December 6th, 2010 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “teeth”

  1. white dental flossing required or manky scummy brown stains. perfect orthodontist induced smile. brushing. brusha brusha. long enough to sing happy birthday, every surface. and the floss! do it now.

    By Hilary on 12.07.2010

  2. teeth pearly white or grimy yellow.

    By cmoney URL on 12.07.2010

  3. one day a little girl lost her tooth when she bit out f a apple ad then she didnt have as many teeth as normal after that.

    By yoda URL on 12.07.2010

  4. Sometimes teeth are the parts of us that complete our look. Other times they are the parts that make us grumpy and defensive. You know who you are. Are you the clean, or the nasty.

    By Kolton URL on 12.07.2010

  5. Chattering smattering
    Pearls tough as sawblades
    Crunching through this delicous tortilla chip
    With salsa
    Chip shrapnel getting stuck in the tender places
    Doesn’t stop me from munching

    By Mrs. Mitchell URL on 12.07.2010

  6. the word teeth is plural for tooth and teeth are what we use to chew our food

    By random kid URL on 12.07.2010

  7. teeth is something like a tooth is somthing we use to eat

    By chewbaca URL on 12.07.2010

  8. teeth are important they help you eat they give you a smile

    By Tyler Crandell on 12.07.2010

  9. everybody have teeth and we haved inside our mouth and we used to chew thingslike food

    By ardilla URL on 12.07.2010

  10. Teeth is something that you chew your food. You have to keep them nice and clean every day, because you don’t want to have a dirty smile.

    By bodoque URL on 12.07.2010

  11. Teeth are white, hard, and covered in enamel. They are used in the process of mechanical digestion, that is, breaking up food as it enters the body, and prepping it for chemical digestion.

    By Jennifer Leigh URL on 12.07.2010

  12. teeth hurt i hate it when they hurt

    By Gabby Smith on 12.07.2010

  13. gnawing, harsh, beautiful bones.

    By Samantha Hall on 12.07.2010

  14. The things in my mouth that let me bite. I don’t take good enough care of them. Also, Chinese medicine. Fluoride apparently can cause birth defects, or so the stickers on the bus stop say – a highly credible source of information.

    By James on 12.07.2010