February 1st, 2017 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “tricked”

  1. Being tricked can mean that someone made you think something that is not true or incorrect.

    By jaycee on 02.01.2017

  2. It took me three days to realize that, after trusting Bobby, I had been tricked. He wasn’t going to let me court Michelle; that was never his plan. His plan was to put me at ease, to make me think he’d play the matchmaker, when in truth, he was making a match for himself.

    I made it very clear to him, soon enough, that I was aware of his machinations. He certainly noticed my anger after seeing the slashed tires on his convertible. The note I had left on his windshield held a minimalist, yet succinct, warning: “Your lady ain’t worth it.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.01.2017

  3. I feel that people are often tricked. Not by politicians, or magicians, but by themselves. We create stories in our minds that we believe and thus alter our own reality. It’s not the world that’s tricking us, it’s ourselves.

    By Rosemary on 02.01.2017

  4. It was so easy to trick them. Play the part of the sweet, innocent girl, then quietly smile to yourself as soon as everyone else looked the other way.

    By Brooke URL on 02.01.2017

  5. I was tricked by my own mind. I remembered a fake memory where I had packed my homework, but alas, I had not. It was the kind of memory you force into existence out of pure hope and laziness. It only took 5 seconds to check but I didn’t.

    By Ethan Rivera -Valdivia URL on 02.01.2017

  6. clicky keyboard
    taps and clacks like a concord
    gritty warlord
    slams and jams a red claymore
    tricky retort
    sung and flung as an A chord
    ticky record
    spun for fun and then encore

    By omqwat URL on 02.01.2017

  7. One day I was eating an apple,but suddenly I noticed that it was too hard.I had been tricked!.Whoever tricked me had hidden a rock in the apple skin.

    By Aiyana on 02.01.2017

  8. One world is enough for all of us. I was tricked into thinking that we are just one big world. Ha! It’s a trap. There’s no there there. You done been tricked again! That’s a good one. I liked that trick. It tricked me real good. I’m fully tricked out. Hey, trick daddy. What’s that on your lapel?

    By michaelbuzz URL on 02.01.2017

  9. depression crafts this one-way mirror it only
    flicks around when I think I’ve gotten away with stealing

    feeling high, one leg out the window –
    swivel: reality breaks down the door
    and I’m standing in the flashlight beam,
    redhanded. “GET ON THE GROUND”
    and I have never crashed so hard.

    the tricky thing about this depression isn’t just
    “I’m low,”
    It’s that I’m the highest kite in the playground,
    it’s being able to get out of bed and talk to people –
    smile, shine, positivity sun – and checking my watch
    to realize it’s 12:56 only to be gunned down
    in the middle of the street in a 12:57 driveby.

    The suddenness prompts gossip columns
    and they’re not the only ones feeling tricked.

    By Pandatry URL on 02.01.2017

  10. Carmen had been tricked before … which is why she eyeballed the quarter on the ground very carefully before leaning over to pick it up. For a nickel, she wouldn’t have bothered. A dime? Debatable.

    By Mexichick URL on 02.01.2017

  11. tricked can be an odd yet satisfying word. I was tricked into love, I was tricked into luck, I was tricked into passion. You can be tricked and conned by anything, or trick as in magic. An illusion to the eye. something unexpected

    By Cali Eblen on 02.01.2017

  12. Sarcasm. Magic. Practical Jokes. Tricks are lies, but in good fun. Lies that are not intended to cause harm. At least for the most part. Why is a fox considered a trickster in most folklore? Because it is cunning, and uses its intelligence to take advantage of other creatures.

    By Lelar on 02.01.2017

  13. it’s halloween in my heart
    i’ve been pranked
    my soul has been tricked
    she knocked on my door
    i wasn’t prepared
    I had nothing to give
    so she pretended to love me
    I was bewitched and beguiled
    then she removed her mask
    after i was hypnotized and smitten
    exposing the lie she had hidden
    her reality horrified
    and all love within me died

    By poetwarrior on 02.01.2017

  14. From the word “go” I knew I had been fooled. Fooled, tricked, whatever you want to call it. I thought I could trust him. I guess not. What a mess! It certainly was, providing my life was in his hands.

    By Amber on 02.01.2017

  15. circus
    april fool’s day
    andy griffiths
    chris lilley
    donald trump

    By Natasha Denham on 02.01.2017

  16. White waves crashed noisily on the shingle. Swelling and advancing, the sea tricked me into believing she was a peaceful body.

    By Claire Butterly on 02.02.2017

  17. I felt tricked the moment I laid my eyes on you. But damn it, I’d love to be a fool if that’s what I get in return.

    By Luna Canal on 02.02.2017

  18. She felt like a punch had gone right through her gut and left a whole straight through her. “You lied to me.”
    “I like to think of it more like ‘I tricked you’? I BESTED you? I thought of something you didn’t think of?”
    “I did think of it. That was my idea.”
    He shrugged. “He said, she said.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.02.2017

  19. Tricked! That’s what happens when you put your trust in a crooked man!
    You get pained, and probably tricky too.

    By Abayomi on 02.02.2017

  20. Tricked= ingannato.
    A volte ti fregano anche con le cose semplici. Io non posso farlo, non ho tempo, fallo te.
    Oppure ti iscrivi a un servizio, tipo oneword. Tanto è facile. E sei fregato.

