September 4th, 2012 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “sustain”

  1. In this life there are a few things that we need to sustain ourselves. the most important thing is security. if there is no security in life, there is no reason for happiness.

    By Lacy on 09.04.2012

  2. I don’t know how i can sustain this mental torment I’m putting myself though. I know he doesn’t love me, he loves her, but still I try to run to him after all we’ve been through. Sure it’s only been a few months but they were the happiest months I’ve had in years

    By Penny Lane URL on 09.04.2012

  3. sustain your life by living with love, eating organic food, and being happy.
    sustain the planet by not producing waste and living in a natural way.

    By Dmitri Wylight on 09.04.2012

  4. Hold on. The armor is breaking and the walls cracking.
    They are falling apart.
    For the kids.
    Never miss a beat.

    By Maxwell URL on 09.04.2012

  5. sustainable energy is energy that will last a long time because the word sustain means built to last as well as something that will keep one going, it is there for the long haul. Sustain rhymes with mustang (half rhyme but still).

    By Claire Shea on 09.04.2012

  6. Sustain the passion of a pifetime . Start with the first kiss. Move through the depression days. Continue past the giddy days. Ask for his hand. Get your ring.

    By Jen on 09.04.2012

  7. it’s all I could do to sustain the smile on my face. After the yelling, the nagging, the pushing of intentions that road over my mind, my soul, my existence. I wanted to stop the sound of his voice, but kept smiling.

    By Seansj URL on 09.04.2012

  8. to sustain. to sustain, in my heart, means to be able to keep someone here. give them a reason for staying. give them a reason for their smiles, make sure they know they’re loved. because it sustains them. there’s nothing more powerful and more drawing than knowing that you’re loved. so remember, no matter what, remember to sustain people.

    By Stephanie on 09.04.2012

  9. Sustain me O Lord. Sustain me with water, living water. Sustain me from death, death of my mind, my spirit, my love.
    I am Sustained by the way of the Lord and I cannot be done

    By Mark on 09.04.2012

  10. I leaned against the pole as the cold wind rattled against my chest. The hollowness in my chest was a rattle that I knew many times before. It was dark and cold and I had long since I had a warm bed to rest my head upon. And I couldnt remember the last time I had sustinence.

    By Aidan URL on 09.04.2012

  11. Sustain is a very difficult word to use because it has a lot of meanings, but one thing is true sustain your ideas

    By Alicia on 09.04.2012

  12. Sustain me.

    Quench me.

    Remind me that I am nothing.

    Remind me of how I need you.

    Of how I yearn for you. Of what I long for. Of what I must be patient.

    Sustain me.

    Uplift me.

    Remind me of how I want you.

    Of how I wish for you. Of what I desire between us. Of what you have to offer.

    Sustain me.

    Cleanse me.

    Grapple inside my twisted mind and unravel the secrets I ought not to hide. Know me. Search me. Remake me.

    Take me.

    Sustain me.

    I am your creation and I desire to be yours.

    Your child. Your handiwork. Yours.

    Sustain me.

    By Sara H. URL on 09.04.2012

  13. hands legs keys suetter energy cry back lips

    By ximena on 09.04.2012

  14. He had been climbing for hours and the effort it took to support his own weight, let alone the backpack’s was starting to wear on him. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could sustain this pace, but he was still halfway from the top, so ultimately, there was no choice.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.04.2012

  15. Sustain the mainframe was all she could divulge to me, me her latest and wretched sweetheart, before no no no, one of the paralogically large ants, of which we first sighted in the desert all those years ago, severed her head off effortlessly with its formidable pincers. It (being the noggin) tumbled over to where I was shackled, and coincidentally enough finished its journey neath a computer linked to the mainframe. Instead of purposeful thoughts of escape and retribution, my best thoughts, whose repute meant nothing now, (nothing ever I still maintain) were applied to iterating ever gently: what a pretty head it had always been, carla’s. At what age did her parents know about her destiny of pulchritude?

    Crude, it may be. My sensitivity had been d’d by the excess horrors that appeared to me earlier in the day.

    By Andrew Wilcox on 09.04.2012

  16. “I have to sustain a family you know, Rich.” Calandra replied angrily to the slick black haired man with stubble sitting across her. “I know Cal, just give me the money or things will get violent.”

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.04.2012

  17. endless consumption. take in my pain and my joy and the things in between, but it’ll never be enough. spit out bones and pick out the flesh between your teeth. find some way to carry on when you’re running on empty.

    By sectumsempra URL on 09.04.2012

  18. I can’t help but want to sustain what I have. It’s a petty wish, but something I wish nonetheless. I would love to have this forever, but that’s also a petty thought. Heavy words, but shallow willingness to follow through. What I mean is, I can’t have him forever, but I want to. It would be nice to have that?

    By Tammi Fehr on 09.04.2012

  19. to sustain is to remain maybe in one place? maybe in another? To sustain is to stand. Still. In one place. Never. Moving. sustain is to place yourself in a state of still awareness and absorb every surrounding your scenes can define.

    By samantha flores on 09.04.2012

  20. I’m not sure what I’d like to sustain. Could it be happiness? Could it be this reckless youth? Could it be all of the little things that make every so very simple?

    I’m not sure what I’d like to sustain.

    Maybe it’s him.

