September 1st, 2012 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “texture”

  1. Sleeping is such a bliss when you have a soft, comfortable blanket with an amazing print and texture. Not only do you feel good while sleeping, it also makes your bedroom look gorgeous during the day. Anyone you invite to your house will love the look of the bedroom with your beautiful bedspread, and all the surroundings handpicked to match.

    By Kasey on 09.02.2012

  2. Odio la textura del iris humano, sus recovecos animales, llenos de grietas naturales, me recuerdan a los genitales tanto masculinos como femeninos, y deseo alejarme lo más posible de la persona para perder de vista esas texture tan particulares.

    By tiresias on 09.02.2012

  3. rough texture. smooth texture. Even people can have textures. Tough, soft, scared. The list goes on.

    By Chris on 09.02.2012

  4. the way things feel
    sandpaper rough
    soft as a duck’s feather
    the clouds are pillows
    the tongue of a cat
    the touch of life

    By Joseph on 09.02.2012

  5. The wall felt bumpy as I ran a finger over it, the bumpiness turned to smoth as I transitioned from paint to wallpaper. Outside, deep groves bumped over my fingers as I followed the stone wall.

    By Azela on 09.02.2012

  6. Está mal que sea sólo una palabra. Y encima en inglés. Alta paja man. Textura, ya dije, ojos, genitales, baba, gusanos dentro del iris. Quisiera hablar de un paisaje moderno lleno de mujeres tropicanas cibernéticamente viables, con sus sexos lubricados artificialmente. Pero no. Tengo que decir “texture”. Para Siempre. Sólo por hoy.

    By tiresias on 09.02.2012

  7. Voy a fingir que es otra palabra. I’ll pretend it’s other word. La misma. The same. Not, other. Pero qué palabra… Sometimes i’m feel without a conceptual marco.

    By tiresias on 09.02.2012

  8. the texture of life, the smell of roughness, the coldness of heat, the millions of threads that fill our lives, without texture there is nothingness

    By Sandra on 09.02.2012

  9. lumpy, course, slippery. When my tea cup is empty I grab the tea bag and put it into my mouth to suck out the rest of the magic before it evaporates into the air where it’s inhaled by wasteful beings who’ll only sneeze it out or mix it with their cigarette smoke which will aid in their black lung disease or whatever those people die from.

    By kyrie standridge on 09.02.2012

  10. The texture follows me between the crack of my days and the people’s eyes. It’s like death, or something not evil but wrong aspected. I’d like say “texture” like I said mother or love. But It’s difficult, and I don’t have time.

    By tiresias on 09.02.2012

  11. The feeling of a soft blanket on a cold day held up against your face as you bury yourself in it and hide from the falling snowflakes and cold winter days. The soft skin of a newborn baby unmarred by the world and it’s cruelties.

    By Rachel on 09.02.2012

  12. Carpeted trombone. Silken toothpaste. Minty aftertaste. Philosophy stricken puppy. Love sick guppy. Molten footprints.

    By Kyrie Standridge on 09.02.2012

  13. the sky is blue. we look at it every day. Am I the only one who finds myself wondering what the sky feels like? if one were able to say, grab a handful of sky. Would it be smooth?

    By Anna Rose on 09.02.2012

  14. The texture of you. Smooth skin, stubble on your face, so warm and soft. The contours of your abs and your chiseled arms.

    By Sammy on 09.02.2012