October 3rd, 2011 | 512 Entries

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512 Entries for “suppose”

  1. Suppose the world ends: there is a lifetime of things I have yet to do, a life I have yet to live. If I live with the thought I could die tomorrow, would my life be a life better lived?
    The world may not end tomorrow, but suppose it does; What would I have missed?

    By Kenzi on 10.04.2011

  2. In the begging there was man and today there are people. We all follow the same laws as man and we all walk the same way. Just now we have the cell phone and the computer. The one world has become the world wide.

    By dillon mora URL on 10.04.2011

  3. I’m imagining it doesn’t matter. it’s an assumption. what am i even thinking of. suppose. suppose what?

    By Haider on 10.04.2011

  4. Suppose I was actually normal. That for once, I could be a regular boy, that goes to a regular school, and does regular things. Not a superhero.
    “Yes mom!” I yelled, careening down the stairs. Well, less careening and more…flying.

    By Huy Bui on 10.04.2011

  5. suppose i had told him i wanted him when he was still around. suppose i call another to tell him up front he was my first love. suppose i had kept strictly to physical attraction and have turned a blind eye to the most amazing chemistry i’ve ever had with someone.

    well then i suppose i would’ve missed out on the greatest love of my life.

    By Jaymie on 10.04.2011

  6. I suppose that there was never any truth in my life, since everything merely branched from a web of lies. How do you react once you find out that the origin of every spoken word is a falsehood?

    By Sir Hammington URL on 10.04.2011

  7. Matt can I have a cigg? Well I suppose!!!!!

    By jfgjhf on 10.04.2011

  8. I suppose… we could say our good byes and drift away from each other, living lives separately. I suppose… you could let go of my hand, let me walk away into darkness and uncertainty of life. I suppose… you understand now, how two short words can change a life. I suppose… you now know what it means to be loved.

    By Spark URL on 10.04.2011

  9. suppose we meet again
    after many years apart
    and other wives and other men
    had come and played their part
    and would there be much left for you
    and would there be that love
    and yes
    that love was saved away for one
    more chance with you…….

    By kmcgb URL on 10.04.2011

  10. I suppose that I will be happier if I could just….

    By Mary Katherine URL on 10.04.2011

  11. i suppose the world is round. sometimes i feel like it is flat but the world is inherently round. i think it is because when i look from my perspective, i see a three dimensional plane and cannot see the contours of the earth. but in the end i know that i am on a sphere fly through space at 24000 mi/s and cannot even feel the velocity of the planet’s movement. thus, not knowing if the world is flat or round seems pretty normal in all contexts.

    By Ashley on 10.04.2011

  12. I suppose that was when it all started. That very first day, it was the first night of college and we were playing frisbee on the lawn. She was trying to block me, and I her. That must have been the day I knew I fell for her. Ever since then she’s all I have thought about. I suppose that’s what love means, to be able to think about a person all day and never be bored.

    By MgM URL on 10.04.2011

  13. i think it may happen if not but this is what you are tricked with the other alternative. Why is that it is always to be or not to be where is the third

    By Manikandan on 10.04.2011

  14. I suppose i could tell you she whispered. Please tell me he asked.
    okay. well i kinda like you. I like you too by the way her heart flutters like a thousand butterflies filling her stomach. he leaned over and kissed her cheek, and instantly she became a bright shade of red.

    By Kalika1331 on 10.04.2011

  15. a word used in disgust when made or told to do something you didn’t really want to do. i suppose i can pick up the kids.

    By medic4ever on 10.04.2011

  16. I suppose these things are supposed to improve your creativity. I sure do a lot of supposing, like what if and why not? I can’t type very fast, though. Imagine if I could…Well, almost up.

    By Nana on 10.04.2011

  17. Just suppose you could have whatever you wanted. What would you wish for? Just suppose you closed your eyes and when you opened them, standing before you would be the vision you had been yearning for for all your life.

