August 10th, 2012 | 247 Entries

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247 Entries for “texts”

  1. What do you mean? asked the next text, her mind swimming with worry.
    I’m just not sure I can do this anymore. Said the reply.
    Her heart thumped. Surely not. Not again.
    And true to his word, he couldn’t do it anymore.
    And so the shopping bags collapsed onto a heap in the middle of the shopping centre, while she stared unblinkingly at more clothes in a shop, somewhere. How the hell was she going to get her shopping home now.

    By kerry on 08.10.2012

  2. Texts..legal texts, texts for study courses, papyrii, baked clay bricks from the fertile crescent, but all to inform us, help us understand we are not the only criterion.

    By Helen Devries URL on 08.10.2012

  3. This is the last time I’m going to use my cell phone before I go into County. I need to add as much information as I can for when I get out. I want to write a zillion texts to everyone I’ll miss, to everyone I wronged, to every place I wanted to visit. But the amount really doesn’t matter; the quality is what won’t work. CU l8tr

    By Starworks on 08.10.2012

  4. Texts, everybody gets them. They’re the string that ties the universe together. Well, basically. Except gravity and whatever. But that’s what people mainly rely on. If you get a text from your crush, or about an important announcement. Where the party’s gonna be, and what time. They’re important to a lot of people, and they’re extra important to me.

    By Autumn Hayley on 08.10.2012

  5. He texts me all the time! I’m so fed up with it! – she said and dropped the phone into the river. – Sarah, you shouldn’t have had that last martini – Rosalyn said.

    By Maciej on 08.10.2012

  6. I read your texts, and it frightens me how much I actually care about you. It scares me how such short and simple words can make my heart soar to various places. ILY

    By Bekah on 08.10.2012

  7. People text way too much nowadays. What ever happened to talking face to face? There is really no social interaction anymore. I mean texting is convenient for a lot of things, but sending 40,000 texts a month is way too much.

    By Emily on 08.10.2012

  8. She dreamed of ancient texts in scripts that look like intricate drawings or the tracings of the movement of a snail across sand. What fres new discovery might she make, that woild rewrite the histiry books? She eagerly trotted down the passageway, her course lit by flashlight.

    By Chele URL on 08.10.2012

  9. Like a bible in a baby’s hand
    he clutched at the biology textbook
    the illustrations lassos
    the aroma of actual paper
    the visceral flicking between pages
    if only he could comprehend
    appreciate the ideas
    the dissection of magic between the covers

    By gsk URL on 08.10.2012

  10. Texts. Reminds me of school. Text books. The thing that turns most young people away from ‘reading.’ Happy they are to text on their phones. Who will discover the world alive in books though – the good ones and perhaps maybe learn to write a few lines of our own.

    By Shyla Marie on 08.10.2012

  11. I hate texting. I can never get enough enough words in them. I can’t see people’s facial expressions. I can’t use italics. I want to see your face, not your WORDS!!! But it is handy ;) Yeah.

    By Sarah K on 08.10.2012

  12. It’s so much easier to communicate throw textual forms. Words written on paper, typed on a screen. The letters are as is, the meaning there at face value. Is it? There’s no voice to hint as the original thought.

    By Ashi URL on 08.10.2012

  13. omg becky so liek johns bro jackson was liek sooo lookin @ me today i think he has a crush on me liek omg

    ^I’m almost positive that I lost a couple of IQ points reading that.

    By Taffeh.A.Llama on 08.10.2012

  14. Ian resides in the corner within a mass of angsty prep students. It is the home coming rally, and 10 feet away he sees Miranda, he has a message on the tip of his tongue. He shouts, but she’s too far..he walks closer…Miran…Miran…Miran…he has a small stuttering problem..He waves…She doesn’t even see him…Minutes later, he says to himself “Screw ththth..this shihhitt” and sends some texts.

    By grazinglory on 08.10.2012

  15. Texting while driving, one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

    “I’m setting a bad example,” says my mentor in the driver’s seat, driving and texting.

    Not only a bad example, but a dangerous one.

    Someday she might regret it.

    Change your ways.

    Turn off your phone.

    By Patri on 08.10.2012

  16. the ancient texts of adonis tell us that to love one man is to kill him.
    dwell on this when you alone in your bed and you dream of finding your missing half in another.
    when you take another into yourself you both die. There is nothing greater than this death, it is the death of separateness.

    By Dalton on 08.10.2012

  17. He sent me a series of texts that made my knees buckle. I am racing home tonight. Nothing or no one better get in my way.

    By leelee on 08.10.2012

  18. I read a lot of ‘texts’, and I mean that in regards to the short messages I receive to my phone and the varying range of texts I read to university. Very little of either actually interests me, however.

    By Hannah on 08.10.2012

  19. LOL LMFAO just call me. it’s faster.

    By tiffany on 08.10.2012

  20. You can’t show anything in a text. You can’t say anything either. Nothing real anyway. All subtext is gone. You can’t imply anything with just words alone, there has to be a tone, a voice. If there didn’t need to be then we wouldn’t have different voices. We would all sound like robots. But this is not the case. Nothing can really be said over text. And now, talking face to face is a dead language. So speak on fellow robots. Speak on.

