June 9th, 2011 | 504 Entries

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504 Entries for “teacher”

  1. I love teachers because they spend their time trying to better us young people as much as possible, and learn us as much as possible; they are invaluable to the world, because they are the solid foundation of our world, because education is one of the only things that matter in the world. Education is your way of life.

    By Danny on 06.10.2011

  2. The teacher can be the most important person in your life. They can help you find out what it is you really want to do and point you toward it. The teacher can be the absolute most awful person in your life. They can tell you that you will never amount to anything and make you believe it.

    By Will Wilson URL on 06.10.2011

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    By jeremiah on 06.10.2011

  4. her eyes shone as she saw him. as he spoke, his words flow like grass to a cow: happiness. she smiled as though they shared a joke. she’s in love with her teacher. :)

    By Jessica L URL on 06.10.2011

  5. My father was a teacher for 40 years…my wife is a teacher, I teach private music lessons….it is an exalted profession….hardest thing I’ve done, harder than playing the Thchaikovsky violin concerto…..I’m hot for my teacher (wife)…..I try to teach my children right from wrong, to be organized, to treat others as they would want to be treated…love them teachers…..

    By Ron Blessinger on 06.10.2011

  6. Saxophone Instructor.. English… Math… Hard.. homework.. Algebra… Tests… High School.. Help… Assistance.. Accountable

    By Hart Linker URL on 06.10.2011

  7. mentor. idol. infatuation. i dont know what it was about you, but before you greeted me in my own tongue i knew i was a goner. you shook my foundations, never fed me what i wanted to hear, and i loved you even more for the fact. unnattainable, but that never stopped me.

    By V on 06.10.2011

  8. A teacher is something that enriches your life. It could be a person, sure, it probably most often is. But there are other things that can teach a person if he’s just willing to listen to them in their own ways. I wonder now why I used “he’s” there…that seems a bit sexist, and I worry since it seems built into the language itself.

    By Shelby on 06.10.2011

  9. my elementary school teacher once told me to stay out of the rain, but I loved to dance in the rain.

    children are restricted, as students. they should be free to be free.

    By Nathan Mulligan URL on 06.10.2011

  10. Teachers. We think they’re demons from he’ll, sent to deliver venaganxe through humunous unending piles of homework. We think they’re ruthless and horrid. Every thing they do we criticize because , in our eyes, whatever they tell us to do is unfair. But in the end, we learn to thank them for everything they’ve taugh us. Because without them, we’d be hopelessly lost in the web of life.

    By Kastra Kaster URL on 06.10.2011

  11. I wish to be a teacher of living loving and laughing – remembering that that is what we are here in this earthly plane to be do and hear!
    Oh the teachers of the earth are special beings – rejoice in their love for sharing :)

    By Julza on 06.10.2011

  12. I had a teacher in high school named Chet. he was my painting teacher. probably one of the most influential teachers I had. he enjoyed everything. he was a painter, and lived in this amazing old converted house, and had a great studio with his wife and daughters. he taught me to enjoy everything and take it all slow.

    By Sariann URL on 06.10.2011

  13. educate
    shit up

    By sondakikaaa on 06.10.2011

  14. teacher is like god to students because they solves all our queries. they are the greatest persons alive. after mother and father the teachers are the most respected person.

    By Ashish on 06.10.2011

  15. my grandma used to be a teahcer now she is very sad and drunk all the time; she is always telling stories of her old good days with her students and stuff. She was a high school teacher he teached spanish.

    By Cebolla on 06.10.2011

  16. school fucking sucks and i hate being bullied and crouching in the corner, under my desk, beneath the pencil shreds and eraser shavings. fuck you and you and you and you. love gaga and wear purple and live free and die hard.

    By Robin on 06.10.2011

  17. someone that shows you how to live your life. not neccesarily the teacher in the classroom but a parent, priest, role model. I would love to teach someone how to be compassionate, open-minded and have someone teach me to do the same. A very profound act. Much more than just simple facts like addition, spelling. It’s living in society that must be taught how to do

    By Emily B on 06.10.2011

  18. …?

    By dsfwera on 06.10.2011

  19. Sometimes I dream of teaching. Not just ordinary people but extraordinary people. When time is not of importance. This world is not of importance. In fact, there is only a distance abstract perspective waiting to be discovered. A dream.

    By mackenzie on 06.10.2011

  20. I’ve had a lot of different teachers. When I was younger, I thought maybe I would be a teacher some day. I also thought I would be an artist, so there you go. But I don’t really know what other profession I could occupy besides teaching kids. It just seems like the natural step for me, I guess. I don’t know if I could face kids disliking me though. I’m fragile.

    By Emilia on 06.10.2011

  21. It was in a moment of desperation that I ended up in this place. Acting on impulse, I took the letter from my pocket and placed it on the desk among the clutter. The professor looked up in utter disbelief. I walked out of his office and down the hallway. I was never seen again.

    By M.S. A on 06.10.2011

  22. my teacher as a child was never great. she was scary and tall and fat and wide, and one day when i didn’t do my homework, she asked me why. I told her that my mum didn’t tell me to, which was a fairly standard response from a yr 1. She then went on to tell me that one day my mum would be dead, and not there for mer anymore. I hate singapore. god dammit i hate singapore.

    By Eugene on 06.10.2011

  23. if you can read this,
    thank a teacher!

