September 4th, 2012 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “sustain”

  1. sustain the hold you have on me
    i don’t want you to let me go

    By paige URL on 09.05.2012

  2. I don’t know how to sustain this. I’ve quit for over three months now. A new record. And yet, the thoughts don’t go away. They’re just as strong as ever. Whoever said quitting was worth it, was probably right, but I often think of them as wrong. Am I wrong to do this?

    By Emily on 09.05.2012

  3. “The move will sustain us for days,” she said. I noticed the glimmer of a tear in her eye and began to wonder where our next meal would come from. The heat of the barren desert bore down on me and I became desperate.

    By Pamela on 09.05.2012

  4. Darkness was my fate it seemed, a life forlorn and bereft of the light that once had sustained me. Am I weak for what I did? Perhaps. But sometimes weakness is all you have.

    By Fia on 09.05.2012

  5. sustainable living. healthy environment. vegetarian. long life. solar energy. loving life. happiness

    By karen on 09.05.2012

  6. TO sustain is to keep something alive or present. To sustain ones self is to eat or perhaps to mentally sustain oneself with relationships or mental activity. To sustain the environment. Sustainability with food and habitats.

    By Mosca on 09.05.2012

  7. I ask only to remain in one piece. I need to continue, to be stable. We move around like water in a river, swirling through the crystal liquid. We are fluid, always in motion never committing to anything. I only ask to sustain these thoughts and remain true.

    By Phillip on 09.05.2012

  8. sustain. keep. if there’s one thing in the world i’d keep, it would be you. I know I dont know you that well but so far you’ve been great. And i wouldn’t mind keeping you in my life. You’re awesome. I’d pick you.

    By bel on 09.05.2012

  9. sustain. I will. I will be amzing at life. I will save lifes and souls. I will help others sustain. I’m not going to waste my brain on being a stepfford wife. I’m not going to be a waste. I will sustain through college. I will be at the top of my career. I will find my Calcutta. I will sustain this pseudo hipster life i’m trying to live. I will at the same time sustain this sestemic life I think I have. I will not give up. Lives are at stake.

    By Jerri on 09.05.2012

  10. “Sustain yourself”, she said, “Don’t think there is much you can do to rush the process.”

    Madeline looked out of the car window… almost as if despair.

    “But if i don’t feel it… if I don’t CONTROL it…. I don’t won’t know how I can make sense of it.”

    By Francesca on 09.05.2012

  11. It’s funny that at most times, I can’t seem to sustain a project, emotion, words, thoughts, random rants,

    By Rv on 09.05.2012

  12. I’ve been working hard to destroy the world,
    Leaving the lights on,
    And laughing at my politically inclined friends.
    I’d rather just sit at home, watch TV, and pretend what I’m doing is useful to those around me.

    Sustainable energy and focus isn’t worth anything nowadays.
    So why even bother trying, right?

    Memento Mori. There’s no point in worrying about anything else.
    Who cares about the future.

    By Siege URL on 09.05.2012

  13. Sustain…to be able to support.

    I can keep going. I can stay strong. It isn’t over yet.
    I’ve never found a language class so difficult; I feel like everyone knows what they’re doing.

    By ankni on 09.05.2012

  14. continue
    going on
    break up

    By edi on 09.05.2012

  15. How long can I take this? Time away from the protection of my family of God, it seems to pass with trials and tribulations. Tripping and stumbling. God knows how much I can take, and He has created hope in the fog.

    By Veronique URL on 09.05.2012

  16. To sustain something means that you have the endurance and willpower to keep it up. If you don’t that means you were too weak, or incapable of managing it. If you can sustain yourself for a marathon, then you have good cardio, if you can sustain yourself by living alone then you are independent.

    By Ryan on 09.05.2012

  17. sustain me, my love
    with the closeness of your breath
    upon my face as we fall
    gently to sleep in
    one another’s arms

    By Karen on 09.05.2012

  18. Capable.. . to sustain a meaningful relationship, a meaningful life. What does it take to follow your dreams?

    By Anne Marie on 09.05.2012

  19. Some things come and go but others last for a long time. Like a fire for instance. It will last for a while but will not sustain itself. Someone has to be there to fuel the fire or it will go out. Just like rumors.

    By Orion on 09.05.2012

  20. water. food. air. Sustain me. I am running in the woods. and i will die. I beg the earth




    i need life.

    i cannot die

    By Arden Turner on 09.05.2012

  21. Sustain. I never stop to consider it. What sustains me? What is it in this world that keeps me alive?

    But here I am. I have stopped. And I ask, What sustains me? Why can I survive here? Others perish everyday, rich and poor, old and young…..

    Is it just a game of fate that I am forced to keep breathing while others fall to silence?

