July 20th, 2012 | 304 Entries

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304 Entries for “suspects”

  1. The suspects just stander there; their expressions blank. They had no idea what to say. They had no idea what to do, except keep quiet. Thats why they were suspicious, their lips were sealed. Maybe if they opened them and told the truth, this nightmare would be over.

    By Mags on 07.20.2012

  2. Suspects are always a little shady. Sometimes they are really nice people, but sometimes they are actually criminals. When they are criminals, that means they did something wrong and they have to go through court. I don’t really know how they choose one suspect though. When there’s a lineup, how do they choose if the person is the right person or not? That’s why I’m against the death penalty.

    By Mary on 07.20.2012

  3. These are the people who we think might have done the crime.We think one of them could be guilty.
    The police keeps a close watch on them.

    By arwen on 07.20.2012

  4. suspects are the keys to a murder case. without them there would be no investigation, the well would run dry and the crime would go unsolved. god bless the suspects!

    By Kyra Deakin-Macey on 07.20.2012

  5. Suspects. Maybe one or two or three. How do they know who did it anyway? Why do they always have to blame someone? They always pick the wrong one. The suspect always ends up in jail. The suspect ends imprisoned and maybe he wasn’t the right one.

    By Laura on 07.20.2012

  6. the recent suspects of my insomnia are, i dont know what im doing with my life, i have no idea how im gonna move on from the big pile of nothing that my life has been for the last 4 years.
    i need inspiration and power of will… i have none.
    i dont know if i need help.

    By Anna on 07.20.2012

  7. What if you were accused of something you didn’t do? You are at the mall running for the bathroom when the cops catch up with you and accuse you of stealing an item of clothing from Forever 21. You’re a suspect. Did you do it? No. But you’re still a suspect. You were on the wrong place at the wrong time.

    By Laura on 07.20.2012

  8. Crime. Crime. Crime. All around us. Hate. Hurt. We are consumed by it. We are obstructed, instructed.

    By toshi on 07.20.2012

  9. “He suspects something is going on,” I warned her. The elephant in the room needed to talk. He was positively bursting with keeping his own silence. I strode over to him, and addressed him directly, “I have no idea what elephants like to talk about, but I’d love to hear what you have to say.” He fixed his eyes upon me, “I think that you people are petty and mean, but you love. You love unconditionally, and this is why I stay in this room.”

    By naturemummy on 07.20.2012

  10. The suspects were approaching the building from the rear. I called it in. It was an easy and simple and normal. everyone was scum and everyone knew that everyone was scum.

    By Maya Parker on 07.20.2012

  11. It is when you realize you consider your self and your alter ego as the suspects that have damaged your life and ur soul

    By shiftydove on 07.20.2012

  12. There was once a man who committed crimes beyond your imagination. Many were convicted for his crimes, but never was he caught. Terrible and brutal was his life. He loved to torture his victims.

    By Shea on 07.20.2012

  13. I waited in the room with the double sided mirror as each of the suspects came. I watched each person carefully, the way they entered, where they placed their hands, the way their mouths moved to speak. Each and every little motion, and every move was being watched and analyzed by the detectives and myself.

    By one shoe on 07.20.2012

  14. I couldn’t fucking believe someone would do that. What trigger had to set off such insanity. Why couldn’t he just point that gun to his head if he really had the itch to use a gun. Why did he have to make so many suffer. Why did he feel it was up to him to insert himself into the now traumatized minds of these poor victims.

    By Ruben URL on 07.20.2012

  15. The suspects of the case were all lined up in a row. Tom looked across from one end to the other but he couldn’t decide which one to pick. None of these morons look anything like the guy how stole my wallet. Fuck! i didn’t even get a good look at the guy but how they think I can pick any of these guys has got me tossed”. Fuck, this is so much harder than I thought it would be.

    By zakgirl on 07.20.2012

  16. She suspects that her new lover is in love with the woman from his previous affair. Usually, she is much less emotionally involved than her partner, but because she fixates on her suspicion, wondering what the woman is like, how she thinks, how she makes love. And she realizes with great disdain that it is now she who is the weaker one, the one more susceptible to heartbreak. This realization did not settle well in her.

    By Olivia on 07.20.2012

  17. there were many suspects of the crime.

    who was the cause?
    who was the purpose?
    who made this
    poor girl
    lose her mind?

    the suspect was never her,
    never her.

    but she was the criminal.

    By rachel. URL on 07.20.2012

  18. The inspector suspected that Dorian Gray killed his friend.

    By A on 07.21.2012

  19. We suspect that this summer will be very stormy.

    By A on 07.21.2012

  20. the suspects were running towards the window. they’re trying to escape the zombies that attacked them in police station.suddenly,the zombies grabbed one of them and ate him.

    By amanda on 07.21.2012

  21. Suspects. They have been suspected of something. Which means they may or not be guilty. Suspects. Crime. Punishment. Questioning. Suspects. Crime.

