October 15th, 2010 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “sweater”

  1. something to keep you warm when the days are cold. a hug that just seems to ride with you all day. It can be made with love or purchased with pride, either way, it is yours and you can’t deny it!

    By Sandry on 10.15.2010

  2. I am wearing my favorite sweater. mostly because it’s the only sweater i own. iw ish i could knit a sweater, or somthing more than a half assed scarf. i wish i could make my own clothes in general.

    By Chelsea on 10.15.2010

  3. Cozy folds of cooler weather. Wrap up. Drink a cup of tea. Hold a cat.

    By Ashley McWhirter on 10.15.2010

  4. I’m already half way in. This bright pink yarn came with a kit to help me make my own slippers. But I lost a spool, lost the DVD instructions, and ended up chucking my knitting needles at the screen when those instructions proved impossible to follow. Now I’m stuck with this offensively bright pink yarn that I picked for its texture on a freezing fall day and I’m half way in and I don’t know what I’m making.
    A scarf? Too thick.
    A shirt? Too thin.
    A skirt? Too fuzzy.

    …I don’t know how to make a sweater.

    By Lauren Scharf on 10.15.2010

  5. Cold wind storm.
    I’m sweating with my sweater on.
    I like wearing sweaters but it’s getting into summer here so I can’t because it will make me sweat.

    By bibimBAP URL on 10.15.2010

  6. And once again the words reminds me of you. Because the other week I found your old sweater at my parents house. It’s like I couldn’t remove you from my life. So I just brought you back instead. Was I right?

    By Cassandraaaaa on 10.15.2010

  7. sweater is red and is worn by the woman who was barked at by the dog and she wasn’t all that upset about it but the woman saw fit to tell the woman that she was sorry that her dog barked at her even though the woman, myself, didn’t care in the least. Unfortunately, I have a hard look to me and it looked as though I cared.

    By Hannah on 10.15.2010

  8. I love sweaters. I have a grey one on right now. They are the perfect accessory. They can make almost any outfit cute. Colors of sweaters are great too, they can fill up your closet. a great place to buy them is at your local mall.

    By Alli on 10.15.2010

  9. i went shopping today with sweaters in mind. after-all it is weather weather. instead of finding an adorable patched old man vintage hipster sweater i found a class pair of electric blue heals.

    By renata on 10.15.2010

  10. One time I got a new sweater from this old shop. It was wool and smelled like the owner before it, so i decided to get it. It made me feel like an old woman and it is a little itchy. I wear it all day and I never get tired of it, unless its hot. But when the weather is right, I slip into it and feel so comfortable and peaceful in the cloth that once covered a complete stranger. I wonder who she was and where she is today.. Maybe she is dead? That’s a weird thought.. I almost hope she is dead. That makes my sweater so much better than i ever thought it could be. Woah, thanks. I just found a new love for the sweater that I’m currently wearing.

    By Chloe URL on 10.15.2010

  11. i love long cable knit sweaters that almost touch my knees and can be rolled up in the sleeves. i want one that i can wear while drinking tea, reading a book in my living room that overlooks the North Atlantic.

    By cq on 10.15.2010

  12. What a lovely sweater, full of memories and holes. I remember when I first got this sweater, at the tender age of four, when my grandmother used to read to me in her armchair, quietly knitting something beautiful. Finally, one day she stopped, and handed me her creation. It was the sweater, green and perfect.

    By Jen URL on 10.15.2010

  13. The sweater was big, woolen, dark. It smelt of him as I lifted it to my face and inhaled his scent. Gosh, I missed him so much, but he left, leaving this single memory of him. It would have to suffice.

    By AbandoningReality on 10.15.2010

  14. The sweater unraveled before my eyes. I don’t think she would ever forgive me for this tragedy, but I know deep down she never really cared for that sweater. It is simply a tattered symbol of our mirage marriage.

    By Rob URL on 10.15.2010

  15. My favorite old sweater was navy blue. My sister and I had one each for Christmas. We wore them til they were threadbare.

    By lorraine URL on 10.15.2010

  16. The sweater was warm, cozy , it once hat been black but now gray and dirty. and matched the rest of the outfit.

    By eighthdwarf on 10.15.2010

  17. A cold drift sweeps across the barren, desolate land. I grab a sweater but would prefer if I could just hold your hand.

    By The Stenographer on 10.16.2010

  18. Warm and fuzzy. I put it on and feel safe, even though the wind is still howling ferociously outside. At least it will keep me warmer than with my flimsy T-shirt. I hope it doesn’t start to snow. Although if it does, my Grandma won’t be upset since I have my sweater.

    By Erin on 10.16.2010

  19. my sweater has shrunk in the wash. all those lovely fibres so taut and perfect are now ruined and beyond any hope of repair. i shall spend the next five minutes sobbing into my tea wondering about the beauty

    By kimmie URL on 10.16.2010

  20. The heater and the sweater had a conversation.
    – I am here to make people warm, the heater said.
    – Me, too, said the sweater, even to make them sweat.
    – Me, too, said the heater. As long as I’m working.

