October 16th, 2010 | 124 Entries

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124 Entries for “telescope”

  1. i can see the world through a telescope, or rather, everything outside of the world. As a child youre always told to reach for the stars, and its a telescope thats gonna get me there.

    By Laura O'Brien on 10.16.2010

  2. Telescope’s open a new world of sight. The ability to see into the sky and see the stars. Like Galileo.

    By Julia URL on 10.16.2010

  3. My father has a telescope in the garage. It’s covered by a black velvet cloth, and if you put rhinestones in it, and gazed up at it, I think it would make a good night sky.

    By tammie URL on 10.16.2010

  4. wow what a perfect equipment to see what you cant see normally.We all should have a telescope fitted in our eyes so that we can see goodnees in bad ppl and bad things in us. this will improve the world.

    By Radhe on 10.16.2010

  5. i looked through the telescope. a thousand tiny stars dotted around that black carpet we call a sky. i breather deeper and took a long look. My father used to do this with me a long time ago, since then it became an obsession. a must.

    By katie on 10.16.2010

  6. Dusk came and I began my trek out to that abandoned telescope I had found. It stood, surrounded by ruin, in the middle of the woods. There was no path leading to it; I just relied on my feet to guide me, to lead me to exploration and sight.

    By Reid URL on 10.16.2010

  7. I was going to buy a telescope today but didn’t. The reviews for the one I liked were terrible and I couldn’t afford a more expensive one. Life.

    By Kitty Littertray URL on 10.16.2010

  8. a device that shows the beauty of space and the stars . something that i cant look throught because it feels funny

    By peach URL on 10.16.2010

  9. I see a telescope. I use a telescope to see. The stars and the neighbors. That’s fun. What’s funnier is that the stars are actually more interesting than the neighbors. Who wants to watch people watching TV. And not even interesting TV, but boring old reruns from the ’70s.

    By Jds on 10.16.2010

  10. Far away skies in the light in darkness. My peering eyes look to the keepers of the universe. Their shining eyes overlook every child, every man, and every sin, to the dawn of the ages.

    By ColumbiaPhoenix URL on 10.16.2010

  11. No better way to travel but by eye. No better sight to see than the deep blue sky. The stars and comets are waiting for you, but what are you waiting for?

    By Tay URL on 10.16.2010

  12. well, i believe i’ve encountered you already today. How odd, how i thought this may have been a one time meeting. telescope, please look past this little mistake of mine. k thanks.

    By Laura URL on 10.16.2010

  13. When I was young, I often made the mistake of confusing “telescope” and “microscope”. Tele- is the prefix for far and Micro- is the prefix for small. That is the difference, yet I wonder still if they aren’t the same in essence.

    By Jacob on 10.16.2010

  14. the next thing you knew,superior man was up and away.jimmy was looking through his telescope at mrs.friendly undressing across the street,when suddenly he saw nothing but a giant ‘s’ in his view finder.he looked up…superior man was floating in front of his window,waving his finger in a tisk tisk motion.whoosh..he was gone,”hypocrite,”mumbled jimmy,looking back into the view finder.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 10.16.2010

  15. A man, stares up in the sky of the night, watching at the stars, which sparkle in the darkness. He’s wondering, what beautiful and what horrible things could be out there and he knows, he will probably never know, what lives outside of our world.

    By NinjaWookiee on 10.16.2010

  16. Telescope out some stars tonight – scope out some stars tonight.

    By Marianne URL on 10.16.2010

  17. I gazed through the telescope at the vista below. Because the telescope was from the space station. I was looking at earth.

    By mindwhisperer URL on 10.16.2010

  18. Teleskope isst man nicht. Sie sind zum Durchgucken da. Um Fernes nah zu sehen. Oder zumindest um die Illusion des Nahsehens zu haben. Denn obwohl ich dich durch das Teleskop ganz nah sehe, kann ich dich nicht hören und du kannst mich auch nicht hören. So sehr ich auch schreie.

    By Eli URL on 10.16.2010

  19. I focused the lense of my telescope towards the Moon. The night was bright and clear.

    By april93 URL on 10.16.2010

  20. it´s a nice way to see things which are distant from us. I really like to wathc te stars at nith and it hesps me a lot.

    By marco on 10.16.2010

  21. In the darkness I feel quiet like a symphony waiting for the baton and I close one eye to the blackness and peer into a keyhole into a room lit for a gala and watch the twinkling servants prepare for their guests.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 10.16.2010

  22. science. little things made bigger. mountain out of a mole hill. escalating a situation beyond what it should be. fighting. losing a friend. losing everything. losing hope.
    losing faith.

