January 15th, 2019 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “swaying”

  1. Aquel sutil balanceo era casi imperceptible, pero ahí estaba. Quizá era una brisa ligera, quizá eran los últimos espasmos, pero ese cuerpo se balanceaba ligeramente mientras colgaba del árbol.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.15.2019

  2. i think theres a song that has the word swaying, oh yeh sway with me by michael bonlau i thinnk thats what its called

    By Deann Claude on 01.15.2019

  3. Swaying palms, the image of Hawaii. Wahine in hula skirts swaying to ukulele music under those palms. Oh, did I mention the traffic? Hours of it. Did I mention the over-development with no compensatory increase in infrastructure? Identical dull-painted houses crammed close together, shades of gray, and much smaller apartments with tiny kitchens and bathrooms and bedrooms. Did I mention the blasted rail? Ugly concrete stretching from nowhere to nowhere, ruining ocean views, high above the flat ground when it could have run along that ground, and that rail is already swaying, and were there ever to be a train on it, the train would sway and sway and sway and then crash off the rails to earth and catch fire? Just like Joni Mitchell sang, they cut down paradise and put up a parking lot.

    By Joanna Bressler on 01.15.2019


    By NATHIFA MAWIYAH on 01.15.2019

  5. feel the warm gentle breeze just swaying on your body. Feel the wind going through your hair. smell the scent through your nostrils. The trees are swaying in the breeze with their leaves gliding down in the autumn air. Enjoy this feeling because it is just a dream.

    By jasmine on 01.15.2019

  6. Ever since I was a kid, I loved going outside in the summer months. In the morning, I could hear the wind gusting, the silent echo of the mountains and the swaying of the trees. I miss those days where just enjoying the simple sounds of nature brought enough wonder in my life.

    By maxwellduryea URL on 01.15.2019

  7. I was bored while they were playing music. Then all the sudden I started swaying. I was swaying when I was sad.

    By Renee on 01.15.2019

  8. little one
    eyes unworn
    swaying back and forth
    in your mother’s arms
    a quite quiet calm
    a louder than life
    first born charm
    a love like nothing else
    a moment frozen in time
    the death of self

    By matt m on 01.15.2019

  9. I find her swaying, upright, in the dining room, with all the light on, all the candles lit, and all the windows open – which sweeps in the rain like wet, translucent confetti, making itself at home in our tiny domain. I approach her; she’s asleep. Of course. This is not the first time I’ve seen her in this state. And when I touch her, she moans. She is, at first, incoherent. I do not understand her.

    “Um…pardon, love?”

    Then she becomes insistent; frustrated, even. “I am STEEPING the f***ing TEA!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.15.2019

  10. I don’t even know what swaying means. The first thing I am going to do after this sixty seconds is to look up what it means in an online dictionary. I am not even going to guess now. Hmmm… not knowing the word makes it hard to write anything about it hahaha. Anyways this has been a fun experience and I think this could be a cool tool for me.

    By Raj on 01.15.2019

  11. As I was swaying, “I can’t lean back and forth and from side to side like this for long–I’ll get sick.”

    By Billium on 01.15.2019

  12. Swaying? What? I truly do not understand. This is my first time doing this. Is this supposed to remind me of something? give me ideas? wow, i type so slow. No time for capitalization apparently. ok good. this is good.

    By Estephany Bonilla on 01.15.2019

  13. The hard moment that we passed in our lives deepens of many thing but the important thing you should be carefully because it’s a case to test your faith in your God; it’s moment that you believe in the destiny; the moment when you improve your trust in yourself; it’s the time to control your life because you will learn lot of lessons…
    it’s hard because you are swaying in the top to get what you want but you are walking on a thin wire seeing down the end of what you already began for it! you have to be strong, confident in yourself especially when you see the others! in order that you control in your balance
    and don’t give up!! you will make it yes you can

    By Roumaissaa FERHI on 01.15.2019

  14. The trees blurred into one swampy sickly-green outside the window, as bangs stretching from above a pair of downcast eyes bounced loosely with every jostle from the train, travelling up a defeated spine. The handles above moved in sync, but the eyes only saw the rims of shoes, a smudge, some curled-up wrappers, a couple of dead bugs. There, the world was perfectly still.

    By Ai URL on 01.15.2019

  15. I feel my self swaying in the wind. Being blown by the world around me… all that is happening. I am overwhelmed, I am beautiful, I am filled with the breeze of the unknown. However, I am not unsteady, I am powerful, I am dancing to the tune of my own drum and will forever be present.

    By Julianna on 01.15.2019

  16. It was all about poise. When she walked in the dance hall, she drew every eye to her. Head up, shoulder’s back, a little swivel in her hips, that would keep them coming all night. Until he arrived. He was taller than her by a full head. Those piercing grey eyes were hypnotic. She lost her balance looking up into them.

    By DarkJanuary URL on 01.16.2019

  17. Branches sway in the wind all day long.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 01.16.2019

  18. They were dancing. Swaying back and forth like palm trees in a gentle breeze. His heart beat because he loved her so much. Up until this day they hadn’t been connected. But for these two minutes they were.

    By Ellie on 01.16.2019

  19. I love swaying when it makes people laugh. Swaying reminds of Jews when they sway when they are praying or worshipping their God.

