June 30th, 2016 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “thermometer”

  1. New car, top down, sun blazing across the desert road…thermometer reads red hot. Should have bought that other car.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 06.30.2016

  2. “Uh-oh.”

    “What?” her mother demanded. She had gone very white, like a vampire had bitten her and sucked the blood out of her face. When she didn’t get an immediate answer, her voice got louder and higher. “What, Freddy? What?”

    Frederick was looking at the thermometer in his hand. The one that he had just drawn out of his son Theodore’s mouth. Theodore, shivering and sickly in his bed. Looking so small under the covers.

    “It’s not good,” Frederick said.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.30.2016

  3. “Your face looks flushed,” he said to his daughter.

    She sat listlessly at the table, picking at her ice cream. “I’ve been running outside.”

    He put his hand on her head. “I think you have a fever. I’ll get the thermometer.”

    She was crying when he returned, but opened her mouth. “105,” he said and felt fear. Her treatment had been so successful and now it looks like she was having a relapse.

    “Let’s go for a drive,” he said and picked up his car keys. She went to her room and when he followed her, he saw her standing with her small suitcase, already packed. He knew that he could never fool her.

    “Let’s go to the hospital,” she said.

    By chanpheng URL on 07.01.2016

  4. I wasn’t expecting this word. It’s been a while since I’ve had to use one. I don’t think I even own one anymore. The last time I personally used one at home was about 2 years ago when I was living in West Texas but now I’m all the way in East Texas. I think I”ll just end up making myself sick if I had one just so I could use it.

    By FN URL on 07.01.2016

  5. Mamy różne rodzaje termometrów, do mierzenia temp. powietrza, ciała, oraz róznych innych tworzyw.
    POmaga nam w chorobie, ale także zeby sie nie przeziębić. Czyli termometr jest niezbędny dla naszego zdrowia.

    By Karolina on 07.01.2016

  6. Live in the present. Live in the life you have now. Don’t look back at the glory days and wonder why you were there. Sure, the temperatures were milder, the colds were fine, the warms were wonderful. Now they’re all over the place. Now you huddle in a house where you can see your breath in the morning (why would they ever let a valley get to tree-y and secluded? Don’t they know that’s crazy for the cold?). But would you give that house up? Would you give away the strides that you’ve made? Would you give up the life that you’ve made out of the pile of twigs that was there before?

    You were anxious. You were scared and internal. You were so, so isolated. Look at you now. You still don’t know what success means, in terms of your life, but you know you’re one step closer. You know that you’ve made such great strides. You are alive. This is good.

    By Dailenna URL on 07.01.2016

  7. “You should really have told me about this sooner,” the boy sighed as he read the thermometer. “It’s like you want to get sick.”

    “Shut up,” his sister grumbled, burrowing deeper into her pile of blankets.

    By savvadrokki URL on 07.01.2016

  8. I took the thermometer and checked the temperature. OMG it was 102 deg. I had felt very dizzy and weak. but now after seeing the reading, it made me even more weaker. I thought I need to take a break from work now and go visit a doctor. The thoughts of all dengue, malaria, H1N1 all struck me.

    By rainbow URL on 07.01.2016

  9. I hated thermometers as a kid. I hate them as an adult. The sight of them makes me feel sad because that means somebody is sick. We should be thankful to God for being healthy and for having such a loving family.

    By Pallavi Singh on 07.01.2016

  10. Thermometers… I wish there were some to check temperatures of human temper. It is so difficult to guess and behave with the moods of authorities. Although one decides to behave as per their own wish, somehow it is not possible in this structural world.

    By shweta on 07.01.2016

  11. I touched his forehead. It was hot like a burning stove. I rushed for the thermometer and put it immediately under his arm and was talking him and engaging him so that he wouldn’t move his arm for the thermometer to record his temperature.

    By Nandana on 07.01.2016

  12. “101.3” she shook the thermometer and raised her eyebrows. “Well, you are very sick.”
    “I love when you play doctor.”
    She swatted his hands away, “I swear to God if you get me sick-”
    “I’m not gonna get you sick.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.01.2016

  13. She licked her lips again and tried to swallow, but the air got stuck in her throat like a ball of cotton. Stumbling to the living room, she almost made it to the thermometer, but then her vision became blurry and then she was falling.

    By YOLO4Sho URL on 07.01.2016

  14. The tyranny of the thermometer took over are lives in the winter of 2015 New York returned to weather I had experienced when I first came to the country. The cold penetrated our apartment and overwhelmed our sad prewar radiators

    By Martin514 URL on 07.01.2016

  15. Hours melt into days and the thin ribbon of crimson continues its dance. Flitting between the numbered dashes. It is not enough. Worn by time and tide. Swayed by capricious kiss of the goddess.

    By Nomdore Gnike URL on 07.01.2016

  16. cold temperature the thermometer has markings sparkings what will you let it be? What would you make of me? Cold and intertemperate, is that all you see? The thermometer it measures me, but not for free, oh no there is a price, that is always the way of things and will you Pay? I would do

    By Katherine URL on 07.01.2016

  17. Thermometer is a device widely used to record temperature of a place or of any living organisam. use of thermometer is now very commaon a

    By apnastartup URL on 07.01.2016

  18. I was outside looking at his cool, icy fingers on the glass and thinking about whether or not I should just forgive him and open the door. I look at the thermometer to check the temperature. 10 degrees. Good. I hope he freezes out there. I can’t believe he would do something like that. He looks into my eyes,and his are warm and loving. It’s my turn to be cool and icy. I shoot back my coldest stare and try to stop the tears from falling. If I took a thermometer and checked my heart’s temperature, I’m sure it would be in the negatives.

