July 2nd, 2016 | 26 Entries

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26 Entries for “rebels”

  1. They came. I was on their side but my lack of physical support pulled me into the same category as those they were fighting against. The smash of a window and bloom of a flame on my curtains made me dive to the ground in fear for my life, but no matter how afraid I was, it wouldn’t protect me from the rebels when they came.

    By Sharna on 07.02.2016

  2. rebels is the situation of people or animals rage against somthing that they don’t agree,
    ex: people who disagree with the system

    By Leonardo on 07.02.2016

  3. We wanted to be rebels so badly. Break the rules. Cheat the system. Hack our way through the conventional expectations of the world we lived in. We thought shoplifting candy bars and individual cans of beer was edgy, and we were certain that climbing over steel wire fences with large black “NO TRESPASSING” signs meant we defied the boundaries and borders set around us. Then we all went to college. Got jobs. Raised families. Until the system itself grew fangs and began to devour us, we moved with it like molasses down a pipe.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.02.2016

  4. I don’t use this word much. Ironic for a rebel like myself…who rebels against the wrongs of the world.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 07.02.2016

  5. I can’t think of anything to write but I’ll write anyway. I was never a rebel in high school but I’m making up for it in my old age. I rebel against lots of things now that I am older and understand the world a whole lot better.

    By Cat on 07.02.2016

  6. This generation.. #Millenials -_-

    By Empress on 07.02.2016

  7. they would do anything to be different, to set them apart from their peers. i hated the cool crowd and so that put me in the position to rebel, to be someone who was cool in their own right and not by the arbitrary standards that some young kid had decided was the best thing to do just because they were outgoing and knew how to put other kids down.

    By Ellaandlara on 07.02.2016

  8. My mom, my wife, my dad all rebels without trying.
    If I said I was a rebel, I’d be lying.

    By Crackedplumber on 07.02.2016

  9. Too late

    By Cracked on 07.02.2016

  10. I’m a rebel.

    I didn’t shower today. Did you shower today? We sing like no one can hear us and we stand in front of you. Hoping you will look at our faces and see us.
    What is a rebel?
    A rebel is someone who does not do what everyone does, perhaps. So, I am not everyone. and I refuse to be anyone other than a rebel. I am me.

    By brokenwinged_bird on 07.02.2016

  11. a

    By juan on 07.02.2016

  12. people who identify as rebels are rarely rebellious. they like the idea of being different in an exciting way, so they identify with that word. people who are truly rebellious are typically ostracized and alienated for their choices, so I would imagine they identify as different, but not necessarily rebellious.

    By ck on 07.02.2016

  13. Never lose hope, never back down, never let them win. A mantra shared by the dozens of hardy women that riddle the jungle trying to win back their land. The men sick, the men dead. The government was scared of war and so they tried to strangle what they thought were those leading the resistance, so women picked up guns, women picked up knifes, they dressed for war and brought it to them.

    By Seila on 07.02.2016

  14. Rebels. Who are they really? In today’s society rebellion is the norm, it’s expected, so can’t it be said that those who do not oppose are the true rebels? Perhaps.

    By Taylor Smith on 07.02.2016

  15. I thought about being a rebel. I thought about not writing a thing. I thought maybe I could just watch the timer roll. Watch the blue lines slither like a snake. I was never a rebel, so I wrote.

    By Jay on 07.03.2016

  16. Is it rebellious not to write? Is it conformity to even say this? Who’s to say anyones a rebel.

    By TheBlackRapidash on 07.03.2016

  17. I thought about being a rebel. I thought about not writing a thing. I thought maybe I could just watch the timer roll. Watch the blue lines slither like a snake. I was never a rebel, so I wrote.
    -I am Jay.

    By TheBlackRapidash on 07.03.2016

  18. I thought about being a rebel. I thought about not writing a thing. I thought maybe I could just watch the timer roll. Watch the blue lines slither like a snake. I was never a rebel, and so I wrote…

    By TheBlackRapidash on 07.03.2016

  19. we were rebels at school almost fighting head to head not physically though. I am seeing her almost after 20 years.

    By Nandana Bommareddy on 07.03.2016

  20. Rebels was the motto when I was in highschool. We were the rebels. I suppose, if I think about it, that I grew up to be a social justice advocate because I was a rebel and I always associated it with defending what is right in the world.

    By Suzanne on 07.03.2016

  21. The paper called them infidels, and that’s when he knew it would never be over. “Rebels,” he spat. “They come here, to our home, with their bombs, tanks, and guns. Shoot our children dead in the street. And when we fight back, we’re rebelling?” He laughed bitterly.

    By YOLO4Sho on 07.03.2016

  22. I did rebels yesterday. Rebels are different today than from yesterday. That’s being a rebel.

    By Cracked on 07.03.2016

  23. a rebel without a cause
    treble without a pause
    bass with a taste of
    face just smacking off

    By grld URL on 07.03.2016

  24. She felt the hair brush her neck as the scissor snipped merrily. “Can I see?”
    Her sister lighty smacked her hand away from the mirror, ” Not yet! It’s not done.”
    “But I want to see!”
    “You can see when it’s done, okay?”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.03.2016

  25. rebels were no longer feared as rebellion became a routine in this failed state. He had won in defeating the system from within.

    By epi on 07.03.2016

  26. starwars heroes that fight against an empire of supposed evil, but true order. they take over and everything falls into chaos. they have no plan and no time to make one. the universe burns, but we are told that it is good.

    By mike on 07.03.2016