January 30th, 2017 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “territory”

  1. staking my claim
    i have wandered into the wilderness of her heart
    exploring the wild and wonderful domain
    and all i have seen has compelled me
    her spirit to obtain
    I shall make her my country
    I will defend her to my dying breath
    From the bounty of her soul
    I shall live and find my peace
    No longer a restless wanderer
    I have found my home

    By poetwarrior on 01.31.2017

  2. The wind chime clanged hollowly in the evening sea breeze. It had a sorrowful, declamatory sound, like bone on bone. From her bed, where she lay curled and frozen, Ellis thought it was the only sound in the world she wished to hear when she was so sad. It was the only noise that would not enrage her or engage anything of her consciousness. She wished only to sleep, but was unable. This yard, this room, this bed: all were her territory, but she needed to lose herself in hypnosis. The wind chime jangled on and on, soft and implacable as a tide.

    By Danielle1 on 01.31.2017

  3. “MIne.” He growled.

    I gasped and cowered. He was nothing but a feral beast. I was stupid for coming here with him. He was a wolf, and I had become nothing but a territory to claim.

    By Claudia Khaw on 01.31.2017

  4. Down the Stuart highway we were driven by our French drivers – camping in rest areas, lighting fires, cooking beans, rice and veggies and travelling between hot sunny days and cold cold nights all the way down to Uluru where magical sunrises lifted the desert and the rocks into a photographers dream.

    By Steve O URL on 01.31.2017

  5. I love my territory – now stay out of it. Territorial piss posts. Whispers in the closet. We are more alike my friends than we are unalike. We are more alike my friends that we are unalike.

    By Paul on 01.31.2017

  6. She positioned the cushions in such a way that no one would ever touch her. She curled her knees closer to her body and tried to shut out all noise. Around her, the other preschoolers were running and playing and making noise.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.31.2017

  7. stake out a place for yourself amidst all this hostile territory. share it with those who have nowhere else to go. guard it– and them– with your life, if you have to.

    By heretic on 01.31.2017

  8. The prevalence in mental illness is a widespread territory
    America’s biggest story, the ultimate headliner,
    our president is one fancy winer
    I mean diner
    has he every felt the hardcore presence of a middle classmens raining bills?
    was he there to put on a thrill
    when I was a maverick who figured out
    how to claim my dependent?
    our government puts America to shame.

    voting polls are rigged,
    and even then
    some mysterious group supplants our votes?
    better off hopping in my car, and finding ways
    to make myself the city star,
    fuck passing the bar
    there’s plenty of fortunate waiting
    outside of the constitution’s locked car.

    By Milad URL on 01.31.2017

  9. Arvey breathed deeply and felt her body relax. In literal uncharted territory in the west, she was facing uncharted territory of her own. Her fingers stretched out for something to grab, and that something was the front of her companion’s shirt. Pulling her toward her. Feeling her mouth pressed against her chapped lips. Quinoni smelled like tobacco and tasted like sweet, dried sap.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.31.2017

  10. The borders of their territory were marked every morning on a strict schedule. If that schedule were to be neglected the scent markings would fade and Others would be somewhat justified in encroaching upon the hunting grounds and sacred homeland territory of the Tribe.

    By Lee on 01.31.2017

  11. Territory. I am always trying to find my niche. To make my home feel like mine, but you seem to be there, infringing on my territory. My space at work feels more freeing because you have never been a part of that territory.

    By Elementary on 01.31.2017

  12. “This is MY territory, Yo” he shouted as his thick yellow stream splashed against the fence post.
    “How many times do I have to go here before you learn”
    The dog looked at his master mournfully. What a weirdo

    By David Aitchison URL on 01.31.2017

  13. territory pride lamd liend

    By Tyler House URL on 01.31.2017

  14. the U.S territories are at war. do i care? not at all.

    By Haley on 01.31.2017

  15. The dog left his scent around his home. It is to say, “Stay away! This is my territory!”

    By Jada Engel on 01.31.2017

  16. Dogs are very territorial. They mark they’re spot by “peeing” on it. I think they pee on it anyway. I’ve never been totally sure. I do know that when they see another dog heading towards they’re spot, pretty much the first thing that comes to they’re mind is, “Hey! That’s MY spot punk! Back off! Get away! Hey! You wanna play tug-of-war?” {other dog}” Sure! Why not! But only if I get your spot!” Idiots.

    By Julianne Engel on 01.31.2017

  17. Animals fight for their territory

    By Chantel on 01.31.2017

  18. Territory is when a animal has their own house, such as dens, nests, and etc…
    You see, territory can be a word used for birds, their territories are trees, where they lay they’re nest and breed birds.