    By Brooke on 07.21.2012

  22. The suspects are all connected by the museum opening. The “John Smith” in the morgue was found in that closet and all the suspects were in that museum the day before it opened. Someone knew something but how do you find that out while still being so new to the squad. Not how I would picture my third week on the job.

    By Adam on 07.21.2012

  23. The suspects all got in line. It just so happened that they got in line in order of height, shortest to tallest. It made me think of those cell phone commercials where they show the bars. i smiled a little at the idea. it was the first time I’d smiled since it happened. Supposedly, one of the men in that line is the one. The man that killed my daughter.

    By Megan L. on 07.21.2012

  24. They sat on the curb
    waiting for an

    by whom they
    did not know

    By Andy King URL on 07.21.2012

  25. The crime, the perfect case, the perfect suspects.
    One man decides to commit to the crime, gets caught…the worst possible thing, is that he was the wrong person the whole time. and maybe, just maybe, the catcher was the perfect suspect.

    By Patrick URL on 07.21.2012

  26. We were in a line up. She and I weren’t friends, we never had been. But when the time had come we’d proudly stood together to do something, to stand for what was right. This one time collaboration had only gotten us here though. We hadn’t saved anyone. We hadn’t been successful we were just suspects of a crime.

    By Chelsea H on 07.21.2012

  27. I think of Breaking bad because of all the people who are suspects on that show about drugs since Walts brother is a DEA agent sometimes Walt gets scared that he might be a suspect but he always finds away to get out of it

    By veronica URL on 07.21.2012

  28. I understand–really, I do…why everyone suspects me.
    It doesn’t matter how many days I spend, wasting away in this cell, because in their minds, I am never free.
    And in my mind, I am always dreaming.

    By Elaine on 07.21.2012

  29. i suspect that this is gonna be a great day. lots of possible suspects are waiting in line … just dangling… suspended in time

    By Manje Više URL on 07.21.2012

  30. Sometimes I’m concerned with obviously being a suspect. I’m an innocent person but the police and cameras everywhere just make me feel less safe.
    I’d rather be a tad nervous of my neighbor than in this mortifying police state.

    By Joston Hill on 07.21.2012

  31. I watched as he continued to fidget and roll the gold coin in and over his finger; beads of sweat covered his brow and my suspicion intensified.

    By Taffeh.A.Llama on 07.21.2012

  32. In this world, everyone suspects everyone else. Noone is free from the torment of being blamed for something completely out of their control. But with paranoia comes the complete belief that someone is plotting against you; you suspect everyone until proven innocent- which is a mean feat in itself. You can’t help this belief so it continues on, a vicious cycle of suspecting and failed proofs.

    By Lorna on 07.21.2012

  33. The suspects in the murder of Ali Rizvi escaped from police detention last night. NYPD is offering a $20,000 reward for any information that might lead to their arrest. Ali Rizvi, 20 years old was found on a pool of blood last week after an alteracation with his neighbour over an affair.

    By Malik on 07.21.2012

  34. By the time she’d cut the third one, a friend of 5 years, she thought they might not all be suspects in real betrayal, but a story running on repeat in her head. Tragic business.

    By Clarity URL on 07.21.2012

  35. the suspects were still not found … the policeman was having a real hard time to catch those responsible for this atrocious murder… who .. who could have done such a thing ???

    By nissaar on 07.21.2012

  36. I could not but think about this idea that was stuck in my head. He could not be. It just couldn’t be. Still, there were no other suspects. I couldn’t lie to myself – everything was pointing towards this man. Telling me that he, he whom I had trustet so wholeheartedly, had betrayed me and left me alone in the dark, in the cold of my own emotions to die. Slowly. Okay, this was getting a little too gothic for my taste now. Let’s just say it like that: surprisingly, he was an asshole.

    By Diana on 07.21.2012

  37. The men starting creeping towards the door. The man with the fedora hat and stereotypical long jacket already had one hand on the knob. Gunshot. That loud, plosive sound. He caught his breath and said “beretta”. The other man, short, pig nosed looked at him with bewilderment. Now really was not the time for that man to be demonstrating his knowledge about guns. As impressive was the fact that he could identify the source of the gunshot.
    The panic, the slight hint of indecision was a very rare emotion that peered out from the eyes under the fedora hat.
    One more glance at the short man. One more gun shot. This time in this room and from the gun he really could identify because it had been in his holster a few seconds ago.

    The man stepped out into the cold.

    He suspected her name was Beretta..

    By Salsabeel on 07.21.2012

  38. Suspects. Interesting word isn’t it? Anyone can be suspected of anything. Murder. Lying. Stealing.

    By Grace Williams on 07.21.2012

  39. Why did he say that? Why did he look at me like that? Why did he not look at me like this? Why did he emphasise this and not the other word? Do you think there is another girl?

    By Juli on 07.21.2012

  40. He suspects that she is cheating on him.
    With a girl.
    now that’s quite a surprise.
    at least for him.
    others saw it coming
    a mile away.
    Now they suspect
    he is alone.

    By Not Orange URL on 07.21.2012