October 15th, 2010 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “sweater”

  1. I pulled down my sweater expecting to get warmer, but it didn’t make much of a difference. That kind of warmth was only achieved with you by my side <3

    By Alex M. URL on 10.15.2010

  2. I have a nice red sweater. My sweater has skull on it to represent my favorite brand of skateboarding. Zero, is what the logo is on my sweater.

    By Misael on 10.15.2010

  3. She shivered and pulled the sleaves of her sweater down over her hands to fight off the biting cold.
    “Do you want my coat?” he offered, already shucking off the sleaves. She shook her head. She didn’t want anything from him.

    By april93 URL on 10.15.2010

  4. i love wearing a sweater in the winter. Just a single stripped sweater wrapped and snug around me. I stand out in the cold and it keeps me warm and toasty. I especially love stripped sweater cause you can wear them everyday (:

    By The Blondester(; URL on 10.15.2010

  5. The sweater was red, torn by use, and dingy. Its buttons, however, belied its body. They were gold, with bright pieces of cut glass and scalloped edges. Patches covered the sweater elbows, giving him a scholarly look.

    By John on 10.15.2010

  6. I have so many sweaters. Or rather sweatshirts. I often fail to make the distinction. See, I always felt, at least as a kid, that sweaters were lame and sweatshirts were cool. So I always wore a sweatshirt. Never a sweater, although now I think I’d look more sophisticated with one on.

    By Joe on 10.15.2010

  7. The fluffy big bright yellow sweater hung on one of the racks on my closet. It just stood there waiting for someone to pick it up and expect to be audacious and dare to wear such a thing outside. I wondered when would be the right time to wear this thing or if the right time would ever come around. I couldn’t stop but concentrate on the odd knitting of it.

    By em on 10.15.2010

  8. I wrap my sweater tighter around me as the cold air surrounds me. I step forward and crush a leaf. It was crunchy.

    By Rachel on 10.15.2010

  9. There they are, the little business school drones in their V-neck sweaters. Some wear collars, some don’t. I’m simultaneously trying to be one of them and lookiing with disdain upon this world of fake smiles.

    By tammie URL on 10.15.2010

  10. I put on one sweater and I remembered of you because you gave it to me one year ago. I remembered that I love winter and I love this sweater because I love you

    By uoana URL on 10.15.2010

  11. The sweater was tight-fitting and attractive. It accentuated her features and her features accentuated the sweater. Either way, it distracted me long enough for the assassin to slip up behind me. It was only his ungraceful clumsiness that saved me. But an instant after ducking under the bullet, I saw the crimson blood stain had already begun to spread across the breast of the sweater. I knew that would be a regret that would follow me for the rest of my life.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 10.15.2010

  12. “Bring a sweater,” I always respond. The complaints about the coldness of the classroom come every day. “It’s ALWAYS cold.” Teenagers are obsessed with sex and showing skin so they will continue to shiver in their strappy tanks.

    By Amiee URL on 10.15.2010

  13. i love sweater wheather! it reminds me of childhood when my dad would build fires first thing in the morning and we would make pancakes for breakfast

    By nicole cortazzo on 10.15.2010

  14. Do you own a sweater? Well you should. Because they are warm fuzzy bundles of goodness that make even the coldest and rainiest days feel like a hug from your grandmother!

    By Miss FFF URL on 10.15.2010

  15. I posted my note on the lobby door. As I was leaving, I grabbed a sweater off another chair and put it on over the flannel shirt I had already donned. Although the sun was still in the same position it had been in all day, I felt colder, even if you accounted for the central air.

    By mimimanderly URL on 10.15.2010

  16. Its long and cosy, but the cutest thing about a sweater, is that no mater how cold it can be a boy that likes you will always give it up for you.

    By Mayra URL on 10.15.2010

  17. It’s getting colder here in boston, and I’m just uncomfortable. I have plenty of sweaters but none of them are right. They’re too tight, too itchy, dumb colours. I’d rather be cold than wear a bad sweater.

    By Jake URL on 10.15.2010

  18. Wrapped around me, the heat becomes intense. A burning inferno of rage, smothering my sense like a cloud of encapsulating, emotional dust. Help me to breath.

    By Jasmine Henry URL on 10.15.2010

  19. “Word of the day is sweater.” “Sweater? You brought her.” “…..Rikki. Just….never again. Just…no.”

    I love my fiance…sometimes. When he’s not dumb. Ugh. Some boys….

    By Phee URL on 10.15.2010

  20. He pulled the sweater around himself, deeply inhaling the scent of his sister. The smell of India ink, oil paints and incense. He had become the hotshot in suits while she had followed her dream, but he missed her nonetheless and he loved wearing the big purple hoodie she had left behind.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 10.15.2010

  21. Ohh. I’m just like Buddy Holly. I’m just like Mary Tyler Moore. He began to chew on the sleeve of his Sweater as she cried at what he’d become. He used to be so suave.

