May 14th, 2024 | 6 Entries

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6 Entries for “swirl”

  1. Sometimes you want chocolate and sometimes you want vanilla. There’s always the swirl option, but that just doesn’t cut it for me. If I wanted both, I want some just chocolate and some just vanilla. The swirl is too close together. Without that distance, you’re not clearly tasting either flavor on its own. The distance is important.

  2. Once a swirl in the road was a new weird thing for random people. so the people threw things in it but it just got bigger it never stopped growing until the whole world was gone so to stop it they had to do something fast and if they did not stop it quick the whole world would be gone and there was no way to stop it so they threw well plowed a car but little did they know the whole world would soon be all gone and never ever be the same so they had to act fast. The little girl was walking on her way to school and fell in the hole but the girl was no ordinary girl. She was very smart and thought if she was a hole what would she do. so she was talk very kindly to the hole saying ”can you please can you let me out i have school today and i would love to go” but the hole said no I will not let you out until you give me what i want but the little girl had no idea what the big swirl would want so she said ”lets play with a jump rope” not thinking that the swirl wound not know how to play so she grabbed the jump rope out of her backpack and the swirl got smaller and so they played until the swirl wanted to play a different game which was a problem cause the little girl had no other games so she picked up a rock and said let’s play catch so they did and again the hole got smaller and the girl asked the swirl if they could become friends and the swirl got very small. the girl asked what the swirl’s name was and the swirl said ” my name is swirly” she soon found out that swirly just wanted a friend. swirly asked what her name was and the girl responded with olivia the swirl was very happy and let the girl out of the hole that night the girl got mad at her father and ran away from home and ran to swirly. swirly and the girl lived together for the rest of their lives and when the girl grew old the swirly wanted
    to help her health but he could not do anything so many days later the swirl was sad because the girl died. the swirl came to her funeral and was sad and shrunk to small water droplets of sadness and they never saw each other again.

    by Ruby McDonal on 05.15.2024
  3. Swirl, twirl, little girls, skirts spinning out, the center of their own galaxies, sparkles and stars around them, echoes of the Endless Dance, curtsy with hands in their pockets, warmth still on their cheeks and a shine in their eyes

  4. the confusion is a swirl
    a whirlwind of thoughts
    that you fear will soon whisk sanity away
    what colour is your madness
    mine wears the rainbow robes of Joseph
    and is amazed at the bile
    that leisurely sits in the heart of man

  5. They went to the section of the store for dresses. Again, Alice’s mother wanted a certain style of dress for her daughter, since they were going to the Governor’s house for his daughter’s birthday party. Alice tried on dress after dress and her mother made her turn around so that the skirt would swirl around her.

    by Chanpheng on 05.14.2024
  6. The simple spoon twirled round and round the bubbling pot, a lazy hand blindly guiding the way through vegetables and broth. His attention lie on the front door, which had unexpectedly stayed closed all day.