November 5th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “tires”

  1. they roll and the world rolls with them. entire civilizations have been built upon its perfect symmetry. spin and create, spin and create. bring me doom and bring me life.

    By Mel URL on 11.05.2011

  2. He tires of having people call his name, of people trying to communicate with him. He sits in the window seat, soaked in the light of the dying day and just wants to be left alone.

    By Amanda Rivers URL on 11.05.2011

  3. Loud cars zip down the road. Gas pollutes the air, tires squeal, music booms. Traffic moves at the speed of a snail.

    By unwritten URL on 11.05.2011

  4. I loved our old Citroen, where a flat tire would go unnoticed as the other three wheels would carry the load. I remember how Andrea had to stop the car in Jerusalem and have the wheel changed only after people called out: Your fourth wheel is in the air!

    By Avi on 11.05.2011

  5. rolling rolling rolling. Whenever we need them to they take us places. Always on the move, always fitting our needs, our times, our lives. They are a mold of our society! They are like a person in our modern world, who is always working to fit their own needs.

    By Maddie on 11.05.2011

  6. black, big, circular. rubbery. used for swings, childhood. bristles, go bald with age. magical, take you to many different places, memorable, innovative. mans first invention.

    By arbana on 11.05.2011

  7. Tires go round and round and round and round. Tires are black and are used on cars. Tires on trains tracks. We love tires. Without them we could not go anywhere!!!! on Cars that it

    By Bob Mondok on 11.05.2011

  8. The tires squealed as they struggled to get a grip on the asphalt below. That’s what I noticed. Not the fact that he was running away from me. But that he was ruining his tires.

    By Emily on 11.05.2011

  9. I was driving in my four by four, it was heavily snowing. I knew I wasn’t going to get back in time, it was getting heavy. My windshields started to spur and everything slowed down.
    Out of nowhere it hit me, a telegraph pole fell straight into my truck, I didn’t remember much else. All I knew was that she’d gone. One minute she was beside me and she’s no longer here. It seems so weird, everything went so fast. How can someone dissapear so quickly?
    My heart sank once more, ther wasn’t anything left to see. People had been in and visited me, asking me how I was fing etc. How do they think I feel? I’ve just lost her, she is everything to me. The worst part is, it’s my fault she died.

    By Lisa Doran URL on 11.05.2011

  10. tires.. they get you everywhere. on a car, a bike, wagon, or bus. basically you cant go very many places without them because theyre even on airplanes. and you cant get acrossed the ocean on a train or subway, which is the only motorived vehicle i can think of in one minute that doesnt have tires.

    By Emmy URL on 11.05.2011

  11. The tires were only all-season tires, so I knew they didn’t have a chance going up this highway in the winter. I winced as the car spun out for under us, because of the low coefficient of static friction between the tires and the icy road. “See,” I said, turning to the man driving, “i told you.” Oh well, it was a good thing we were carrying chains at least.

    By an octopus URL on 11.05.2011

  12. It was rolling away. Down the hill. Lucy thought I should run after them but I could only watch and wish my life were so carefree. Bouncing and tumbling, somehow still running.

    “What are we going to do about the car?” she asked.

    I shrugged. “Someone will come along.”

    “You’re not going to go get them?”

    They bounced once more before disappearing into some bushes. My tired smile met her confusion. “Fine, fine.”

    By Fluidfyre URL on 11.05.2011

  13. Screech.
    Black lines.
    Left on the
    side of the road.
    Dead body.
    Left just so
    behind beside the road.

    By Thirteen URL on 11.05.2011

  14. My tires spun out of control. Nothing I could do, no correction I could make within the vehicle’s interior made any difference. The huge thunder tank was headed straight for the cliff’s edge, and I was trapped inside.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 11.05.2011

  15. On a car, they rotate and help the car go foward, or backwords, when you turn the steering wheel they turn allowing you to turn in whatever direction. You need to replace them sometimes, you can buy them from a lot of places, you see them piled up. They are on cars, go carts, golf carts, motorcycles, etc.

    By Celeste on 11.05.2011

  16. The tires screeched against the road as he sped off, not even indicating as he took the corner. She sighed, unfolded her arms and walked back inside, closing the door with a click.
    Annabelle poked her head around the corner, her pigtails swishing.
    “It’s okay, sweetheart. He’ll be back.” She looked out the window. “He will be.” She whispered.

    By Caroline on 11.05.2011

  17. it tires me to think about my life, it happens when i expect it to, when i am lost in a world of stress and confusion. i think about what my life is, what it’s worth. what i know, what i don’t know. it tires me. and it tires me to think about my selfishness.

    By weldon on 11.05.2011

  18. how i need new tires, how much they cost to get new tires. how stupid it is that you have to get four tires how come they can’t just grind down the new tire to be as bad as the old tires…how is all the years that the automobile has been working that we can’t come up with a better wheel

    By jessica on 11.05.2011

  19. the sound of the tires on the road were getting louder as it cruised passed them on the way home. That was very sound that had told them they should move to the gutter since there were no sidewalks here.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 11.05.2011

  20. Tires…tires…tires. As seemingly unimportant as they appear to be in the large scheme of life, it is the tire that rolls us through life. Through every experience, through every challenge, through life.