    By Rhys Howell on 10.15.2010

  22. She shivered, wrapping her arms around herself. The sky was gray above her head, and… were those snowflakes?
    “Are you cold? Here, take my sweater.” She opened her mouth to protest, but he was already taking it off.
    “Y-you don’t have one,” she said.
    He smiled, holding it out to her. “Neither do you.”
    “I mean, *another* one.” She took it bashfully and put it on.
    “I know,” he said, laughing. “I’ll be fine.”
    “Thank y– eep!”
    He put an arm around her and tugged her close to him. “Now I’ll stay warm, too.”

    By JujYFru1T URL on 10.15.2010

  23. Fix it, make it work;
    looks like a turtle struggling for breath
    walking down the cat-walk
    like a dog dolled-up for Christmas
    in that garish green and red sweater
    that’s better off being re-gifted
    to your mother in law
    or her pooch.

    By teachthegirl URL on 10.15.2010

  24. The fail safe method of bringing in the laundry early did not work for the sweater. It was still wet and smelled of foggy air. .

    By Rhonda Grace URL on 10.15.2010

  25. I remember the day I got that itchy sweater from Grandma for Christmas. There was a reindeer on that sweater and it was so ugly. But, I didn’t want to disappoint her so I wore it, and I looked like a fool.

    By Twix on 10.15.2010

  26. i like sweaters especially in the winter i bought one in a charity shop once it was warm and lovely and i lost it which was sad. my brother had a gap sweater i also loved but that one went missing aswell, maybe theres a sweater theif in my house i wish i still had them both.

    By Megan on 10.15.2010

  27. ethe best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time. i can still smell him on the red hoodie he gave me. that one night. it was an amazing night. i was cold, so he gave up his dark red american eagle sweater and gave it to me. <3

    By Elissa on 10.15.2010

  28. Aaah, fall. cool air and drifting leaves, hot apple cider and pumpkin cookies. warm, tall, fuzzy boots and a long brown, orange and green sweater.

    By Irishfiddles on 10.15.2010

  29. at first it was sweeter, but now its a sweater, something that if a safety net, a winter peice that all should own because its one of those things that you cant go without. a sweeter sweater.

    By rachael URL on 10.15.2010

  30. Thick and green; it slips off, slips on, whatever I need. There are promises of fulfilled dreams within its knit, and enough air to breath between the stitches so hope and warmth don’t suffocate me. It is love, but perfect.

    By Irina URL on 10.15.2010

  31. I hugged myself close in the soft fabric of his sweater. I pressed my nose to it and inhaled. It smelled of vanilla just like him. I couldn’t stop the smile crossing my face. Quietly I tiptoed back to the bed and slipped between the sheets and nestled close to him. I was keeping this sweater, whether he wanted me to or not.

    By Alexx Roux URL on 10.15.2010

  32. It is very cold so I need a sweater to keep warm! Could you please give me yours?

    By Adriana DS on 10.15.2010

  33. Sarah buttoned her sweater as Winter chill blew through her skin and chilled her to the bone. The snow drifts swirled around her and she shivered. “Next time I shovel the driveway,” she told herself, “I’ll wear a coat. And pants.”

    By richpee URL on 10.15.2010

  34. The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time.
    Ron’s mother makes all the of the Weasley children homemade sweaters every Christmas. When Harry Potter becomes friends with Ron, she makes him one too.
    My friend Daniel is obsessed with sweaters, he buys them all the time.

    By Taylor on 10.15.2010

  35. The sweater keeps me warm and feeling comfy. I wear it most in the fall and winter seasons.

    By T URL on 10.15.2010

  36. We went to the DI today and looked through the sweaters which smelled a little like cigarettes and cat urine. We felt hip, though, rifling through gems other people overlook. Anything outdated is, after all, vintage. Anything vintage is stuff white people like.

    By clairebunny on 10.15.2010

  37. warm and fuzzy coats my arms, wraps me in warmth. the snow flows around me like stars falling, crunching on the powdery white ground.

    By Erika Varga on 10.15.2010

  38. My new sweater was full of pills from the wool that was just sheared from the sheep. the color however was striking – bright green. I have never seen a bright green sheep before but now I realized that that sheep had probably eaten green crayons.

    By jinianne on 10.15.2010

  39. It unraveled like the last thread of a sweater from winters decades past. The one that was your favorite, that you wore every day even when it got too small. The one that held too many memories for you to just let go and move on to something new.

    It unraveled, and I only wish it was brand new again.

    By happilyMourning URL on 10.15.2010

  40. His sweater clung tightly to the broad expanse of his chest, the rain outside having plastered it down in a most revealing way. When he entered the apartment her first instinct was to remove it from him and find some way to warm him up.

    By dfdfd URL on 10.15.2010