July 26th, 2011 | 554 Entries

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554 Entries for “thunder”

  1. Thunder is terrifying to some people. I, or some reason, enjoy the sounds. It feels like I’m being swallowed by some sort of large sea mammal. my pet rabbit hates thunder. Probably for the same reason I like it.

    By Ingrid on 07.27.2011

  2. The thunder is loud ominous. It is the beginning of our fears but the ending of electricity. It signals the time to run.

    By Seth Ballard on 07.27.2011

  3. thunder is a crazy, terrible, wonderful, powerful thing. it scares chidren and adults and kills the moment before it, brings out the nature-obsessed homsapien sapien, creates thoughts of bowlers with wings, or a frightening roar from any number of beasts. A fear of lightning and rain and cold tears apart the consciousness and a tight feeling in the stomach brings your eyes to the sky.

    By Des on 07.27.2011

  4. Thunder is a loud sea of crashing and tumbling in the heavens. It’s tumtulous rumbles have a comforting place in my heart. The sound of thunder reminds me of home.

    By Ingrid on 07.27.2011

  5. There has been talk of Thunder in the air,
    Showing up here and there.
    It scares some right to the core,
    A true delight for those who want more.
    I love a storm with thunder,
    That just might be my blunder.

    By annajoana URL on 07.27.2011

  6. Thunder. Its a noise. But sometimes it seems like its really there. It is. Thunder is warm pjs, blankets and hot chocolate. Thunder is the living room couch and watching a movie and going to sleep while dreaming of peacful things.

    By Lydia May on 07.27.2011

  7. I swear we’ve already had this word to write about.
    Thunder used to be calming while still producing a tiny jolt of adrenaline. I was comfortable with the sound; I relished it, because it meant rain. Rain was soothing, and served as the best cleansing material around. It was so rare, and so worth it–even if it only lasted a few minutes.
    Now I hate it. When it rains, it pours–it slaloms from the sky and dumps horrible sadness upon the world. It beats you in the skull when you trepidatiously step from the front porch, out from the protective awning. The thunder that comes cracks and booms in the sky, shakes the house and the well-being you used to feel during storms. It’s all gone now.

    By Scream URL on 07.27.2011

  8. beautiful, noisy, perfect, hurt, courage, storm, monsters, tummy, hunger, playing, kissing in the rain, boys, girls, love, marriage, divorce, cheating, thighs, nasty, fat, beauty.

    By Tayluur on 07.27.2011

  9. Thunder only happens when its raining

    By Lee-Ann on 07.27.2011

  10. Thunder. Thunder is amazing. It is when the Gods are bowling, and when Zeus is pissed at all of the demigods. i love thunder it is amazing and awesome. Thunder, thunder,thunder,thunder,thunder.

    By Katie on 07.27.2011

  11. It was dark outside. I had been sitting there staring out the window for the longest time. I dont even think i realized that it was raining. Then all of a sudden a clap of thunder hit so hard that i nearly fell off of the window seat. I grasped my chest trying to control my breathing.

    By Miyako on 07.27.2011

  12. Deep rumblings from afar; a promise of excitement.

    By Jeanie URL on 07.27.2011

  13. it’s midnight. i heard a rumbling. i got up. turned the lamp on. got out of bed. put on my slippers. went out of my room. no one’s around. i went to the kitchen. fringe raid! the rumbling was from my tummy.

    fridges and midnight binges.

    By Dee URL on 07.27.2011

  14. i’m absoulutly terrified of thunder i hate it so much but sometimes it is quite pretty to see the lightning afterwords. i’ve heard that it is bowling angles but that doesn’t take my fear away. i worry when the whole house shakes and quakes. the boom takes the entire room prisoner. thunder clap! oh no!!!!

    By Meghan on 07.27.2011

  15. the thunder claps in grande applause for the show put on by the prairie forest grasses across the rolling hills green with the dusty flint of the summer watered to a living tempo hue din a pitch so bright so clear that it vibrates gathering the falling rain from the thunderheads calling back to the sky

    By david bowman URL on 07.27.2011

  16. As I sat watching the clouds roll in, I began to realize I was like the thunder. I was dark and scary and loud for a few minutes, then I blew out as qucikly as I blew in and I was left refreshed, while those around me were devasted and left to clean up the mess.

