January 13th, 2019 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “classical”

  1. old, music, piano type of music, old cars, black & white movies, the year 1500, very old.

    By braden nainoa on 01.14.2019

  2. I think classical means that something old in the past for example like old cars and clothing

    By Jayden URL on 01.14.2019

  3. Classical music and I don’t know any other things about classical other than classic music.

    By Passi on 01.14.2019

  4. When I hear the word classical all I think of is classical music & classical art.

    By Jasmin on 01.14.2019

  5. Classical is the way someone can behave, it can also be a type of music. Classical music can be very calming to some however some people who like pop might find it boring. To me classical music is kind of boring. Classical can mean so many other meanings that I don’t even know.

    By Holly URL on 01.14.2019

  6. When I see classical I think about something old and original. For example, classical music, classical cards, classical clothing, and classical art.

    By Paleb Clowman on 01.14.2019

  7. traditional,old school,simple,old school clothes,old cars, original games,old ways of learning/teaching

    By Blaze Batoon on 01.14.2019

  8. classical music and there is also classical cars. it makes me think of old music the most. Also the Olden days.

    By tehani on 01.14.2019

  9. When I think of the word classical I think of something random and it being the same thing.

    By isaac on 01.14.2019

  10. Oh, hai, like the music, yes? Or like the architecture. There’s your Classical, and then there’s your CLASSIC. And ionic and doric and what’s that third column? And your classy. And your classist. And your girls who wear glasses.

    By Liz URL on 01.14.2019

  11. this classical music.

    i love music classical.

    this classical people.

    i don´t like music classical.

    this classical restaurant.

    By Tatiana on 01.14.2019

  12. She had that classical look, blonde haired, blue eyed, lips painted a strikingly unnatural shade of red. There was nothing about her that people didn’t like. She was perfect.
    She was broken. Most mornings she didn’t even have the ability to will herself out of bed, she could’t look in a mirror without hating everything that she saw. Keep up apperances. Her mother’s voice constantly bounced around her head, picking at everything.

    By Nat on 01.14.2019

  13. Classical education. Seems tried-and-true, doesn’t it?

    Latin, Greek, boy’s boarding schools, camaraderie and friendship in the face of dispassionate teachers who are often more miserable than the pupils.

    It’s good at seeming, and less good at the “friendship” bit in particular.

    By Sparklespirit on 01.14.2019

  14. Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus preen into my ear. Whisper me your lullaby when I’m soft asleep. So sayeth ye all. Lull me during my terrible twos and teach me the way of this world with your neoprene melodies. Soft…I wonder and lo, I search for you a yonder.

    By Eric Harrell on 01.14.2019

  15. I am a fan of classical music. Not sure why it is called classical – maybe because it has a classic “old” feel to it and the classy people listened to it?

    Is opera classed as classical? Maybe I don’t know about it all to be honest. I don’t know what else to say!

    By Laurie on 01.14.2019

  16. I was able to study classical music, not that I was an accomplished player, but I loved Mozart. I felt that he spoke directly to me. Then I found out that he was something of a brat, and I loved that even more.

    By Jenny Yacovissi URL on 01.15.2019

  17. Music. A performance. A style of dress important posh opera high society. Classical architecture in Italy. Columns and grand staircases. Someone hurrying down the stairs to escape. She has one hand on the bannister, clacks in her shoes and holds her dress in the other hand.

    By Katie Coleman on 01.15.2019

  18. when they got to the hospital they rush him to the back and got super glue and super glued his head back together.

    By madison brooks on 01.15.2019

  19. I can’t believe Jeff did that! He is so brassy and brazen. It’s no wonder al the girls like him so much. There’s nothing that rock-sacked monkey won’t do. Classical Jeff, man. I sure miss him.

    By Fallon URL on 01.15.2019

  20. once they super glued his head back they discharged him and went home sophia had to moniter him just to make sure he was fine after a while he was back to normal.

    By madison brooks on 01.15.2019

  21. he was finally back to normal he was running and jumping around.

    By madison brooks on 01.15.2019

  22. uhohh get rid of that alarm clock,
    it’s just another screen,
    and in your face,
    and mean.
    Use a brick and morder
    alarm clock,
    tick tock,
    your life is ready,
    let’s get it stocked.

    Laugh, feel the thunderous,
    bubble coming over,
    you like a typoon for a titration,
    it’s a revelation,
    when we make eachother’s day,
    and avoid and sway,
    from making this into just another day,
    keep it classical.

    By Milad URL on 01.15.2019

  23. classical music spilled
    out of her bedroom window and floated
    on the breeze to his ears
    soft and muted against
    the clear blue of the early morning sky

    By Sarah on 01.15.2019

  24. I love classical music. it stimulates me, gets my creative juices flowing. I’ll never get tired of listening to the music of Beethoven, Chopin, or Mozart. they seem to activate my neurons and motivate me to write. I am not a fast writer, but listening to classical music speeds me up.

    How about you? Do you like classical music? Does it set your day?

    By liberty1221 on 01.15.2019

  25. I think that when people say classical they mean something u cant forget. Something that was so bad or great that its stuck in your brain. Ive had some experiences like that.

    By Peighton on 01.15.2019

  26. I think that when people say classical they mean something u cant forget. Something that was so bad or great that its stuck in your brain. Ive had some experiences like that. I remember when I was four I went to DisneyWorld and saw all my favorite princesses and it was grand! I say that was a good classical moment.

    By Peighton on 01.15.2019

  27. Something that is classical is timeless, original, and beautiful. It is the epitome of refined elegance.

    By aquartercuban on 01.15.2019

  28. There’s One A Big Mountain In The Forest.

    By Kevin URL on 01.15.2019

  29. When I think of classical, I think of common. I think of old fashioned. I think about someone telling me a joke and me slapping my knee yelling “classic”.

    By Micah Singleton on 01.15.2019