December 11th, 2016 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “mermaid”

  1. Sleek, salty, sneaking through the sea. Watery eyes and crocodile tears, don’t be fooled into taking a swim. Cunning, running you through with lies.

    By Cat on 12.11.2016

  2. I heard someone say once “but hey if you don’t have a thigh gap, that means you’re that much closer to being a mermaid!” and I laughed, because that’s such a nice way of looking at it, and then I continued to starve myself for the rest of the day.

    By Catori URL on 12.11.2016

  3. the sea, the servant, the stupidity of imagining the sea is a servant. Or perhaps it’s maiden, not maid. The stupidity of imagining the sea is male or female when it contains both, and much much more.

    ‘But it’s how we understand things’ he said.

    ‘Then we need to change our way of understanding’. she said

    By nytrist URL on 12.11.2016

  4. The guesthouse had a large aquarium on the ground floor, which spanned the entire length of the wall. In the mornings, he would sit by the glass, watching the fish circle their limited stretch of ocean. He wondered what they thought about.

    Then one morning, he catch a flash of light. A tiny mermaid swam among the fishes. She was holding a sign on which she had written “Help!”

    By chanpheng URL on 12.11.2016

  5. There you were, sitting on the beach rock, looking into the horizon.
    And there I was, sitting on the sands, looking at your beauty.
    You turned around and smiled at me, “You’re not supposed to see me.”
    “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself being attracted to such beauty.” I replied.

    Then you took me to your arms, the warmth of your body, with the warmth from the evening sun, made me felt like the happiest person alive.
    “It’s going to get cold, my love”

    And you were right, the warmth was gone and all I felt was cold air touching my skin.
    No, it wasn’t cold air, it’s cold water.
    I struggled for air, and I used all my efforts to swim to the surface,
    and there you were, swimming so gracefully.
    “Join me”
    Then all I remember was your beauty fading into pitch black, your voice fading saying, “don’t leave me”

    By How I died on 12.11.2016

  6. She was sitting on the floor, having her favorite dish of pasta.

    Accompanied by a can of soda, she looked up.

    What caught her eye on the TV brought back memories.

    Tears welled in her eyes.

    She missed her life as a mermaid.

    By DF URL on 12.11.2016

  7. A beautiful creature which is unknown to human. It is hard to know if they are real or not as people haven’t seen them but they could be out there. with there human half and there fish tail.

    By Paige on 12.11.2016

  8. He saw something glisten in the water. Out far into the sea where the Earth’s land ends. He knew it couldn’t be what he thought or what he heard about. He knew the folklore could not be true. It couldn’t be a mermaid.

    By Sarah on 12.11.2016

  9. I dreamed of a mermaid beckoning me to the sea with along finger dark as ebony. She pulled me from the sand and deep under the foam, making the great Atlantic my permanent home. But I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t speak, and I gave up and drowned within a week.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.11.2016

  10. human and fish together are mermaid. mermaid is a beautiful girl with long hair.

    By vorrawan on 12.11.2016

  11. swimming in freedom
    adrift on dreams
    sun rise and sunsets
    reflections across the expanse of the sea
    whimsical, fantastical
    flipping and splashing about with glee
    the only thing missing
    the perfect merman
    for this mermaid of wanderlust

    By poetwarrior on 12.11.2016

  12. the dissonance streams lines through the wave
    I’m here to behave not to blame
    life is not a game, its an arcade, theres tons of fun to frolick with
    lets find a cabin in a far land, and meet new astonishments,
    a tree shrub in the middle of a snow hill, all covered up
    that’s our new economy, a washed up farm mill
    the mermaid squeals around underneath deep seas
    while the ship of the motherland, a viral, poisoning, batch of pirates
    wander for the mermaid
    her tail is endeavourous

    By Milad URL on 12.11.2016

  13. maid of the sea
    away with me
    strong current carrying
    lives need burying
    luck, good or bad
    the only kiss ever had
    air currents gone
    the sky at dawn
    last sight
    no light
    deeper and deeper below
    here we go

    By vanikey URL on 12.11.2016

  14. mermaids swim in the ocean. They are beautiful. They like shells. They sing well. I want to be a mermaid.

    By Stephanie Cooper on 12.12.2016

  15. Laying there, half woman, half something else, a mystery, an anomaly, always keeps me guessing as to which part I’m going to get, the seductive, gentle woman or the cold shark. She swims away, after begging for fish, then she is on the bar stool next to me asking for a light. I’m not sure where I am or how I got here. What sort of hegemony is this that rings

    By Roy Cutler on 12.12.2016

  16. She’s one of a kind
    and looked it when I saw her
    Belle robe de soiree!

    Few women do it
    pull-off the gorgeous green gown
    laced-back, MERMAID trimmed

    off-shouldered, deep “V”
    she alone, in-fact, wore green
    The true belle de ball

    I was excited
    at first, for the dance, but now,
    for the night to end

    I want her sooooo much…

    getting too hot… must apply…

    more deodorant!

