July 9th, 2018 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “tedious”

  1. tedious
    a smile frowned curved upside down
    a sigh
    a simple question
    when will this end

    By Matt m. on 07.10.2018

  2. ‘If ever there was a need for strong drink it is now,’ she said. ‘This is tedious and will be unrewarding. I want it to end.’

    ‘Would the promise of strong drink be enough?’ He turned and watched her grasping at the boulders as she climbed behind him. He was panting with the effort, but the exercise ad the feel of his blood roaring through his veins buoyed him up, only made him want to go faster. ‘You will enjoy it more if it is earned.’

    By Meredyth URL on 07.10.2018

  3. All those jokes about players dropping like flies got tedious. They were not even logical. Flies could FLY after all, hey there were even named according to their favourite activity. So all those droppings were rather dropping like stones.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 07.10.2018

  4. It felt a million threads of doubt, contempt, self-assurance, positivity (in the smallest dosage), utter dissenting voices radiating, emanating sharply in her mind. Nothing ever comes easy. She would have to endure her first gruelling Whipple operation, all it took were eight-nine hours to remove the tumour from the pancreatic cancer-stricken patient who was admitted in the wee hours. Metastases (mets) were not found, and they promptly relayed him to surgical ops. She was only an attending, but the repercussions were real. Her feet silently ached in anticipation.

    By Issie Kay URL on 07.10.2018

  5. i want this domain name for my IT project :) thank you that’s it i want to say

    By MAc URL on 07.10.2018

  6. Sitting at the machine, I prepared myself for the day ahead. What story would I tell myself today as I sewed 300 pairs of shoes? Perhaps that one with the knight…

    By ulimonster on 07.10.2018

  7. She was good with details and had a great memory, so she was good with tedious projects. However, the tediousness eventually drove her crazy and made her want to jump off a bridge (attached to a bungee cord).

    By okayfine on 07.10.2018

  8. She rolled her eyes and craned her neck to the ceiling. This was horrible. It was so impossible to communicate with him. She did all of the typical signs that showed annoyance.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.10.2018

  9. My work seemed tedious, then i saw the people working at assembly lines and thought how is my work tedious compared to them. Life is all about perspective or not

    By Shanmuga on 07.10.2018

  10. I didn’t mind my job, honestly. Sure, the work was occasionally tedious, and spending all that time in a cubicle did quite a deal of damage to my already out of shape back. But my coworkers were nice, and my boss had a good head on her shoulders. I worked 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, and felt a sense of normalcy. I hadn’t felt that in a while.

    Of course, that was before my brother called me from prison.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.10.2018

  11. Every tedious ritual of the workday feels all the more insufferable this morning. How does one do this for a lifetime?

    By asavas on 07.10.2018

  12. it’s sluggish. it’s stifling. it’s a stab in the stomach. it’s looking into the future and seeing only a haze, a blur, the air so hot it steals your breath away. it’s the boredom and fear wrapped up in one.

    By ae on 07.10.2018

  13. Long days, staring at a blank blinking screen. Ones and zeros, ones and zeros, ones and… a sliver of sunlight, high above, streaming in from a tiny window. What is that sound? A bird? How long has it been?

    By RaRa Rabbitt on 07.10.2018

  14. Tedious things can be therapeutic for me. I know the term is generally used with negative connotations, but sometimes all I really want is something complicated and time consuming to focus on. My brain spends most of its time jumping from one thought to the next without rhyme or reason, but when I find something complicated enough to require my focus I feel at peace.

    By Kristian Pierce on 07.10.2018

  15. God, this line was hell. How could a daily trip to Starbucks become so terrible? A chance to get out of the office. He should be living for this. No, a tedious journey across the street was probably going to ruin this job for him.

    By Jackie on 07.10.2018

  16. The stacked up books on her arms were heavy. Her backpack was filled with even more books. Was she there yet? She felt tedious.

    By Raquelle on 07.10.2018

  17. The stacked up books on her arms felt tedious. When was this over? She was so tired. What was this. She has been walking forever. She was so exhausted.

    By justaddunicorns932 on 07.10.2018

  18. All this work is always so tedious
    if only we could search all in an instant encyclopedia
    and then we’ll just throw out all the fake media
    its all a medium
    living life in a tedium
    thats how I read em
    but even still i just wanna feed em
    let me just get in a few more lines
    im telling you, this was all written by design
    i be following no straight line
    and the road that we follow is just fine
    cuz im selling and they buyin
    and im winning while they just cryin
    No matter how bad, let me tell you im tryin
    to keep my family and my blood from dyin
    i be running so fast i just go by and
    and you so scared like you just seen a lion
    im out here shining like a diamond
    how tedious

    By Jake on 07.10.2018

  19. The work was incredibly tedious: a bit of paint here, a dab of water there. But the end result was worth it. Miles of painted landscape, as far as the eye could see.