    By anon123 on 07.01.2016

  19. the heat runs deeper than the surface
    i can feel it in my organs
    exuding something from my being
    a drop of sweat forms on my brow
    i’m one step closer to purging myself
    maybe he’ll want me now.

    By molly on 07.01.2016

  20. The thermometer read 98 degrees—in the shade. Feeling parched, Shay stepped off the front porch and made a beeline for the ice cream truck that was advancing down her street, flailing her arms wildly for the driver to stop.

    By AJ Kenobi on 07.01.2016

  21. “Dial it up, son,” the ragged farmer said to the fresh-faced, overall-wearing child in boots. “But daddy, will it be okay?” The old farmer side-eyed the boy. “All we got is now.”

    By ml on 07.01.2016

  22. “It’s so hot…”
    I couldn’t stand the heat these days. After a month of rain and clouds, the sun finally showed up and took pleasure in cooking me. So I hid at home, staring at the thermometer, waiting for it to cool down.
    “Curse you.”

    By Julia909 URL on 07.01.2016

  23. My face is burning and I can’t remember any of my previous desires. I don’t care about love, work or school. I long for my normal stomach. I long to feel the weather for what it is, not for what this sickness has contorted it to be.

    By Daphne on 07.01.2016

  24. The thermometer was off the charts, and I mean cold, beyond a chill. Then, as the sun rose above the mountains on the far horizon, the warmth could be felt from the tip of my head, slowly down to my toes. Glad I didn’t put any socks on yet.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 07.01.2016

  25. The thermometer told me it was hot in me. I mean, obviously, but I suppose it’s just something I liked to notice especially. Some might call me Captain Obvious, but I just like to point things out to people–in case they haven’t noticed.

    That being said, this temperature was not suitable to the eggs I was taking care of. It shouldn’t be too hot, not like this.

    By TheSolomander on 07.01.2016

  26. She slips the thermometer under his tongue and gently smooths the sweat slicked hair off his forehead and through the haze of his fevered delirium, he knows that he is safe. A mother’s touch.

    By Lina URL on 07.01.2016

  27. I feel it rising. The sun beats down on my soul and red creeps up my face. Tears steaming as they roll like rivers in a desert down my face. I wipe them away with the back of my hand, attempting to hide the weakness from him. I can’t help but feel the heat rising as my words grow more and more poisonous, rising from my tongue and lashing out like a snake. The desert is no place for emotion. And our arguments are too hot for a thermometer.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 07.01.2016

  28. A look that could freeze hell, and words that melted through my hope. A snake in a hot desert; freezing my motions. From one extreme to the other I couldn’t keep up…

    “It’s common sense, Em! It’s reality! Stop making stupid decisions!”

    My creativity and brightly colored world shattering from the heated tone coming from his full lips. The lips I had kissed to cool a temper. Lips that had raised my inner temperature time and time again…now burning a flush onto my face and drawing cold, cold tears from my eyes. The extremes. I had grown used to the extremes. Hot, disappointed breaths. Iceberg laughter when emotions ran high.

    It tore me apart, separating me, cracking my exterior as my patience was stretched and my independence shrunk. The road of our relationship tearing further and further apart. My response took longer than his patience could endure.


    A dismissal no thermometer could read.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 07.01.2016

  29. The thermodynamic scale is an absolute scale because it is independent of the thermometric properties of any substance, as well as any empirical results.

    The Celsius scale is a mere arithmetic adjustment of the thermodynamic scale.

    By ;; on 07.01.2016

  30. one time i was a kid and my mom tried to put a thermometer in my mouth and I didn’t want it so she stuck it in my armpit instead and i told her that’s why i didn’t want it in my mouth.

    By reallyupsetting URL on 07.01.2016

  31. what’s your temperature?
    what’s the recipe for your tempered soul?
    checking the kitchen, can’t stand the heat.
    when all the ice melted, we couldn’t sleep.
    restless, we spoke in strands of liquid gold,
    fire opened wounds that time had rendered old.
    Let me be free, like leaves in the wind.
    I let you go, so you win.
    And all I know is what degree outside it is.

    By Marissa URL on 07.01.2016

  32. Thermometer measures temperature. It has revolutionized the health sector. It has also been a fundamental help in other science researches. It’s a modern day must needs.

    By Abhinav on 07.02.2016

  33. Thermometer

    Sweat running down my face
    Wishing for something my mom would call inappropriate
    beep beep beep times up I am anxious and excited
    I really do hope I won’t go to school because I am always unprepared

    By ilovegreentea URL on 07.02.2016

  34. He placed a hand on his brother’s forehead, the other hand on his own. The unnatural warmth coming from his brother tipped him off – he was sick, and apparently quite good at hiding it.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” His brother lay in bed, the definition of sick, and still in denial. “Hey! Don’t give me that look, I’m fine!”

    By hithlumhero URL on 07.02.2016

  35. Mercury rising
    Interrogation goes sour
    Handcuffs are cold

    By YOLO4Sho URL on 07.02.2016

  36. You know how sometimes you get thermometer readings wrong? Like when you didn’t rinse it before taking the measurement or kept it in for too long or too short? But you still find yourself trusting it– you always have, and so you believe it when it says there’s something wrong with you that needs to be treated even when there isn’t? Well, that’s what happened with you. You were the one I trusted, and you betrayed that trust making me feel that I was wrong, and I? I believed you and tried to cure myself.

    But maybe I deserved it because I was the one who mishandled you in the first place.

    By Ananya URL on 07.02.2016