July 26th, 2011 | 554 Entries

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554 Entries for “thunder”

  1. Beats, vibrations up through my spine through my veins to my heart. thunderous roars radiate through the crust of the earth. the dark sky speaking to us, communicating to us the thoughts feelings and pain it witnesses every day. feel it. thunder.

    By Taylor URL on 07.26.2011

  2. thunder brings rain

    thunder brings lightening

    thundering now on the 7th floor

    thundering there but not here

    i wonder if the thunder will push the rain this way

    i wonder if we will be able to go to the pool

    thunder does not mean storm here though

    By Amy URL on 07.26.2011

  3. Lightning stabs the pale charged atmosphere, stark against thin electrified air, as thunder crashes beyond sound through the soles of our feet, cracked ground thawing and underneath it all the distant rumble and seizure of oncoming terror.

    By hannah URL on 07.26.2011

  4. thunder doesn’t really scare me. I actually think it’s soothing. When I hear thunder I feel like life has so much to offer and that there are imperfections but thats what makes it beautiful. Things like thunder make me appreciate life.

    By Farah Bhaghani on 07.26.2011

  5. it was in the middle of it when i think of you, i omagined that you were sad and alone even if it was the contrary

    By giorgio on 07.26.2011

  6. If Alice could she would capture a Alabama summer storm in a glass jar. A little cloud of rain with thunder in her purse. She’d take it too her swank New York apartment and dream of home.

    By Brittani on 07.26.2011

  7. The two of them sat at the window.
    “But you can’t have lightning without thunder,” he said soothingly, “and you love lightning.”
    “I don’t have to love the necessary evil,” she retorted. “It’s still an evil.”

    By Valkyrie URL on 07.26.2011

  8. Pow, crack, then bright light followed the booming sound as I removed my hands from my ears and looked up to see the dark clouds forming in the sky. Dark and scary a storm is rolling in.

    By jeanelaine URL on 07.26.2011

  9. “Thunder and lighting won’t change what I’m feeling… and the daffodils look lovely today…”

    This is a quote from my favorite Cranberries song. It’s about acceptance, freedom, strength, and moving on.

    By jspeed29 URL on 07.26.2011

  10. oh yay. He stood up talking about the future as if he were calling out the evil of the world. Yelling like thunder he was. All those poor country folks listening to him like he was the second coming of Christ.
    Well, Hell, I had seen this guy on tv before. He hadn’t had an original thought. Ever.It was just written for him from some corporate numb skull.

    By Seansj URL on 07.26.2011

  11. There was a loud clap of thunder. “No one will recognize me,” he whispered, his voice hoarse.
    As always, there was that harsh voice responding to him, “Then make them.”
    He shook his head violently. He just had to move a little faster, then maybe he could outrun it. He didn’t want to listen to that voice anymore. He didn’t want to be recognized. “Just a little faster,” he breathed as the rain began to fall violently, “Just a little. . . .”

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 07.26.2011

  12. thunderous screams making the silence vibrate with tension
    such a gentle soul
    gripped by your hatred
    slowly transformed into your demons

    By luckyfish9 URL on 07.26.2011

  13. It was thundering yesterday. The kind of thunder that shakes the house. It follows lightning that consumes a room in one swoop.

    By Sasha on 07.26.2011

  14. The thunder echoed loudly in the distance, as if the gods were reaching out to her, pushing her to move out of the storm and into her future. She paused at the door way of her room to glance at what had been her haven for 17 years. It was pristine white, with a twin sized bed and a large four drawer dresser.

    By Alley Agee on 07.26.2011

  15. the thunder above makes my heart feel love, touch, touches me he does, but only in fear. I ask him why he does not want to be here, with me, with us. How can we touch and not ever feel.

    By d on 07.26.2011

  16. what a beautiful sound when the rain is coming down and there is thunder in the background. it is mysterious and exhilirating all at the same time. It is the time to reflect when the thunder is rolling. Its a beautiful sound.

    By tracylyn on 07.26.2011

  17. I always get this weird anxiety when I am about to press the “go” button to write on the daily word, who knows why? But it feels like clouds hanging over my shoulders, laughing at me and pointing to the button telling me there’s no way. And then it breaks like thunder and I go “Whew, that wasn’t so bad” and write something dumb.

    By Hyperbole URL on 07.26.2011

  18. thunder bolt in the sky, she reads the story of zues
    and thinks of tridents and a daughter born out of her father’s head
    she is that daughter
    she thinks
    born from the brains of her father
    as he wished her to be

    By rimpu URL on 07.26.2011

  19. The thunder felt like it would shake the whole house, like the door would swing open and i would fly out and I would be swallowed whole by the storm itself. There was something different about this storm….

    By Lydia May on 07.26.2011

  20. The thunder roared across the field, merely background music in comparison to the fast beating of her heart.

    By Chelsea on 07.26.2011

  21. thunder roared overhead as the men rode into the village. night had set many hours ago, and the only light shining on the path they traveled came from the torches attached to the doors of the homes they passed.