    By LotteZwo URL on 10.16.2010

  21. He refused to wear the sweater although he was shivering from the cold. Only old women and sissies wore sweaters, he thought.

    By gino on 10.16.2010

  22. Sweater clinging to the skin of the man by the beach. No one knew who he was. He had his face down on the pebbled shore, eyes wide shut.

    By mindwhisperer URL on 10.16.2010

  23. It’s cold outside.

    I love to stay home when it’s raining hard outside. I like drinking hot chocolate while checking my Facebook account. I like it when I stay home the whole day, dressed in my pajamas and a sweater on.

    By easolidon URL on 10.16.2010

  24. Oh to put on the orange sweater. Some days it was exactly what I needed. To balance my chakras and make me feel strong. Plus it was autumn in a new city. All my costumes at home. I figured I could just be a pumpkin, a hippie pumpkin from Oregon.

    By Amber Rene URL on 10.16.2010

  25. A chilly day brought about a great excuse for her to take out her favourite sweater. It wasn’t that it kept her particularly warm, it was more of the memories. The memories that clung onto always managed to keep her warm and fuzzy inside.

    By Weng Yee Loke URL on 10.16.2010

  26. I was thinking of wearing a sweater for a photo shoot. Some of my favorite pictures of my mother are in this particular sweater she’s wearing, and I’d love to have some similar photos done to capture that same essence.

    By Jeran on 10.16.2010

  27. theories of sweaters, a rapturous unraveling. vibrations excite the string you’re composed of. a billion chords in unison, humming, produce sound in a vacuum only heard by your impossible molecules, the velocity of ossicles rising.

    and there are kittens displayed playing with a ball of yarn that loops around your side and ties into the stitching of the very sweater you’re wearing.

    By rAH!n URL on 10.16.2010

  28. I remember the day being windy and the chill in the air really getting to my core. I could feel the heat leaving my cheeks and i could feel them turning a light, rosy pink.

    By Michele URL on 10.16.2010

  29. I’m wrapped in a warm sweater, but it doesn’t compare to being wrapped in your embrace. I wish you would come home. I wish for a lot of things. I wish we never fought. I wish you were still here.

    By Mattie URL on 10.16.2010

  30. A black sweater, like coal. But coal is chalky, a sweater shouldn’t be. It should be soft to the touch and therapeutic.

    By tocksick URL on 10.16.2010

  31. I am wrapped in a sweater and it keeps out the cold. I am wrapped in a beautiful wool sweater. I am warm. And cozy. And tired, after a night filled with laughter and love. I am tired, but I am happy. I’m okay with this situation.

    By Siege URL on 10.16.2010

  32. He smiled as she gave him back his sweater. It smelt like her now. And she smelt amazing. He wondered if she liked his smell too. Maybe that was why she always liked to wear his sweaters. He pulled it back on, and inhaled the vanilla strawberry scent of her skin.

    By Katherine URL on 10.16.2010

  33. I really like sweaters. I have a black one. It’s my favourite. I spend a lot of time thinking about if sweaters actually make me look better or worse than they actually should. I also have trouble finding sweaters that will fit underneath the jackets I own. I love large sweaters but I feel like they do not suit my body, and if anything make me look manly.

    By Hayley on 10.16.2010

  34. snuggling into your warm sweater
    it doesn’t matter that it’s cold outside
    or that it’s dark all the time
    because we are together
    and happy to be so

    By somethingofadreamer on 10.16.2010

  35. I have a few sweaters. I really hate sweaters because they make me sweaty if it’s hot. One of my sweaters is brown, the other one is black. I like my black sweater more.

    By MrSarkasmus on 10.16.2010

  36. its orange. with little fuzzes stickin out randomly. it just got outta the dryer. its a little kid’s sweater, a boy of twelve. or is it nine? his mom got it for him from kohls.

    By zak on 10.16.2010

  37. I wrapped the sweater around myself in the slight chill of early morning. It was just like when I was a small child. The dim morning light of mid-Autumn, the slippers, the sweater, the desire for a cup of cocoa and a good book. Only one thing was different. I wanted the arms of a strong man wrapped around me instead of an old sweater.

    By Jackie on 10.16.2010

  38. If you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away. Watch me unravel, I’ll soon be naked, lying on the floor, lying on the floor, I’ve come undone.

    By Cassandraaaaa on 10.16.2010

  39. “If you want to destroy my sweater, pull this string as I walk away.”

    It was the first song he ever played for me. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

    By grace on 10.16.2010

  40. i love sweaters, i like to see different designs on sweaters ugly sweater parties, even though i secretly think the ugly sweaters are cute, i bought myself an ugly sweater im too scared to wear it becase i think people will think im weird for buyig it and seriously liking it

    By laura on 10.16.2010