    By Kayci on 08.10.2012

  21. All the texts Bill sent me were about Jessica and how much he loved her, but what he didn’t know was that all the texts I sent Jessica was about Bill and how much i loved him.

    By maythewriter on 08.10.2012

  22. Waiting for certain people to text me. Constantly checking my phone. Wanting him to text me. Addiction. Everyone has their phones on them all the time. Social media. Too many stupid worries. Small problems.

    By Taylor URL on 08.10.2012

  23. The old books that ran across Belial’s shelves were all forgotten pieces of literature from his 500 years on Earth. He hadn’t cared much to throw the books away and even though he had skimmed many of their pages more than a few times he still found them fascinating. Alice on the other hand saw the books as worlds and worlds just waiting to be unraveled by her curious eyes. The two were very much different in this way, but Belial loved it. It allowed him to read them to her and spend time with her that no one else could invade.

    By Anouk on 08.10.2012

  24. Ha! He expected her to respond to his texts, just because he’d rescued her the other night from a seemingly “bad” situation; it didn’t necessary mean that she had any desire to be WITH him. Out of the pot and into the oven, stuffed like a silly goose. Instead, all she deleted his messages and hoped he’d forget about her. She was already in the process of forgetting about him and last night.

    By Tina Glasneck on 08.10.2012

  25. Texts are useful for abandoning all hope of ever knowing the original thought, idea, picture, or information. What it does do though, is to create a sense of exploration, imagination etc, which makes getting close to the right thing easy.

    By hurp on 08.10.2012

  26. Its a text funeral stop texing while driving. wait a couple seconds save a few lifes

    By avery on 08.10.2012

  27. Texting! I like texting. It’s suspenseful to wait for a text sometimes… It is as though your always hoping for a nice text at the right moment.

    By jehaan on 08.10.2012

  28. Sometimes people text eachother about what is happening in their life. Is that the most important thing, right at that moment in time? No, it is not. Enjoy it, live it, be in the moment and tell your friends later. Isn’t it much more beautiful to tell your stories instead of texting them? Think about it, life is not made to be written down, its made to enjoy every little second of it and be proud later. Now go text it.

    By Saskia on 08.10.2012

  29. I sometimes like to send him random texts. It’s funny, since I’m always stealing his phone and changing my contact name. You’d think he’d catch on after getting multiple texts in a row from Jesus and Santa Claus, but he always seems to react hilariously. Maybe he’s just humoring me.

    By Sam on 08.10.2012

  30. Text about a text itself. To many texts are being sent these days. None spoken. Yet i write here, alone another text and not speaking to anyone but to my own self.

    By Ivan URL on 08.10.2012

  31. texts. texts ruin so much, they can be interperited any way the reader feels necesarry. anything goes. they break, make, and define some relationships

    By via on 08.10.2012

  32. I text constantly, words stemming from my fingers easily. But, ask me anything in person, and I will stumble across the words, stuttering with a red face until I get each sentence out.

    By Kat on 08.10.2012

  33. I don’t like writing texts. I prefer making calls. You just get it over and done with when you ring. With a text, it gives you a chance to mull over what you’ve written, thinking that perhaps the reader might analyse what you’re saying and ponder over subtexts, when in reality, you’ve just wasted a bunch of time writing something that’s going to get deleted.

    By Laras on 08.10.2012

  34. when you want to talk to someone by cellphone as a message. or it is the plural of “text”.

    By Camila on 08.10.2012

  35. so i was with my friends at the mall, and i was texting this guy. well, all of his texts just seem to say the same thing over and over again. so what i did was call him, and ask him what he was talking about, and all he could say was that he needed to see me in person. so i went and saw him, and we ended up just having sex.

    By Jessy on 08.10.2012

  36. I love texting. My friends love texting, Uh, yeah. So we all text… A lot. What is the point of texting? So you dont have to call the person and make it awkward when you have nothing to say. You can take as long as you want when you text. But dont take too long. You’ll piss people off. Kthanksbaii.

    By Rhiannon on 08.10.2012

  37. texts is books sometimes i think people send texts writing in a book is

    By johnny on 08.10.2012

  38. girls. teenagers. conversations. love interests. texts can be words or they can be described as conversation on a cell phone. abbreviations used a lot when you use texts. texts can be books or paragraphs of information that people use to gain knowledge on certain topics.

    By Natalie on 08.10.2012

  39. um…I got caught texting this guy my parents hate, so they blocked him. it sucked. :/ done…? cnfjuawihbvejbvwedfshvjjjae

    By Rhi on 08.10.2012

  40. Old pages. The scent of the ink, stamped into them. Heady. The feel of the paper between your fingers. Heavenly. Better than skin. Skin-on-skin. Skin-on-paper.

    By Kris on 08.10.2012