October 3rd, 2011 | 512 Entries

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512 Entries for “suppose”

  1. I once wrote a poem about the word ‘suppose’. I feel like a lot of people suppose too much. And only do what they think their supposed to do. And supposed to be. And supposed to think. And we suppose things of other people. It really is just a silly trend. I suppose.

    By Kaylyn on 10.04.2011

  2. I suppose I should have something philosophical to say about the word suppose. But what do I suppose? I suppose I should be doing something more productive right now. I suppose that in general I have a good life. And I realise that the more times you say the word suppose, the weirder it sounds.

    By Sophie Brown on 10.04.2011

  3. i suppose we can have no homework today because i love you guys so much. but make sure you fininsh your homework for tomm.

    By makenzie on 10.04.2011

  4. i suppose this lamp i hold
    will dim it will shine and even
    be shut off but my spirit will never
    vantage so my light is still here

    By Sireta Sumbler URL on 10.04.2011

  5. suppose i was a rabbit, would you even consider giving me your extra carrots at lunch? But since i am not, i will continue to steal them while you turn around and admire the new buddah statue invading our cafeteria.

    By anna.marie on 10.04.2011

  6. I suppose I should tell him how I really feel. He loves me so much more than I love him . . . I suppose. We are supposed to be best friends and lovers, but how can I love him when I feel like he doesn’t respect me?

    By Ginny URL on 10.04.2011

  7. Suppose one day you wake up and the world around you has changed. Suppose that day is the beginning to the rest of your life, and until that second, you were dead. Suppose that everything you had learned before this day was false; a compulsive lie told to you to just ease through life in the simplest of ways. Just take a second and sit down and look at your new life. Suppose that you can get through it, without the easiness and all the answers. Suppose, just for a second, you have to look at the hardships and face then on your own. Suppose, that for a second, you can do it.

    By Nicki Carpenter on 10.04.2011

  8. wonder

    By hi pie URL on 10.04.2011

  9. i want to, idk bye.

    By Colin URL on 10.04.2011

  10. There are times when I suppose I should really be doing something, anything really. I get confused and my head begins to jumble all my thoughts together to produce an condensed ball of fears, wants, obligations, and sometimes I simply cannot bear the weight. So I push it aside and wait for another day.

    By ina URL on 10.04.2011


    By Dilara on 10.04.2011

  12. D<3A but d is just too shy to admit it. <3

    By d... on 10.04.2011

  13. Suppose life could be different. Suppose that life wasn’t reality. Suppose that there was something beyond this world. Something more real. Something eternal. Suppose that all the things you thought were right are wrong, and the things you hoped were reality were just a grasp in the air. Light shines in eternity, and suppose for a moment that eternity is reality.

    By Laura URL on 10.04.2011

  14. i told you i was a duck would you think i was crazy? probably so i guess i wouldn’t blame you i mean im not yellow or furry or cute and i certainly cant fly but i know im not the ugly dckling who was different because they were a swan

    By Shamaila URL on 10.04.2011

  15. Suppose? I suppose that’s a fair enough word. Simple, yet when you think about it, it’s quite bizarre. We use it in everyday conversion. But do we know its origins?

    By Beatrice on 10.04.2011

  16. A long time ago, supposedly in a far far away country, a small little prince lived. He thought about many things from day to day, but nothing really captured his attention for too long. One day, he met a beautiful princess, they loved each other more than anything, they had lots of kids and lived happily ever after.

    By Kornelij-san on 10.04.2011

  17. “I suppose.” A wonderful little statement or phrase. It allows one to share their opinion or their view, what they have inferred, while at the same time letting one show his/her acceptance of potential error. I suppose that it is easily inferred that all I have just written is supposed, but at the same time I suppose that would be naive of me.

    By Minos Zombanakis on 10.04.2011

  18. What does it mean to “suppose?” Why would you ever suppose? It shows uncertainty; a slight disagreement possibly. You’re giving in. Don’t concur?

    I suppose we can agree to disagree.

    By Kattey URL on 10.04.2011

  19. suppose you met a faerie with golden wings. suppose it asked you to dance. suppose you said yes. suppose it spun you around. suppose you were far from the ground. suppose you rest in the apple tree. suppose you eat of the delicious fruit. suppose you become a faerie too. suppose you never go back.

    By Alicia on 10.04.2011

  20. I suppose you want me to write a sentance using the word suppose, considering those were the instructions? Well, I suppose since this seems pretty interesting, I’m going to do it. I suppose I’m going to eat yogurt for breakfast tomorrow since we have nothing else. I suppose I’m done now, cuz time’s up.

    By Katelyn URL on 10.04.2011

  21. Suppose you were never born? Who would miss you? Would anyone miss you? I mean, you never existed after all. This is what I think about as I try to fall asleep, my insomnia stubbornly keeping my eyes peeled wide open. I don’t think anyone really knows anything for sure, but I like to think about weird things once in a while

    By Sarah Stankus on 10.04.2011

  22. I suppose that I will not be doing math today

    By just582 URL on 10.04.2011

  23. I suppose that this will have to do,
    But this is not just settling.
    It is a beautiful thing,
    A marvelous thing.
    And I am happy that I am alive,
    To be it,
    To live it,
    And to feel it.

    By CellarDoor on 10.04.2011

  24. Suppose I left. Went away forever. Just disappeared. Suppose I told nobody I was leaving. What would happen? Would anyone notice? Suppose they didn’t. Suppose the world kept moving without me.

    By Michael on 10.04.2011

  25. That my experience is the one that matters. And that I fully understand that.

    By Jason URL on 10.04.2011

  26. suppose the world were to end today and i was the only one to survive. would i want to live out the rest of my days in solitude or not. either way free cars to drive!

    By Meshea URL on 10.04.2011

  27. suppose is one of those “wasted” words in the english language. it’s like wondering what is going to happen or would have happened if you had done such and such differently. suppose is a word of possibilities but it’s also a word of speculation, and usually speculation leads, eventually, to navel gazing and a lot of complaining about what could have been different. i’ve had relationships that could be subtitled “i supposed this could have been better.”

    By cdelbueno on 10.04.2011

  28. discover
    i know what i want in live
    i know myself
    i have no doubts

    By wendy on 10.04.2011

  29. Suppose I figured out how to use this website properly before showing it my students. I suppose they would have a better understanding of what to do. I do like the notion of writing nonstop for one minute to see what one can come up with. I suppose that the kiddos will come up with much more creative ideas than I just did. Hmmm…I just did some thing wrong and got a second minute to write. I suppose it had something to do with not including my email address before I submitted my work. I am thinking that my students will know what they are supposed to do instead of following my poor, pathetic instructions.

    By mrsmusone on 10.04.2011

  30. suppose just sounds like a filler to me, like something i was suppose to do or was suppose to happen. its also apathetic which i hate, i hate apathy more than anything, why can’t people be more enthusiastic. apathy in conversations in texts in writing is just disappointing.

    By Paige Moreau on 10.04.2011

  31. I suppose people suppose many things, although if there was a word to be suppositions that would be a word that people carry out alot. But they are not always true, although people would immediately call them to be true. The’r suppositions fail. They do.

    By Mariam3zzat URL on 10.04.2011

  32. don’t think so. I suppose that everything is going to be ok

    By Adina on 10.04.2011