May 15th, 2024 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “meadow”

  1. Her laughing could be heard from any corner of the meadow. All manner of beast and bird took delight in the child’s play. She ran with the wind through tall grass and blooming flowers, taking an ounce of time to feel them beneath her fingertips as she passed.

  2. Meadow flowers, grass swaying as rabbits pass through, only the swaying giving them away, the hum of bees and a bird somewhere you can’t see

  3. The meadow was a surprise after walking for so many hours in the dark forest, where the shadows seemed to move and she kept bumping into trees. But the light in the open area, the tall green grasses and the bright wild flowers made her feel she had ventured into another universe

    by Chanpheng on 05.15.2024
  4. There was a happy couple picnicking in the meadow, and it seemed everything was good in the world. It seemed. Then the woman, Frances, was suddenly stung by a bee. She began to have an allergic reaction, and the man, William, could do nothing but gently cradle her body and beg her to stay alive.

  5. The meadow is full of bees as they fly to the flowers. A couple is happily picnicking in the grass, but then it all changes. A bee stings the woman, Frances, and she almost immediately begins to have an allergic reaction. The man, William, can do nothing but gently cradle her and beg her to stay alive as she struggles to breathe. “Frances, my darling, please stay alive!”

    Frances cries softly, in clear pain and utterly miserable. And then, she dies.

    by Xenia on 05.15.2024