the car, I simply let my eyes fall onto the tires of the car beside me. I could barely see over the windowsill, but I still kept my eyes focused. One round – my future. Two rounds – from my past. Three rounds – wherever he’s taking me. Four rounds – fear. I forced myself to think of where this car was taking me and what it was taking me from, and tried so hard not to regret anything about it.

    By Krista-Lyn URL on 11.06.2011

  33. Really?? Really Jodi?? Again?? Okay, tires, are black with. . . silver. Retired!! Yeah, I freaking get it! RETIRED! It’s funny. . tires are on cars and they make you go. . . vroom, vroom. . . how about a girl who’s got a brain, who always speaks her mind. There mean to women. .

    By Billis on 11.06.2011

  34. My car uses strange tires. They are expensive and I really hate it when it is tire buying time. I’m never prepared for it and have to scramble to afford them. Funny thing is, I drive a relatively inexpensive car.

    By apt9000 URL on 11.06.2011

  35. What tires me most, is boredom. I never feel tired when i m not bored. Being interested in what you do is the best thing to do if you do not want to get tired

    By vi on 11.06.2011

  36. once upon a time lived a garage man whose business ran mainly on his tire sales. Only, a close rival of his was jealous of his business so he decided to get his revenge by puncturing all the garage man’s tires. Over the next few weeks, sales plummeted as he had no tires to sell to any of his customers. this left the garage man sad, as he watched his rival’s garage fill up with all HIS usual customers. And, to top things off, winter was coming, so many of the customers needed a tire change.

    By katie on 11.06.2011

  37. they roll. they are on cars, trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles. they are rubber, and black and they are circular.

    By lexie on 11.06.2011

  38. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? i thought it was what was on cars but that’s tyres!!!!

    Oh but Michelle says they can go on cars. Like drury tires…. I think she’s right.

    By Laaa on 11.06.2011

  39. tires spin ’round and ’round.
    like clocks.
    the one that’s ticking my life away.
    it’s ticking too slow.
    would it speed up if I fell to my knees and cried?

    By Zoe URL on 11.06.2011

  40. Kwon Yuri says that she’s strong.

    She is healthy and that she needs no one to take care of her. She goes to gym thrice a week, eat healthily, and talk with fresh air. She never tires. But that was before and now it’s after, in Japan, and she isn’t quite sure if she could say that correctly. (It is not as easy as it seem to fit into a new environment when everyone assumes you can.)

    And this time it is her heart that decides to give up as she struggled helplessly to a chair with no one to help her breathe from the shattering lungs. She calls home today, crying a little, regretting a little.

    Kwon Yuri says that she is strong, but she’d wish she lied.

    By -Sarah URL on 11.06.2011