    By Tum on 09.04.2012

  21. i keep going going going
    never ceasing never slowing
    always on the move
    like a train
    and I sustain through it all
    through spring winter fall
    all to see you

    By James Sickmeier on 09.04.2012

  22. to be honest I’m not sure what sustain even is?! or means but ill keep writing about it because thats what it wants me to do… so like i think its when you can sustain yourself from doing something.. like dude if there was a chocolate bar there… just sitting there and you were craving it you cant sustain yourself to just go ahead and eat it. to be honest i could be completely wrong but who cares right?
    anyways what i do know is that it has 7 letters and two syllables

    By sof on 09.04.2012

  23. I wish could sustain concentration for a length of time. I wish I had the ability to sustain my goals. I wish I could help other people sustain the things they want to sustain. But sometimes I just get sidetracked. And there’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t want to fail this time. I can’t face it again. I can’t sustain anything.

    By Lily on 09.04.2012

  24. Sustain my lavish lifestyle of drink and brutality you shallow, bottomless cunt.

    By Tristan on 09.04.2012

  25. all we had to do was sustain the bleeding until the medics arrived. it seemed impossible at this point because although we had plenty of cloth to wrap the wound (much thanks to the two men nearby who literally took the shirts off their backs), the severity of what was underneath that cloth appeared to be exponentially more overpowering. but we couldn’t let her see the damage- not yet. she would certainly lose hope in her own survival. i don’t mean to judge but as it was, the look in her eyes didn’t leave much room for assurance that she was much of a fighter. in fact i don’t think the look in her eyes had a look at all.
    “We’re losing her!” I shouted, “Are you sure they’re coming?!”

    By goli ix URL on 09.04.2012

  26. I’ve been on this terrain for over three days. No food and no water. Just a chubby boy scout who is supposed to sustain himself for a week to get the “Living off the Land” badge.

    It doesn’t exist.

    By StatiKink URL on 09.04.2012

  27. It was so hard to?.. To keep the intensity. The drive. To keep pumping the legs. Like pistons. Like the beat on the skrillex song. She kept pulling away farther and farther. . To keep moving was hard enough. But that it self was sustaining

    By Mr Simple URL on 09.04.2012

  28. Sherlock leaned back against the cool bricks of the underpass, letting his head rest on the dank surface as he exhaled a thick cloud of tobacco smoke and breath-fog. The fog swirled around him and wrapped gently around his mind, providing a quieting buzz laid over the over-stimulation of his beloved London. The couple passing by, with a concealed quarrel about diets? Not important. The car going overhead with one wheel flatter than the others? Not relevant. Had to focus on the case. Sherlock closed his eyes and ran over the details of the crime scene again. Could Lestrade possibly be on to something with the fingerprints on the window pane?

    His thought process was crudely interrupted as his wrist was grabbed roughly and the cigarette plucked from his fingers. “Oy, this park is public property of the commonwealth, smoking ain’t allowed. Go home, yeah?” The middle-aged copper with a family of five tossed Sherlock’s butt to the gravel path and snuffed it out with his shoe, a pitiful hiss escaping the heat of the tip against the damp little rocks. Sherlock sighed and shoved his hands into the pockets of his coat, impatiently fingering the nearly-full box of fags awaiting him as he turned and headed in the opposite direction of his interruption. Impossible to sustain a smoking habit in the city these days.

    By floppybelly URL on 09.04.2012

  29. This is the power tone strong by holding them orgivingthemwhat they need.It is the energy tobethere forsomeoneorsomething…….the strength to carryandhold with out falling .

    By Monica on 09.04.2012

  30. hunger. intinse burning hunger. How can I survive with nothing to sustain myself? I have nothing. I am nothing. In the eyes of my peers- of my government. Nothing.

    By Ramona on 09.04.2012

  31. to sustain is the hold back. everyone holds back at some point whether it be good or bad. We’ve all done it and what we sustain to do may cause us to have many regrets or in some cases true happiness. Everyday we face challenges and what we do makes us who we are.

    By Ashley on 09.04.2012

  32. She looked at him and sustained the thoughts in her head. She wondered what it would be like to kiss him. To be with him. She thought about the way his lips would trail her neck and end at her collarbone. She started, and her train of thought was gone.

    By Alexis Wibe on 09.04.2012

  33. sustanence is something that is gained from energy drinks that melt in milk only and not by fitness or willingness to exercise. Sustanence is a product that can be sold and bought and drunk and dissolved in milk only. It does not contain aluminimum It does not contain, it sustains.

    By NIkki on 09.04.2012

  34. stay and be the same person and the same job. Same life all the time. Being sustained means being stable. Being simple and stable all the time. It means keeping balance in your life. just keeping balance. Most of all it means being secure.

    By Nicole on 09.04.2012

  35. you kind of want to save it but you cant even if you want to. some things you cant save. you have to let things go. whether you like it or not. if you cant accept it youre stubborn. but your human.

    By Kennedi on 09.04.2012

  36. As your last of the words escaped through your lips everything melted away and suddenly there was nothing left.

    By Rachel URL on 09.04.2012

  37. Tried as I might I just could not… The pressure was surmounting and overtook me before I could regroup, rethink, or recounter. Dark, Cold, and Tired… The will of this world has won.

    By Neil URL on 09.04.2012

  38. One will need to sustain themselves, the earth, this universe. Without sustaining, we wouldn’t have anything. We must sustain ourselves carefully and smartly if we all want to remain in this universe.

    By Sarina on 09.04.2012

  39. I need more hours to stay alive. I simply can’t do it with the remaining minutes, the last breaths I have. I need to live, so that they can know a better tomorrow. I need to see more tomorrows. Only then would I rest easy.

    By Ruben URL on 09.04.2012

  40. sustain inner spirit
    through the winds of time
    the changes will sweep
    you through eternity

    but sustain yourself
    through love and hate
    sustain through destiny
    through fate

    By Vijayalakshmi URL on 09.04.2012