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.12.2016

  17. why this word?

    there was a song
    that the ocean tasted in its mouth
    birthed from a thing that wasn’t even

    no one cared for it
    no one knew about it
    but at the bottom
    of the glass that was the sea
    she wept alone
    clutching dying notes to her

    By batteryman URL on 12.12.2016

  18. She swam through the murky water towards him. Never thinking about the consequences, just that she had to reach him no matter what. He had no idea that his life was about to change, never mind how much. She got closer, within touching distance, and then…

    By Sam URL on 12.12.2016

  19. He saw her standing naked at the shore, wet, trembling and terrified. As he got closer to her so he could help her, he realised what he had fallen into. She stole his soul, dove back into the sea head first, and her tail glistened in the sunlight. She loved being immortal.

    By Rums URL on 12.12.2016

  20. she was majestic in her own way. her tail gleamed in the sunlight, the most intense shade of emerald green you’ll ever see. she didn’t come to the surface often, but when she did, she seduced and destroyed every man she met.

    By firelight URL on 12.12.2016

  21. The mermaid said there in dismay. Have humans still not noticed her? She always sat upon this rock but no matter what she did humans always ignored her. Maybe they’ve all gone blind… She looked down and jumped back into the calm ocean where her next adventure awaits. But she couldn’t get the question out of her mind.

    By ENC on 12.12.2016

  22. A mermaid is a human/fish. They live in the deep ocean. Also they can swim fast.

    By Simon Woodard on 12.12.2016

  23. They say mermaids swim in the depth and consume the bodies, sometimes even the souls, of the sailors they encounter. They say that a mermaid’s nails will pierce your heart like you’re butter, and her teeth with break skin faster than a wave can.
    I’d rather encounter a thousand mermaids than encounter you.

    By Sara URL on 12.12.2016

  24. The world got its first ocean when Chi fell down into the deep. She cried and cried and cried until a vast and unfathomably large body appeared. It doesn’t seem possible, but neither does what happened next: chi grew a tail which sprouted some fins. Content to let her hurt give way to an ecosystem there she remained: a little mermaid. That is until the cancer spread. It started as a speck of rot but grew into a dissolving, moldy-acidic thing. I can see into her ribcage, past the bone, and into with her faint, withering heart just as I see the dawning realization of true terror in her eyes.

    By yeux on 12.12.2016

  25. Mermaids. Sirens. Greek legends never cease to amaze me. Did you know that there are entire beautiful women under the sea, just waiting to devour me, in a typically unsexual, displeasing fashion? How drab. Wish I could swim. Wish I could sing.

    By Bailey Cohen on 12.12.2016

  26. can you believe it?
    millions of people!
    listen to them
    to the sirens
    they sound
    the way you swim
    seems beautiful to me
    like skydiving
    drowning, but with grace

    By BaileyC213 URL on 12.12.2016

  27. i love mermaids i wish i was one. they are beautiful and obviously good swimmers. they live in a completely differentl world

    By Haley on 12.12.2016

  28. She arched her back, watching her hair cascade in the mirror. She had good hair. Why did people never say that? She continued circling, primping. She had a full hour before she had to leave the house, but it still didn’t feel like enough time. She inhaled and ran her hands over her stomach.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 12.12.2016

  29. I was a mermaid once,
    my chants diverted
    a man-of-war
    Not anymore
    my voice was gone
    when he was lost


  30. They are the rulers of the seas,lakes, and rivers. Being neither human or fish, they have no need of legs and feet. Instead, a tail with glistening scales that dance in the sunlight is a viable substitute for the limbs that allow us to walk. The tail allows them to glide elegantly and swiftly in the water. Their songs lure both men and women to join them in the watery depths below.

    By Sephtis King on 12.12.2016

  31. They are the rulers of the seas,lakes, and rivers. Being neither human or fish, they have no need of legs and feet. Instead, a tail with glistening scales that dance in the sunlight is a viable substitute for the limbs that allow us to walk. It allows to glide elegantly and swiftly in the water. Their songs lure both men and women to join them in the watery depths below.

    By King&Ink URL on 12.12.2016

  32. while drifting through the blue seas
    holding on to the breeze
    i saw her appear disappear and reappear
    leaving me
    in awe

    By Katelin on 12.12.2016

  33. She was beautiful, exquisite, a truly amazing creature that he thought only existed in fairy tales. The mermaid looked back at him, smiled, and disappeared. Did he really just witness this maiden of the sea or was it all an illusion conjured by his desire to become one with the ocean?

    By JL on 12.12.2016

  34. Elle breathed in and
    out hard and fast. “You’re ready” Kai’s voice was firm. “I don’t have much choice so yes I’m ready” She held in a whimper. “Focus on
    something else, place your energy there” Kai instructed. Elle could focus on nothing but the pain before the massive glow of the moon caught her eye. It looked closer and the stars brighter than most nights. “The moon” Her eyes squint with pain “I’ll focus on the moon” She exhaled a breath she had tried to hold.