    Some lions lives in caves, dark ones mostly.

    By Akmal on 01.31.2017

  19. territory means that there’s a marked-off area which belongs to someone. many countries have territories and many animals have different ways of marking off their territory.

    By Sam Catlin on 01.31.2017

  20. Marshmallow was sad to leave her home behind. As she passed the border of her previous territory, she only looked back once. She saw Cocoa’s sleeping form. Snowball was nearby, comforting her. Smokey, Gozer, Bandit, and Spud stood guard around the camp. Marshmallow was sad to go but she had to leave.

    By Sarah URL on 01.31.2017

  21. white people declare
    to be “true” americans
    yet european

    they were “colonists”
    “pioneers”, “settlers” of land
    of “free” and the “brave”

    but they looked to claim
    across populated plains
    making earth blood stained

    Against, for glory,
    “savages attack” of “their”
    “new TERRITORY”

    How is it you own
    land where others first had homes
    and set crops to grow?

    a trail can’t be blazed
    if a path has been pre-made
    through lands of real braves

    [2 B Cont’D]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 01.31.2017

  22. [Pt. 2]

    you can’t “discover”
    a place already having
    men in great numbers

    it’s not “colonize”
    where live and thrived a people
    that you terrorized

    total genocide
    you sought so none would remind
    of truth you deny

    truth is, you invade
    if land left aft of you is paved
    with graves of the slain

    If native were you
    then as nazi flag to Jews
    is the red, white, and blue

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 01.31.2017

  23. Science is the discovery of new territories. Is it the case? I would say sometimes it is just a different angle of seeing the same landscape.

    By citrus on 01.31.2017

  24. your’e supposed to be mine. you were supposed to only be with me but i’m losing you and its driving me crazy. i hate it
    i hate it. stop leaving me alone all the time i cant handle the smell of abandonment that washes up every time you leave. stop leaving me with myself.

    By KABY on 01.31.2017

  25. I don’t have any. I always feel invaded. I want to gain my own. If I ever have it I will cherish it forever. It must be amazing to have that kind of power…

    By Irene on 01.31.2017

  26. That wonderful space that is carved in our minds to divide us, to make comparisons, and to make us feel like we have accomplished something.

    By Iraysha Abercrumbie on 01.31.2017

  27. I haven’t been there except in dreams. When the other half of my soul travelled to the Northern Territory, and in the space between waking and dreaming I was transported there too. The red sand bleed between my toes and the sky was endless. The earth rose in spectacular cliffs, and dry plants clung to desperate vestiges of green in the narrow patch of land between the startling red and dazzling blue.

    By Archanza on 01.31.2017

  28. Territory, what is it good for. What will we do to defend what we have defined as our, at what cost will we go to?

    By Anima on 01.31.2017

  29. land owned by someone
    their home
    your space
    you rule over it
    your things
    the wild
    a mark
    a place

    By Natasha Denham on 01.31.2017

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    By kksr URL on 02.01.2017

  31. Japonia
    Stany Zjednoczone

    By Damian Krotowski on 02.01.2017

  32. Terrioty reminds me of bees ants and all kinds of animals who guard themselved from enemies. We humans also establish territories but mostly the mentala kind rather than physical boundaries . terrirtory can also apply to nations

    By roshni on 02.01.2017

  33. Personal space. Moments in time that belong to us and only us. These moments and areas are what give our life meaning and ownership. My territory is my arena. My battlefield to explore life and reach the far ends of my territory to explore what my life has to offer.

    By JBARZO on 02.01.2017

  34. Protecting the space that has been given, gifted perhaps. Passed down from an unknown order, knowingly taken. A label fit for kings. A new start.

    By Hannah on 02.01.2017

  35. I’m very territorial. My mind is my greatest territory. No one can take it from me and in it I keep my secrets. Those are what is most precious to me.

    By rachel on 02.01.2017

  36. This is my territory.It will not be taken easily. It is to be protected. It is sacred. Holy. Beautiful. Life changing. And it belongs to me.

    By Katelin on 02.01.2017

  37. Crossing the frozen lake, spewing diesel fumes behind us. Hunched liked buddhas on our over snow vehicles, we soldier on.

    By Paul on 02.01.2017

  38. 1territory = Total Echoing Realizing Respect Inclusively To Other’s Responsive Yards

    By Garz on 02.01.2017

  39. Her house was her territory, she hadn’t shared it for years now, but he had a right to be there. This shouldn’t be hard but it was because she didn’t wnt to give up her space.

    By kirsty on 02.01.2017

  40. territory is like a persenel boble

    By Tyler House URL on 02.01.2017