    By LibraryGirl62 URL on 07.27.2011

  17. When it goes boom and it feels like a mini earthquake, the houses get quiet and children cry when the thunder goes BOOM!

    By Liz on 07.27.2011

  18. lightening storms loud exciting beautiful fun rain shocking boom shaking

    By Ellen on 07.27.2011

  19. the thunder in my ears sounds like thunder like the beating of drums like the heartbeat i can hardly feel as well as i can hear it beating in my ears. it beats in my chest but i feel it in my ears. the road extends in front of me. the large trees on either side point the way into the horizon.

    By david bowman URL on 07.27.2011

  20. thunder reminds me of the rainy days that i love and they are gloomy chilly and sometimes enjoyable away from the sun so this is one of the words that I love to write about

    By Alondra on 07.27.2011

  21. The thunder rumble overhead as she ducked for cover in a nearby hedge. She hit the ground with a thud, dust gathering around her. It had not rained in Thyminia for thirty years. Had she just caused the greatest disaster to come to her homeland? She had just wanted the crops to grow again, how was she to know that she would call in a powerful storm? Now the guards were chasing her and she was to be burned at the stake for her ‘witchcraft’. What had she gotten herself into?

    By justjess1001 URL on 07.27.2011

  22. Thunder and lightning. Thunder and lightning. It strikes hard, oh so hard. Where does it come from? i dont know, the sky however that seems to obvious, where does it all start. Im going crazy or maybe thats how it all started.

    By Louis URL on 07.27.2011

  23. thunder i get. it’s making a ruckus. so what. it’s not pretty but it’s majestic. it is unsettling and so begs questions. i like that the sky must settle itself.

    By Michelle Garcia URL on 07.27.2011

  24. The thunder sounded across the city, bouncing off the grey, rainslicked skyscrapers that barely breached the heavy clouds. I ran, pumping my leg muscles with the ferocity of a thousand suns, trying to escape something I couldn’t define.

    By Sandwrrm on 07.27.2011

  25. Thunder is the wrath of nature, the love of the clouds it strikes and desapear ,ephemere and evanescent. it is the most powerful yet the weakest force.

    By taoufik on 07.27.2011

  26. scary yellow
    electricity not very scary loud shocking kills birds ;p i dont care anymore just talk talk

    By fahad on 07.27.2011

  27. It strikes as she is crouching to reach her clothes, it enlightened the room and stricked every single corners of the piece by it’s stricking beauty.

    By taoufik on 07.27.2011

  28. loud bangs and sadness. I think about sitting alone at home and wondering what my friends are thinking about. how rain means i dint have to run outside for percussion. and how it was nice to dance with cathy and char in the rain last year :] I love them. but rain always is thought to be sad when really it springs life.

    By Anna on 07.27.2011

  29. The energy is palpable, I feel the panic of those around me. But I’m okay, because storms pass.

    By Ruthie URL on 07.27.2011

  30. there i a thunder storm and im trying to bike home in the tired and wet and its very very loud . i hope i make it home int ime to eat dinner i really like pie ! my mom is going to be mad. i cant believe im out here

    By dominique on 07.27.2011

  31. its big and scary and i don’t like it it is very frightning. my dogs dont like thunder either they get very scared. i don’t fall asleep when i hear

    By alexis on 07.27.2011

  32. i think the bet part of thunder is when you dont know it’ coming, your just out in the rain and suddenly you hear this really load cracle from the sky. it’s kinda scary but also exciting. it’s also really fun when your inside a conservatory, it’s no fun when your on your own though.

    By rebecca on 07.27.2011

  33. fuckfuckfuckfuckufck its all i can think when you push me back…. the rage in my head sounds like thunder, obliterating any sane thought or feeling…. enveloping me in its sound….. i raise my head to the flash of lightning and stare you in your eyes.

    By jordan a. g. URL on 07.27.2011

  34. thunder.
    thunder cats.

    …I’m way too artistically drained for this shit today.

    By Jason URL on 07.27.2011