    By Peighton on 01.16.2019

  20. They swayed, but the boat didn’t. Maybe all those cocktails at the free bar were a bad idea. He looked up into her eyes. Glazed and blurry, he couldn’t work out what she was thinking. Just as he got his courage up, the boat lurched, they both swayed, and over the railing they fell… Never to be heard from again.

    By Owen on 01.16.2019

  21. Have you heard of the fairytale Cinderella ? When she was dancing with the prince cinderella was swaying forward and backward side to side. To Cinderella that was a magical moment. That was how my aunt felt when she getting married. To me this was a important event because she was marrying and fulling a sacrament. On the wedding day I dressed up in a dress and had to rehearse the entrance because she wanted it to be perfect. So after we rehearsed we greeted everyone who was coming to the the wedding. At last when the she was finally married she danced . Well we all danced. She first danced with my Grandpa otherwise her father. They were swaying back and forth having fun talking a little bit.

    By Jasmyn on 01.16.2019

  22. She fell into him, his arms around her. They just stood in silence, her face buried in his shoulder taking in his smell, his hands finding her waist and tracing his fingers along her, making her move closer into him.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.16.2019

  23. I feel that in life, we all find ourselves swaying. I feel a visual analogy would be like a pendulum. we strive, we go fourth, we bear fruits, we peak, then we find ourselves looking for….more.
    We seek truths to those things we love and desire.
    Sadly, at times we settle or even retreat to familiarity.
    why? Is it because that is all we know? Is it just that same ol’ feeling of comfort or sameness?,
    Or Is it that we fear failure and courage to try those things unknown/unfamiliar?
    I want to be all that I was meant and created to be.
    I feel strong and yet I sway!
    Yes, here I am again, swaying.

    By Donnie Phillips URL on 01.16.2019

  24. I didn’t think it was going to be windy today. But, when I was standing outside the branch started swaying. It was slow. But, I could feel the rhythm of the branch. I started swaying along with it. And it was weird because I didn’t think I would ever be doing such a thing.

    By Alexandria on 01.16.2019

  25. Branches swaying in the wind. Leaves falling. Boughs creeking. Wind howling.

    By Sam on 01.16.2019

  26. Swaying reminds me of things like trees, swings, and wacky-inflatable-tube men near car dealerships. Swaying could be negative in that you are swaying away from your morals and beliefs. It could be positive in that you could be swaying to the beat of the music with a partner. I could to sway with life and to go with the flow- good or bad.

    By Anthony Reed on 01.16.2019

  27. Trees sometimes sway in the wind.

    By Sarah on 01.16.2019

  28. remnds me of bumbing sawng by rae sremmurd in my car with my frineds. Brings me back to the good old days and i feel like we need to go drive around and liste to loud music wih friends more it puts us all in a good mood all in the same mindset and bonds us together as brothers not just friends.

    By H URL on 01.16.2019

  29. im pretty sure i already wrote about this but whatever. when i was a kid beside playing on the swing set i swayed in the yard like a hula dancer, dont ask mw why.

    By Deann Claude on 01.16.2019

  30. Lots of things sway. for example trees, swings and lots of other things. Sometimes swaying in the wind is peaceful. It makes me calm and helps me when I am mad to relieve my stress. I like to read on a swaying swing and I feel like i can almost hear the characters calling to one another.

    By 123 URL on 01.16.2019

  31. Swaying trees are so beautiful. Some people think that is it scary I don’t. Swaying trees are beautiful

    By s URL on 01.16.2019

  32. wind pushing the leaves and
    trees swaying with each gust
    I lean in to you, and we sway
    you hold my arm close to the
    the warm part of you

    By Billium on 01.16.2019

  33. the words don’t come so easily
    a relaxing moment
    stretched into eternity
    a pause for thought
    a life long ambition
    swaying back and forth
    through the dimly lit
    synapses, neurons
    a total blank
    turns my more on.

    By matt m on 01.16.2019

  34. sophia and ryder were outside on the swings watching the apples fall while the tree is swaying back and forth

    By madison on 01.16.2019

  35. sophia and ryder were outside on the swings watching the apples fall of the swaying tree.

    By madison on 01.16.2019

  36. We look at ourselves in the mirror, our hands clasped tight, naked and swaying to Frankie Valli. We laugh and the sound scares the cat. We hug and the air almost lets us touch one another but then I’m twirling you out again, drawing you back. I watch you mouth the words until, again, you find my ear. The soft ‘it’s just to good to be’s’ before you pull away make me ache but I know you like the spins. I think, maybe, I can learn to like the orbit too.

    By absolutelynthng URL on 01.16.2019

  37. Swaying makes me think of slowly dancing to smooth, mellow music. It is a sweet, comforting thought. Perhaps there are ways to add more swaying into my daily routine? just to give brief smooth, sweet moments into my day

    By Lori Garner on 01.17.2019

  38. move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backwards and forwards or from side to side. e.g: “he swayed slightly on his feet” and synonyms are swing, shake, oscillate, rock, undulate, move from side to side etc.
    control or influence (a person or course of action). e.g: “he’s easily swayed by other people” and synonyms are influence, affect, bias, persuade, prevail on etc.

    By asdadc URL on 01.17.2019

  39. Imagine a boat in the middle of the ocean in a storm rocking side to side very slowly. Swaying with the waves is what the boat is doing.

    By Micah Singleton on 01.17.2019

  40. You are moving something away from you or you moving slowly

    By Aaliyah Riggins URL on 01.17.2019