    By Arden Turner on 09.05.2012

  22. they were determined to live a sustainable lifestyle and spent hours each day working in the garden and tending the livestock. It was hard work but they felt like they were living a dream until

    By Katherine on 09.05.2012

  23. If you can sustain the concentration to complete this task then by all means try. Though some of you may fail, at least the attempt will give me some hope that there is at least a skerrick of intelligence in this room.

    By strangertothesun on 09.05.2012

  24. Hands and legs and arms, entwined, clinging. Gasps of breath. Finger pressure says I Won’t Let Go. Don’t Go. WIlling happiness and energy and the will to live into you, but skin gets in the way. The barrier is too strong.

    [I can’t sustain you, I can’t, I’m sorry]

    By With Feeling on 09.05.2012

  25. Energy. Coffee. Renewabale. Depression. Africa. Bed. Coffee. Tea. Mrs Frizzle. Underwater. Trees. China. Boner. Cosmo. Drunk. Whiskey. Tequila. riting, Energy Vyvanse. Sillouete.

    By hALEIGH on 09.05.2012

  26. I tried to sustain her. I tried to make her think positively. I made her list all the things that were good about her. But I couldn’t stop the disease from progessing. Her hatred of herself, and life, grew. Slowly, she stopped eating. Then, she didn’t go outside anymore. And soon, she wouldn’t get out of bed. She wasted away, a hollow almost-corpse, rotting in her room. She didn’t do much more than stare out the window, her skeletal face pale and blank. One day, she spoke for the first time in months. She told me she was finally free. She died that night, in her sleep. And I couldn’t help her.

    By Summer on 09.05.2012

  27. The earth sustains the life blood flows
    As rivers do down mountain paths
    Ever giving
    Ever tending
    Rending the land
    And futile
    The wind blow as the sky sings
    Sustaining the breathe
    In the lungs I breathe

    By Lauren on 09.05.2012

  28. when everything is crashing down… when all my friends have turned on me… when my enemies lies are winning… when nothing seems to be going right… when i can’t see the top because i’ve hit rock bottom… when darkness surrounds me and i can’t find a way out… when the storms of life are to much… when i don’t know what to do… when i don’t know where to turn… my God will sustain me…

    By Michael on 09.05.2012

  29. This to me is to do with the world we live in. Sustain our world, sustain our health, sustain life for our children. But so many do no understand how important the little things are.

    By Kelly Drewett URL on 09.05.2012

  30. Sustain the environment with the intent of making the future better for our children, their children, and their children’s children. Improve the quality of life by preserving the world’s resources.

    By lamouret on 09.05.2012

  31. This is sustainable development. You’ve got two years to replicate it or you’re out.

    I think I can handle that, sir. I mean, how hard could it be to sustain destruction? Total annihilation is our goal, and I shall take it to that end.

    By johnnyflashbang on 09.05.2012

  32. I saw a man walking in a weird way. I asked him why he was looking sad. He said he sustain sthe weight of the world on his shoulders.

    By jenny on 09.05.2012

  33. She tried sustaining her fingers for those interminable seconds to dial the three numbers that seeped through the splitting headache.

    She barely pressed first two numbers; she never made it to the final 1.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 09.05.2012

  34. to sustain is to persevere. By creating something sustainable, you create something that will not fade away even through high demand or continuous use.

    By Chris on 09.05.2012

  35. Sustain. Hold on. Hold on. Keep holding. Sustain. Don’t use up, in one burst, the fire-rush of energy, speed, power. Don’t use up, in one glut , what you’ve been given. Sustain. Sustain.

    By Saamja on 09.05.2012

  36. How does someone sustain greatness? Consider the performer. He was great when he was young. Now, he is well compensated, but not as good as he once was. What ruined him? In in youth, he showed infinite promise but in his old age, he seems tired and worn.

    By dan URL on 09.05.2012

  37. Its easy to sustain somehing that is fun, if you’re doing something you enjoy then keeping it going is very simply. You dont want to stop doing it so you endevor to sustain it. Trying to sustain something you don’t enjoy however is a lot harder. For example, the difference between sustaining an erection for those without problems obv, or sustaining a pile of stinking dog crap balanced on your left hand. now what one can you do? Personally the more enjoyable experience is much easier to keep up, no pun intended.

    By Bibble URL on 09.05.2012

  38. The love needed to sustain the both of us was no longer forthcoming. And with each word exchanged in our vicious argument, the love began to recede. There was no point in sustaining something that was bound to end in bloodshed. It was time to face facts, we needed to let it die.

    By Chevaugne on 09.05.2012

  39. i need you to sustain me. just like the plants need the sun. you are my moon and my sun. when you rise i rise and when you fall i fall. you help me more than i could ever admit. i need you in my life. the plants need the sun to grow and so i need you to grow and thrive.

    By Sam on 09.05.2012

  40. I had been but the leech of your intellect, the leech of your brilliance. The left over off the spilt cackling zeal. It’s about time I lit up my own torches and brighten my own soul.

    By elysia URL on 09.05.2012