    By katie URL on 06.10.2011

  24. The teacher tries to teach her many things. She teaches math, history, science, philosophy, and literature. And although she teaches her these things, the girl doesn’t ever remember any of it (or rather, doesn’t want to remember any of it). The teacher is annoyed that she won’t let her teach her. Little does she know the little girl doesn’t want to be taught be this teacher. She won’t let her teacher teach her!

    By G on 06.10.2011

  25. she is like a guide. sometimes you get great teachers , who change th course of your life and sometimes ones who really make u wish the word meant something else. i think my favouriest teachers til date have been the ones taught me to think differenlty and do things differently. and they are the very reason what iam today !

    By butool on 06.10.2011

  26. someone who is a bitchy person usualyy unless you’re mister Bauman bc he is a badass and so is seidell and other peopleeeeeeee. Yuh. they yell and write referalls. idk they are just always cranky.

    By Jenna on 06.10.2011

  27. If I were a teacher, I’d live in the coat closet, wash my hair with chalk, and practice the art of graffiti by scratching quotes onto wooden desks. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to learn with an open mind, and, sometimes, the hardest thing to do is teach because, in order to have faith, you must believe. If I were a teacher, I’d try to tell the world that there’s more to life than what’s inside the classroom. Read, learn, practice, but don’t forget to live.

    By Shannon on 06.10.2011

  28. She quietly spoke filling my head with images of places and people and times I never imagined. There was no going back.

    By Rocky on 06.10.2011

  29. a teacher can be a school teacher, or just someone who has taught you anything. A teacher can be very important in many peoples lives, but can also be seen as an enemy.

    By Sara J W on 06.10.2011

  30. The teacher was sitting in an emtpy class room. It had been a long time since she’d heard the scribbling of pencils across paper. Or the light tread of children’s feet.

    By Dennis Bus on 06.10.2011

  31. Teaching is the heart and soul of the ideal world. Nobody can live without being taught; whether it be a lesson, or a simple word. Where would the words ‘I love you’ come, if nobody was taught the meaning?
    As much as we hate teachers these days, we would be so different without them..
    Each person we meet has taught us something, whether we know it or not. Subconcious acts of friendlyness fulfill aspects of each and every day we live; it just wouldn’t be the same otherwise, would it?
    Imagine a world where we know it all. Literally. there’s nothing left to learn.. How boring?
    Luckily though, we’ve got the rest of our lives to fixate on things which we admire, and consume time with the things we enjoy.. what a releif!

    By Roo on 06.10.2011

  32. teachers are rude. at school they either seem to hate children or like them too much.

    By jessica on 06.10.2011

  33. They are responsible for the future. They nurture the young minds to become great… at least that’s what most of them should be doing. There are also the ocassional nut jobs, bores and lame specimens. Hope for the best… and listen :)

    By Lorena on 06.10.2011

  34. the teacher has become the student. Teacher, teacher, can you teach me because I don’t need no education, hey teacher leave them kids alone all in all we’re just another brick in the wall….

    By Brian on 06.10.2011

  35. A teacher can be someone who teaches in a class.
    A teacher can be someone who teaches out in the world.
    A teacher can be a Friend.
    A teacher can be an enemy.
    A teacher can be a role model.
    A teacher can be anything.
    You could be a teacher.
    I could be a teacher.
    You don’t need some fancy degree to be a teacher.
    You just need to have something to share with whoever.

    By Sara J W URL on 06.10.2011

  36. Teachers are everywhere. People teach us very valuable lessons every day. My favourite teacher was my English teacher at school as she always pushed me to do better in all of my work. I also loved my Biology teacher because she was very enthusiastic and happy and I loved going to her class. My mum is a very good teacher as she has thought me so many life lessons.

    By Amy on 06.10.2011

  37. You can’t do that! the teacher yelled at this squirrel trainer. It wasn’t acceptable to her that the squirrel trainer was showing the rodent the ways of thievery. The auburn blazoned fur already mocked her as it gnawed away at her desk.

    By Jang Fames URL on 06.10.2011

  38. Call yourself wise
    What do you know?!?!?
    I ain’t your teacher…
    But your ignorance shows.

    Your choice of weapon is words
    But your method is slow
    So you better get reading
    Cos your technique don’t flow!

    By Geejay URL on 06.10.2011

  39. This was yesterdays word. When is the word going to change? Teachers teach us thousands of words. Some teachers teach us words in other languages. I have learned Spanish, Brail, sign language, and Farsi(the basics). But I can no longer remember most of them. Yesterday I wanted to ask a spanish speaker where she got her pants. I said “Donde esta los pantalones?” I’m going to take spanish again next term.

    By Madi URL on 06.10.2011

  40. Teaching is a big responsibility. They are in charge of your life and you are in charge of your goals in achieving what you want out of life. A teacher is a guide for you to use in learning. I use my teacher as a tool to learn the things I need to know in life to better my knowledge of understanding. A teacher has a lot on her hand when dealing with students of different cultural backgrounds. It is the teachers responsibility to understand what they have to teach and plan out their syllabus for the students to understand. Teaching comes in many different styles and to better prepare a teacher they have to plan on what style will work best for the subject they want to teach so you can understand it as well. Teachers are not paid that well but love what they do. It takes a lot of time and patients to teach not only one person but a group as well. Teachers are not specifically trained in one subject but can also teach multiple subjects at a time. Some teachers prefer to teach one subject that they absolutely love and find intriguing.

    By Jajuan kendall on 06.10.2011