    Kai glanced up at the moon for a split second before disappearing into the darned waters again. “Don’t struggle against nature my love, let it run its course” He emerged soothing her. Elle nodded and began the horrendous journey of pushing. This was a pain like nothing Elle had ever felt before. He legs wobbled and her stomach churned so much she thought she would faint. This was not the beauty of birth she had wanted to imagine but she drew strength from the moon and the thought that within moments she would hold her child to be.

    She tuned out every sound. No water sloshing about. No rustle in the leaves of the wind. No animals lurking in the brush. Just silence. She pushed again as Kai held her body close. She felt a tremendous pressure before release as Kai submerged again. One last push and her body was back to being one soul instead of two.

    The mild current rippled washing the blood away with it. Elle floated weightlessly against the shoreline when Kai emerged holding the most perfect child she had ever seen. No sound came as Kai examined the baby like it was something he had never seen before. Elle could feel the pain of the afterbirth that followed. Kai reached his hand to her as it sank to the water below. Kai swiped his hand on the baby’s belly and the cord simply fell off.

    “Meet our daughter Ella” Kai placed the silent baby on Ella’s chest and he propped her up. “Why is she not crying?” Ella’s lips trembled with emotion.
    “Our kind aren’t birthed in tears love” Kai caressed the baby’s cheek. “She’s ok?” Ella stared at the two tiny eyes who stared back at her with curiosity.
    “All is well my love” Kai kissed her forehead. Right on cue the baby wailed out a cry that made Elle laugh with joy and clutch her closer.

    As if summoned by her cries, a slow sprinkle of rain began. The gentle rain drops always soothed Elle. “What shall we call her” Kai asked. “Luna… it means moon in Spanish” Elle nuzzled her baby. “Luna” Kai repeated kissing Elle’s lips gently. Pulling her partially out of the water Elle inspected her new baby girl. Her face was a mix of her lagoon colored eyes and full pouty lips with Kai’s Merman ears and slightly webbed fingers. All in all, Luna’s upper body looked like Elle’s but her lower half was something new.

    Luna had two legs like her mother but they were a slick texture with a hint of green and very tiny scales from the upper thigh down. Aside from the appearance in color, the shape was very human. She looked at Kai. “She will be a great swimmer like her father” Kai said. “I would think so” Elle smiled warmly. Half human, half mermaid. “She’s perfect” Elle kissed Luna’s tiny webbed toes.

    By Luna Pinole URL on 12.12.2016

  35. “We were only trying to drown her,” Marsette flipped her hair and looked at Peter longingly. Peter rolled his eyes at her.
    “Marsette, we’ve discussed this. We’ve proved this time and time again. Drowning a human does not make them a mermaid.”
    “Well, I know that now, Peter. I wasn’t looking for another mermaid. I was just looking for a little entertainment. Plus drowning your little Wendy Bird would certainly bring you around more often, now wouldn’t it?” Marsette batted her eyelashes and Peter pushed the balls of his feet off the rock and flew back towards the island, Wendy Bird in hand.
    “Stupid Wendy Bird,” she mumbled and put down her comb. Marsette leaned forward and dove into the cove once again.

    By Paige B on 12.12.2016

  36. Her tail flitted through the water and the current warm and cool swirled all around me. sounds of voices and songs swirl in the air bubbles around me desperately trying to reach the sky again. I didn’t know the ocean could be this beautiful. I’m not sure if I’m having these delirious thoughts because I’m loosing oxygen to my body or if for the first time in my life I’m seeing the world as it is; magical musical and beautiful just like her.

    By Maddy on 12.12.2016

  37. Wonder what it is about a woman who is half a fish tickles the fancy of men. Lost at sea, out on choppy waters and thrown asunder by tumultuous waves, why do men crave such a creature? Perhaps that they won’t have to eat her out, they can simply eat her.

    By poetgodfather URL on 12.12.2016

  38. The crew heard singing in the distance, then they saw it. A siren, a beautiful one at that. Singing a hypnotic song.

    By Noah on 12.12.2016

  39. sometimes i feel like i could be like the little mermaid.
    she gave up her voice just so she could be with the one she loved.
    would i do that for you? maybe.
    we could still talk about music and stuff.
    who needs a voice when i’ve got you?

    By stranger on 12.12.2016

  40. She sucked in the harsh, salty air. Any normal throat would have torn and wretched at all of the salt, water and wind. But this was no normal throat. The perfectly formed head plunged back into the water. The graceful, feminine arms strove through the water, pushing and pulling. Used to the hard work the humanoid figure swam among the waves easily. From her neck and shoulders down to her waist a simple but elegant flowing, white blouse swept around her, showing her pale, crystal skin. But down her figure there is a slight change, her hips start to turn blue, green and scaly. Soon there is no skin, but fish scales turn her would be long legs into a magnificent tail. This sweeps the water pushing her along. Soon she dives, this rare occurrence comes to an end. The merpeople with their sprightly, lanky and beautiful bodies and personalities live under our oceans never to be seen. Except, when one young mermaid sometimes just can’t resist the urge to see what strange people live above their world.

    By WolfHeart URL on 12.12.2016