    By Michele Ghedin URL on 02.02.2017

  21. I have ben tricked

    By Tyler House URL on 02.02.2017

  22. One day, me and my brother decided to go trick or treating and the person whose door we knocked on asked us. “Is this a trick or treat?” and we whispered “trick” and grabbed candy and ran as fast as we could.

    By Braden on 02.02.2017

  23. Hillary screamed as the masked man leaped out from behind the bushes.

    “Wooga Booga!” He yelled.

    Hillary promptly passed out cold, her head falling to rest in the bush the man had just left.

    “Ha! I tricked you!” The man’s voice became clearer as the mask fell away from his face.
    “You weren’t ever going to make it to the house” Sneered the revealed Donald, “Never ever going to make it.”

    By Connor URL on 02.02.2017

  24. Before i knew it I was gone. I cant believe I let myself trust him. dark. mysterious. i thought he would make me feel special but now all i am is cold and empty. Like a sunken ship. eventually i might float back to the top of the water, but i wont be the same. Without purpose.

    By Katelin on 02.02.2017

  25. We’ve all been tricked. You more than me. I saw through the bullshit, the haze of patriotism to the malice beneath. You are all imbeciles, he the most of all. And we will all fall down into hell because you were stupid enough to fall for this trick of the ages.

    By Alex on 02.02.2017

  26. I felt angry as I watched my brother walk outside and get into the car. He’d tricked me into doing his chores, and the more I thought about it, the more upset I got. How was I supposed to know that aliens weren’t real?

    By Darin Johnston on 02.02.2017

  27. Then you, my dear, are a malingerer, and should be ashamed of yourself. Shape up!
    tricked, by the slick, sign of Mcdonalds,
    hovering over the roaming aromatherapy infusing
    nostrils into inflating air-balloons
    that drift
    like fast and furious, Han,
    in a 5 shift!

    By Milad URL on 02.02.2017

  28. It means being convinced to do something you don’t want to do and not knowing it. I get tricked all the time. I trick people all the time too.

    By Carter on 02.02.2017

  29. I was fooled
    into thinking, I would never go
    back to sex school
    that’s just
    my own disgruntled mental mumble.

    Back out there
    like rabbit tricks,
    hopping around, like there’s no tomorrow
    I’m here, to lend, my bliss,
    not to borrow!

    By Milad URL on 02.02.2017

  30. Tricked is something that played you. You did a trick and made someone smile.

    By Kurtlyn URL on 02.02.2017

  31. I tricked my friend. I tricked him into thinking I was mad. It made his mind tricked and so did mine. I saw a person tricked in the tricked. I also tricked my mom into thinking i had disease, man i tricked her good. I get scared when i get tricked though. I tricked myself also one time into thinking i tricked my dog. I forgot when i tricked him though. I tricked everyone, and tricking is hard. I also get tricked by them some time too.

    By Cody URL on 02.02.2017

  32. yo okay so once i got tricked my my brother. I was going down to the basment, and our basement is really creepy. he popped out of no where and scared the crap out of me. I was super scary.

    By Alyssa on 02.02.2017

  33. Like magic, the blazing sun happily tricked the cold rain to form a shimmering rainbow, like gems in the blue sky that had no sheets of fluffy white clouds, or any dark blue but only baby blue skies.

    By Chloe Collins on 02.02.2017

  34. They are tricked like rain on top on of a horizon in a meadow with flowers like raindrops and leaves like brown and orange.Like beautiful sweet signs and music to my ears they tricked down my side.

    By Desiree on 02.02.2017

  35. They are tricked like rain on top on of a horizon in a meadow with flowers like raindrops and leaves like brown and orange.Like beautiful sweet signs and music to my ears they tricked down my side. With wondrous sounds i can’t imagine how beauty comes in such a small size and such a low sound i fell free i feel hip i fell as if i have seen what life is about.

    By Desiree on 02.02.2017

  36. A fool stands in the forest waiting for nothing but wonder

    Someone wise does not enter the woods on the invite of such tricks

    But for whom shall the tricks fall true,
    and for whom shall they fly with the ashen leaves?

    By green-ink URL on 02.02.2017

  37. or treated. I was tricked when you told me I would be the one. You told me I was different. They said you’ve never smiled before like you did when you talked about me. I was all you ever wanted till I refused to give you all you ever wanted.

    By stix URL on 02.02.2017

  38. He told me he’d walk me to my dorm
    he told me it would be okay
    he told me that I wanted it
    and at some point I thought maybe I did?

    but it didn’t matter at the end of the night I felt dirty and tricked
    and that’s a feeling I haven’t been able to wash away no matter how many times I’ve tried.

    By babington on 02.02.2017