December 10th, 2016 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “sweetheart”

  1. Sweetheart. Das ist so ein Wort von Freundinnen, von einer bestimmten Freundin. Hinterher merke ich dann, dass sie das zu allen sagt, egal, ob sie ihr wirklich wichtig sind oder nicht. Fühle ich mich verletzt? Ist es mir mit ihr einfach nur langweilig geworden? Ich vermisse sie nicht wirklich, sonst hätte ich mich schon längst wieder gemeldet. Aber da suche ich lieber nach neuen Ufern.

    By Lisa URL on 12.10.2016

  2. She’s my sweetheart. She makes me wish I was a better person, makes me wish we had met under better circumstances. I know for a fact she would have been the one. She’s deep, intelligent, we have some crucial things in common but the things we differ on are the right things, the things that it’s okay to differ on.

    By Love Her on 12.10.2016

  3. someone that makes you smile
    someone that can make the worst day better
    someone that can put up with all your crazy & faults
    someone that doesn’t hold things against you
    someone that you can make smile in an instant
    someone that you really know how to create good for
    someone that i can’t have right now
    someone that i’m not sure feels the same way about me

    By anar_banana on 12.10.2016

  4. Sit down, sweetheart. Let’s get you comfortable on that couch. There are plenty of purple and blue cushions to rest your tired head on. Would a blanket help, or a foot rest? I can even fix you some tea. Or hot cocoa, if that fits your fancy better. Once you’re settled, I have something to talk about. Are you well enough to listen? I know you had a long day, honey, and I don’t want to overwhelm you. Now that we’re married, though, there’s a world of discussion we must embark on, so I hope you’re well prepared.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.10.2016

  5. Im hungry. I thought to myself. I went to the kitchen and opened the chocolate box in the pantry. Inside was a heart shaped chocolate. I took a bite. Yum, what a sweet heart

    By vritika on 12.10.2016

  6. Hot breath against necks,
    Bare legs tangled together.
    An intimate kiss,
    between two hearts.
    Free falling, deeper into love.
    “Sweetheart,” she breathes…

    By Lexy on 12.10.2016

  7. “Hello there sweetheart!”

    I called her.

    She turned around and smiled.

    We ran towards each other with arms wide open.

    The day has finally arrived.

    I hugged her as tight as possible. Not wanting to let go.

    I missed her badly.

    Then my eyes opened.

    By DF on 12.10.2016

  8. “Here ya go, sweetheart,” the waitress said as she slid his breakfast to him. She chewed her gum loudly, waiting for a response, but the man continued to stare at his newspaper. She rolled her eyes a bit, guys like this come in every now and then, turned on her heels, and walked back behind the counter.

    By Emily on 12.10.2016

  9. Should save SWEETHEART for Valentine’s day!
    ………………….can’t be inspired by this now
    here’s some haiku I’ll randomly create:

    remember Rammstein?
    haven’t heard this band played since…
    ye, last Christmas time

    those ‘Member Berries
    want us to ” ‘member” again
    Du Hast mich gefragt?

    [Those little things just won’t go away. Auf wiedersein Alles]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.11.2016

  10. sweetheart. sweetie. These phrases commonly thought of as endearing, when I am called them I hear the undertone of judgement, hear how they are said in a way that can only mean that people think me weak, fragile. But I am not fragile. Little do they know. If only they knew, they would not dare to call me such a limiting term.

    By Ken on 12.11.2016

  11. Lovers use this word for themselves also close persons use this word. It is a nice and a warm word. It feels good to be called like this. You need to be close with the person that you call sweetheart

    By bert on 12.11.2016

  12. This word means so much to me and at the same time, it means almost nothing. I’ve never called someone my sweetheart, but if I had to name one, I’d say that my boyfriend is pretty sweet. He is by far the sweetest person I have ever known.

    By Trisha Joshi on 12.11.2016

  13. This is the same word I received yesterday. I asked if the words were school age appropriate and I hope they are, as I think this would be something my students would really look forward to doing — whether I am teaching elementary OR middle school. I could use this as a warmup.

    By RJones on 12.11.2016

  14. love, honey, hun, bed, room, life. happiness, my sweetheart is better than your, i love him, he’s like my sunshine, lame super lame, ewwww, sweet names, real love,

    By kay on 12.11.2016

  15. he named her ‘sweetheart’ . neither was she sweet nor did he have a heart .