    By Eden on 07.10.2018

  20. i hate school it is bad for me i dont like it it donsent like me it maes me stay up late and makes me overtirerd i hate school it does not allow me any playtime to play and stort of games vedieo gamers or board games

    By Sahib on 07.10.2018

  21. tedious is bad for my health
    i don’t have the patient to be tedious i like things being done know

    By Sahib on 07.10.2018

  22. With dry and splitting hands, the worker-bee grounds keeper tore out ferns like old and dead hairs from a corpse. His eyes drifted up the hills cascading down from the mansion for moments at a time, until he cursed himself for looking, and returned to his numb work.

    By Ben on 07.10.2018

  23. I already did this word, so I’m bored. This writing is becoming a drag, even as I finish this sentence. Slowly pouring, like milassas it falls (and screw misspellings, I’ve only got sixty seconds). Break the block. Unstop.

    By Ben on 07.10.2018

  24. The old black wooden slats banged against the siding. From that sound, Angie and Mick were hiding. They holed up in the corner of their room in the house just across the street from old Mr. Foreman’s. They knew his old ghost haunted the place.

    By Ben on 07.10.2018

  25. the sun lays upon me

    warming what was numb

    I dreamt you

    until the darkness faded

    and as I moved mechanically

    through the cottage

    out onto the high porch

    patches of dreamt-you

    kept running through me

    like cold water

    shocks from a showerhead

    know this,

    if you rained on me

    then I have stood by the fire

    but I am chilled

    I shiver

    By david URL on 07.10.2018

  26. My life is tedious. I do the same things over and over, and nothing holds meaning. In this life, there is nothing that fuels my soul, feeds my passions…or even ignites them. Tedious is the only word to describe the monotony of being alive.

    By Adva URL on 07.10.2018

  27. tedious _edious __dious ___ious ____ous _____us ______s tedious

    By anon on 07.10.2018

  28. greediness is tedious
    the warring are boring
    and nothing is more dull
    than those who drop a perfectly good discourse to give an unwanted earful

    By omqwat on 07.10.2018

  29. the time is tedious
    slowly slowing sloping down
    teach moment taking longer
    than the last
    curled like a frown ground
    smile turned upside-down
    those moments are frozen in time
    like a reason without a crime
    like a sadness without a rhyme
    bordem is the enemy of the mind

    By Matt m. on 07.10.2018

  30. It is tedious to navigate through a crowd of socially empowered people without feeling embarrassed or scared.

    By Rosie URL on 07.11.2018

  31. I’m here trying to fan myself. It is insanely hot in the Asia, and the power is out because of heavy storming. I’m not happy with a lot of things, in fact, a lot of little things seem tiresome. I want to say TEDIOUS ha. ha. ha. no, but not really, the little things seem exhausting. But I’m okay with the way things are now. In fact, things have never been better.

    By Abed on 07.11.2018

  32. Tedious. This was yesterday’s word. Why the repeat? Is this the cosmos trying to tell me something? That I am tedious? That people think I am tedious? If so, they would be right, I’m sure.

    By Adva URL on 07.11.2018

  33. My brain seems to circle the drain, but never actually do down the drain. The circling is tedious. I’m tired. I want to stop the cycle and get off the ride. I want a fresh start. Positive thoughts.

    By Kelli on 07.11.2018

  34. “Long and hard.”
    “That’s what she said.”
    “That’s not funny, you know. This is an actually really tedious thing to do to people and you should really reconsider your options.”
    “That’s STILL what she said.”

    By Jaclyn on 07.11.2018

  35. “Isn’t it getting tedious for you too?” I voice the question I have been thinking for weeks. “All this running around, pretending not to care too much?”

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.11.2018

  36. In a final effort, he dragged himself up the stairs to grab the last box. “Who would have kept many beanie babies,” he asked himself. They were getting heavier with each trip. “Must’ve been some psycho,” he concluded. Move-in day was harder than expected.

    By Jacob on 07.11.2018

  37. This work is tedious.
    Letters and numbers than letters again.
    Its slowly killing me.
    Its okay to talk about it.
    Killing yourself that is.
    its a healthy normal thing
    that society says is wrong
    just like being bored
    its okay to be bored
    in a tedious world

    By Julia on 07.11.2018