    By Pattycakes on 11.05.2011

  21. The road was long and the constant bump and movement of the car made her paranoid. Nothing frightened her more than the idea of a flat tire. Her own body, weak and small, would never be able to fix it and she would be left stranded. She gripped the steering wheel tighter and told herself the movement of the car was simply the bumps and cracks in the road and the tires were fine. Her tires would last the trip.

    By andi on 11.05.2011

  22. Every morning she takes out her broom, it’s the one with the blue handle and the duct tape wrapped around the top, and the shuffles up to the sidewalk, where she sweeps. She is not deterred by the weather, or by anything, it seems. She never tires of this, or if she does, it doesn’t show.

    By Marian writes URL on 11.05.2011

  23. The tires squealed on the pavement, burning hot rubber and spinning uselessly as I tried to brake. It was a close call. Again. I seemed to be doing this a lot more lately, driving faster and faster and stopping only when I reached the edge of the lake. I wondered when I would stop caring, not stamp down on the brake pedal–and just keep going until I was at the bottom of the lake.

    By Nikki URL on 11.05.2011

  24. there was skreach at the curb and as i looked my heart fell as i saw Luke in his black ford truck his dark tires that i always hated to smell of and headlights on.

    By Jillian on 11.05.2011

  25. They roll around going places.
    Tons of places they take you to.
    Slowly, rapidly at any speed they keep as moving.
    Round and black old and flat(in that case their only purpose can be to rot.)

    By Yuki URL on 11.05.2011

  26. Tires never stop rolling. It is jus a simple method of never ending motion. For me that is a welcomed gift because everyone needs tires in their lives. Something to keep them going.

    By Caleb on 11.05.2011

  27. The marks were still there, if anyone cared to go see them. Glistening black against the pavement, dark in the middle and then disappearing abruptly, a path leading to nowhere, to no answers, no questions being asked.

    By skid on 11.05.2011

  28. tires are dirty, they spin and spin and the dirt travels. they take you places. tires can also be so tiring to watch. it tires me to think of tires spinning. the car without tires though can only fly or swim or time travel? well that’s an interesting thought. nuts to your tires

    By Khalida on 11.05.2011

  29. manelaise, drgo

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 11.05.2011

  30. Tires are on cars. TIres are round. When were they invented?

    At school there used to be a tire swing. I passed it everyday and wanted to swing on it but never got the chance. One day the tire swing was gone. And so was my oppurtunity.

    I wish I knew how to change a tire.
    I wish someone had taught me.

    By The Moser URL on 11.05.2011

  31. One day a man was driving and his tires flipped on his car. He was then upside down. “OH NO!” thought the man.. what aM i TO DO.. goodness. so he called his wife and she came and she fixed his car… which is funny because it switches gender roles. Good wife she was.. Tires are rubvber and can be wuite unstabvle at times. Thats a sucky thing. It can ruin your destination and events.

    By Autumn on 11.05.2011

  32. She tires easily now
    it seeps into her bones
    like a dull acid rain
    eating her slowly
    from the inside out
    until finally, finally she ends
    in a glorious implosion

    By SprawlingInk URL on 11.05.2011

  33. It tires me. I’m tired of it all:
    Crying at night. Being sad. Remembering things. Dreaming a life I will never have. Letting people toss me around. Feeling stuck. Being alone. Being Different. feeling worthless. Missing things. Being emotional. Feeling empty inside. Not being able to let go. Wanting to start over. Needing help. Losing interest of everything. Being yelled at. Hating myself. Yelling. Being angry. Feeling crazy. I’m tired of being tired.

    Most of all, it tires me to pretend that nothing is wrong.

    By meriselle URL on 11.05.2011

  34. Wenn es zieht, dann kannst du nichts mehr machen. Du merkst es erst, wenn es schon zu spät ist. Keine Vorwarnung. Leider. Deshalb ist es zu jedem Zeitpunkt des Lebens gut, wenn man schon sein Testament gemacht hat. Also zumindest für die Leute, die schon schreiben können. Davor hat man ja kaum Vererbenswertes.

    By Lisa URL on 11.05.2011

  35. all bruised, not taken care for, torn, ripped.
    this is how I feel sometimes. and it’s not so bad.
    because at least i feel something at all.

    By Rizzy URL on 11.05.2011

  36. Roll on through the year, and may it be a good one. GoodYear.

    By Will URL on 11.05.2011

  37. Tires

    As I write, my snow tires are being put on my car for the winter. Not much looking forward to the snow and ice. Slogging through it tires me out. But walking instead of driving can keep the spare tire around my belly from growing. I actually walked home from the tire store after dropping my car off. Now? I’m tired.

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.05.2011

  38. It’s interesting how our tires are all the same but still so different. They’re all made of the same material and they’re all manufactured in the same fashion. But they all take us to different places, different destinations, and different worlds.

    By Neha URL on 11.05.2011

  39. She fell brokenly, her legs collapsing beneath her like twigs. She had lost all control of her hands, and they shook uncontrollably.

    “She’ll tire more quickly now,” the doctor whispered.

    By Alma Grace URL on 11.05.2011

  40. spinning. rotating. turning. revolving. circling. whirling. spiraling.

    By Jessica on 11.05.2011