    By AM on 12.11.2016

  16. She was brimming with jubilance at the thought of reuniting with her high school sweetheart. If things were different back then, they wouldn’t be married to the wrong people now. She stared longingly at a picture they last took together, day dreaming of all the in-between good years that could have been, when that same old beautiful girl who stole her heart first walked into her life again.

    By Rums on 12.11.2016

  17. I don’t really have what you call a sweetheart, I’m what you call a lone wolf type, I’m very much inept at being on my own

    By fahad bhatty on 12.11.2016

  18. I love him so much. I miss him. everywhere I look I see him. when I close my eyes I see him. I barely sleep at night because of that. I will and forever love him. he was my everything.

    By mary on 12.11.2016

  19. you my love,
    my darling
    my baby
    i wish that i knew you
    but i only know you in phrases
    i know you in the way that we talk
    i know you in your laugh and your beauty
    only i don’t know you at all

    By charlotte URL on 12.11.2016

  20. He stopped, he looked at her with these eyes. Oh how his eyes shined when he looked at his sweetheart. She was the greatest thing in his life. Nothing would ever be able to to compare to his feelings for this woman. He would die for her, he would fly around the world for her. There would never be such a light in his life as the woman of his dreams. But one day, she would break his fragile, naive heart. One day, she will be in anothers arms. He will never believe. His sweetheart was a demon in angels clothing.

    By Brittany Stebbins on 12.11.2016

  21. I’ve been staring at your face for about a minute and a half and I can’t stop this feeling that we’ve met before. I can’t remember your name but I remember your dress and the sweetheart neckline trailing down your chest. I’d remember your scent before I remember your face.

    By Elizabeth on 12.11.2016

  22. sweetheart,
    your sweet heart
    bitter taste
    i can feel your skin
    beneath my finger tips
    i can feel your pulse
    the warmth of the blood
    from your sweet heart.

    By Maiby on 12.11.2016

  23. “Sweetheart.”
    The word is like a prayer on her lips.
    God, is it strange to hear an atheist pray.
    I try not to read into it. She calls everyone sweetheart. But it’s not like this. There’s no denying that it’s not like this.

    By Sara on 12.11.2016

  24. “Sweetheart.”
    The word fell off her lips, effortlessly, like a prayer.
    How strange it is to hear an atheist pray.
    Everyone, I remind myself, she calls everyone “sweetheart.”
    But even in my hesitation, I knew it was different. This was different. So very different.

    By Sara on 12.11.2016

  25. abscond from the small space here in your face
    that person is really far away
    not so much up close
    put your hand on your heart
    its your sweat heart
    and coax her to court your mind!
    mom and dad thought they were being sweathearts
    but they were, in reality, putting stench in the poptarts
    when they were always criticizing the way she folded her clothes in her laundry bin
    that ice-cold shoulder blunted at her when she came down to breakfast
    slowed down the meal
    so she did, as she trudged on from her mom’s final words, ” I love you honey”.
    They might gouge you with scorn, but your a sweetheart,
    your free-fresh air privileges you sweatheart
    know that your the cinnamon in every poptart in your parent’s emotional box.

    By Milad URL on 12.11.2016

  26. the abeyance of eye contact, reflects more than the light from the up above
    now its a dove, that flapped through down in someone’s awakened breathe
    add that depth, to your voice
    and your inclincation for strong belief and compromise
    and feel the rise
    that sweatheart that swept you off your feet in the first 90 seconds
    and you didn’t even know what you were looking for
    but they did, before even walking into the door!
    complaisant cognizance of the other’s flagged or gold-gilded paradigm!
    now that’s worth more than the dime spent on this rhyme!

    By Milad URL on 12.11.2016

  27. Sweetheart, oh,
    let me swing on your swing set again.
    Sweetheart oh,
    lets run from curfew,
    and imagine our problems are bigger than they are.
    Sweetheart, oh,
    you loved me like the sun greeting the glistening tide.
    I just wanted inside your room, and to know you.
    Sweetheart, oh,
    individually, we will never forget one another.

    By Marissa on 12.11.2016