    By Corey Madison on 10.16.2010

  23. Jim turned the telescope towards the neighbor’s window. Absentmindedly, he checked all the windows. Why, he had no idea. Just to pass the time. Then he saw it. The murder. Blood splattered on the window.

    By Ben Heidinger on 10.16.2010

  24. he looked into his instrument hoping to find something, anything.
    he looked and looked.
    all he saw was blackness.
    there were no stars for him tonight.
    he was alone.

    By Corey Madison on 10.16.2010

  25. I wish I could look at every individual through a telescope, take a picture of them, and show them how they are destroying themselves. Everyone is too concerned about getting places that no one can just exist and be. I wish we would all snap out of it. Snap out of it.
    Stop harming your bodies.
    Exist and appreciate the beauty of life.

    By Siege URL on 10.16.2010

  26. Science. I love science. Telescope reminds me of Galileo. It was amusing how he was excommunicated and then the pope apologized to and forgave him a century after.

    By Jennifer URL on 10.16.2010

  27. telescope eyes
    seeing through lies
    not just beyond,
    unknown in disguise
    but people can’t hide
    from your telescope eyes

    By Selena URL on 10.16.2010

  28. She sat down on me and my spine telescoped immediately.

    “GREAT GOD, WOMAN!” I expostulated vehemently. “Have you no sense of your own weight when you are sitting on people!”

    “Oh! Oh me,” Delores squeeked, her rolls jiggling with each utterance. “A little man! I have sat on a little man!”

    By Richardton T. Slump on 10.16.2010

  29. i lie on my back and look at the stars. the air is cold and i feel so alone. i can name a few, but mostly i just count them. i miss my old telescope, the one from a garage sale years and years ago. maybe if i had that i could find the big dipper- the one that’s supposed to lead you home, or wherever you want to go if you can’t go there.

    By Selena URL on 10.16.2010

  30. I look up and see a speckling of stars
    and down again to the earth beneath my feet;
    with a telescope, I could see rather far
    but those far off places, I could never meet
    so in my dreams I’ll pick up stones
    and pretend they are stars within my palm
    because I know I can never leave home
    dreamer, starlit, I’ll take in their calm.

    By teachthegirl URL on 10.16.2010

  31. we use the telescope to see the galaxies. there are many different kinds of them. they let us see what there is out in the galaxy.

    By monsie URL on 10.16.2010

  32. I gazed upon to the sky. Somewhere, there is somebody gazing back to me, thinking about porn. Vagina, penis, if they have something similar.

    By Asterios Polyp URL on 10.16.2010

  33. The telescope was set up high on the hill so that the couple could gaze at the stars that night.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 10.16.2010

  34. I see a telescope in the dusty rusty attic. If only the roof were a glass dome. To where I wouldn’t need a telescope. To where I could lay my jumbled thoughts down like a puzzle. Arrange them according to the stars. And pray to sort them.

    By Kristie Figueroa on 10.16.2010

  35. Korea knows he invented the telescope. It’s common knowledge, and big brother China knows it just like everyone else. Even if China tends to hit and complain when Korea brings up his great invention at parties.

    Big brother loves him so much! (R-18 ending)

    By Charles URL on 10.16.2010

  36. It was midnight and Eleanor sneaked into my room, shook my shoulder, woke me up.

    “Come see,” She said and draged me to the roof.

    On the roof, perched at the edge, a telescope. She brought me to it and I looked through the eyepiece with my brown eyes. Out in the universe- galaxies. Stars and suns, planets, things i will never see in real life.

    By Sakurashakedown on 10.16.2010

  37. there never seemed to be enough time to go to the telescope at the top of the stairs, it always seemed so long a flight of stairs but she kept looking up to the very top of the stairs urging herself forward.

    By Jess King on 10.16.2010

  38. As I left the building, I walked north down the street. Without people or traffic, the streets looked endless — like looking through the wrong end of a telescope.

    By mimimanderly URL on 10.16.2010

  39. I wish I had a telescope so that I could see to a faraway land. A telescope to escape from my every day life for just a few minutes. I wish I had a telescope for many different reasons.

    By Shannon on 10.16.2010

  40. At night, when I was many years younger, I would grab the toy kaleidescope and pretend it was a telescope. Looking through it, I would see a world beyond our own. The colors of the universe would spin together and the stars became seeds that I pretended to plant in order to create an extravagant dreamlike world.

    By Christi on 10.16.2010