    By Andrew Walker URL on 07.26.2011

  22. The roar makes my ears hurt as I read through my stack of books. Scared, my little sister gives a squeal and nearly knocks me over in her dive under the cover. I huff at her before restacking the books next to the bed and retrieve the book I was reading, jumping as thunder starts again.

    By Allison on 07.26.2011

  23. It cracked. We had nowhere to go. We felt the rain. Like ants awaiting a crushing blow.

    By Charlie on 07.26.2011

  24. Is nice, but my cats are afraid of it! I dont know why, and i feel bad, becuase all i want to do is sit and watch it, and they want to hide, but i want to make them feel better… I love thunderstorms though, and am always waiting for a good one!

    By Paige on 07.26.2011

  25. it makes vibrant sound waves. it shocks and creates light. it’s beautiful against the sunset and it’s hard to capture. it is hotter than eletricity and is conducted in water. it is powerful, it causes destruction, but it is beautiful and mysterious. it makes loud noise and along with it is lightening. you hear it before it rains.

    By ketch on 07.26.2011

  26. Thunderstorms are the adventure times of my childhood. Sitting in my room under the roof, seeing the lightning and counting the seconds for the thunder, wondering how many miles it is away. Wondering, how it would be being in the middle of the storm. Being in the middle of the universe.

    By VesperMae URL on 07.26.2011

  27. This is always fun. My dog, unlike other dogs, doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. Thunder only happens when it’s raining is what Fleetwood mac wrote on this subject, however, I’ve frequently experienced thunder without rain. So take that, Fleetwood. Anyways, this is as creative as I can be apparently.

    By kyle URL on 07.26.2011

  28. I like thunder storms. They are loud, overbearing on the trees, and yet, I find the sound soothing. The pitter patter of rain drops on my window pane and the smell of wet pavement as the storm passes, really makes me feel most at home.

    By Tabitha Havlin on 07.26.2011

  29. The thunders were like crazy, a storm for sure was to arrive. I was very young and thought it was very scary, but stayed un my room all by myself anyway. My mom wasn’t home and my aunt was sleeping, it was only me and my sister who had gotten so scared and had to come to me.

    By Liz on 07.26.2011

  30. Crackling of the thunder vibrated around town. Looking up I saw a plain dark night sky. No lightning came so the storm must be pretty far off. Then suddenly, everything went black. The whole town without electricity.

    By RedSkyeArtiste URL on 07.26.2011

  31. the voice came from deep inside her or possible out of the very earth beneath her feet. It was a deep rumbling, sonorous, resonant vibration. It terrified her and those around her. It was the thunder of chthonic anger and it shook the world. ” Don’t you dare tell me what I feel. Don’t you dare tell me what this means. I lived it. I lived it for thirty long years ” Words and a voice after which nothing would ever be the same.

    By geraldine URL on 07.26.2011

  32. It will shake the world,
    Fill it with fear.
    The vibrations will soothe,
    and put me to sleep.
    It is the soundtrack to my dreams,
    and the source of my nightmares.

    By Taylor Crowley URL on 07.26.2011

  33. I watched the clouds roll and the lightning flash and the hair of his arms stand up in front of my face and tickle my nose. I felt his breath and I felt the wind and for a short second, I couldn’t tell the difference. I pulled away and I felt a deep rumbling, it could have been him growling or it could have been the sky opening up and letting me know it was not letting me go anytime soon.

    By Holly on 07.26.2011

  34. Thunderstorms are freaking annoying in Florida, also in Puerto Rico where I live, It’s as if there were a war Going on outside your window. But it’s good for bringing out the hot Chocolate!

    By Amneris on 07.26.2011

  35. i like thunder it reminds me of lightening and to be honest i like lightning because it reminds me that there is vital energy here somewhere everywhere. its not all about electricity ipods and tvs. there is something raw out there something uncontrollable that man did not make l. we are not the masters of the world as we’d like to think, we are merely the byproduct of a wastemachine destroying and molding to our likeness everything we see.

    By VS. on 07.26.2011

  36. and lightning. So loud, the room shakes and I think the roof will fall. It’s kind of thrilling, after the first moment of surprise. I watch for the next lightning and anticipate the boom. It can keep me awake, but, somehow I find it more comforting/exciting than frightening/bothersome.

    By debdean on 07.26.2011

  37. “Never hit me again!”
    That’s what you shout at me.
    That’s what you always shout at me.


    Even though I’ve never even laid a finger on your frail skin.

    By Minna URL on 07.26.2011

  38. Thunder shaking the ground you stand on. Thunder roaring with purpose and strength. Thunder the Alpha of the Skies.

    By David URL on 07.26.2011

  39. Rolling, crashing booming across the sky. It frightens me, and I hide from the onii playing their drums outside my window. Their thundermusic is too loud, too strong for me to handle, and I cower beneath a shield of blankets.

    By Nagi Reich URL on 07.26.2011

  40. the thunder burst up from the ground and hit the clouds, it almost made me double think about whether or not the greek gods where really just a myth. could it be zeus in a battle against posieden, his sea warrior brother? no not possible, i guess reading percy jackson has gotten to me. still i wonder could our minds just be fogged by the magical mist rick riordan is telling us about?

    By lenore usarzewicz on 07.26.2011