    By Amimee URL on 10.04.2011

  18. i suppose this is it
    the end that is
    the end of worrying about the end
    im finally comfortable in my own skin
    or atleast thats what i seem
    you assume im fine
    you assume your right
    i suppose you are partially atleast

    By slaveofthearts URL on 10.04.2011

  19. I suppose I could do it.
    But I wont.
    I suppose I could stop thinking about it.
    But I can’t.
    I suppose I could leave this place.
    But I shan’t.
    I suppose…why am I living my life supposing?
    I suppose it’s time to know.
    I want to know.
    But, I suppose that would be asking too much.
    I suppose I’ll go.

    By misunderstandingseaofvictims URL on 10.04.2011

  20. I suppose that I can be alone now, even on dark and stormy nights. I suppose that I can manage, can cook dinner by myself. I suppose that I can read a book alone, watch TV alone, sit by the fire alone, drink a bottle of wine alone. I suppose that I can do these things because I suppose that you are gone.

    By Jin on 10.04.2011

  21. What am I suppose to do? You stand there looking at me with convicting eyes, silently mocking my forgiveness wanting expression. I may not be guilty but I dare not admit it and face certain scorn resulting in “No-sex-for-you-tonight” silence.

    By harmony (a.k.a. John) URL on 10.04.2011

  22. Just suppose that you take me out, what do you think might happen? Do you think that perhaps you might like me and that you are afraid of liking someone a bit too much? Do you think that perhaps you might even fall in love with me?

    By spartica URL on 10.04.2011

  23. suppose if we could teleport. there would be no boundaries. we could be living in paris and working in new york. then a person sitting behind a desk will not be giving me perssion wether or not i can visit a country.

    By wizdm on 10.04.2011

  24. Suppose I was to hit you in the face… you would be angry right? Or if I kissed you, you would be angry as well. You see, people reject all these emotions and situations they come across. It’s wrong.

    By Lukas Meintjes on 10.04.2011

  25. suppose if we could teleport we will be liberated from this pain of standing in visa line and no officer sitting behind a desk or a bunch of people in a government department could decide whether or not i am fit to visit a country.

    By wizdm URL on 10.04.2011

  26. I suppose. I suppose lots of things. I suppose that someone will read this page, and maybe think its cool, but maybe think its lame. I dunno, but I suppose the latter. I don’t know what do you suppose?

    By Emily on 10.04.2011

  27. I suppose it started last May, where the sun was too hot and everything made my skin was sticky. I knocked on the door, and when it opened, I was met with baby blue eyes. To this day, those eyes still continue to haunt my dreams.

    By Circinus URL on 10.04.2011

  28. Suppose that we weren’t really here. Suppose we were floating in an ocean of nothing, try to find feeling, trying to avoid the dangers, the currents that come upon you, the sharks that tail you. Suppose we were a jellyfish, floating in this ocean, transparent, fragile. Beautiful, but fragile.

    By Jane Smith on 10.04.2011

  29. Suppose I got up out my chair and did the thing I never allowed myself to do. The thing I never even allowed myself to think about. What would happen? Would the consequences be greater than the prize? Is it worth it, living to your instincts? Isn’t that just like an animal? Should I just allow myself to be controlled?

    By Eric Goodall on 10.04.2011

  30. Suppose you are this giant dinosaur that loved to eat fish with fishy lasers. I mean, if I was a fishy fish, I wouldn’t like to be eaten. Maybe the dinosaur should learn not to eat fish. It’d be nice for everyone. I mean, eat yourself, not fish. Cannibalism man, save the fish. It is through least we can do.

    By Tanner on 10.04.2011

  31. I suppose you’d remember. The time when we looked into each other’s eyes. Smiles on our faces. The time when we stood close, talking about what we wanted. I just couldn’t believe you’d forget about me and move on. I thought I was special, that not everyone felt that way. But I guess, many do. I suppose…it might be time for me to forget as well.

    By Malden on 10.04.2011

  32. The young girl stood on the edge of the pool, taught face pulled into a grimace with the strain of her swimming cap. She knew what she was supposed to do, but couldn’t pull herself together. Simple really, hear the gun pierce the air, dive in, and meander down the pool, throwing the race – but not in a blatant manner, her middle-aged verging on obese coach had informed her- all so the team captain could have the sun shining out of her proverbial rear, once again.

    By Kaitlin on 10.04.2011

  33. I suppose I should write something about this word.

    By Birgit on 10.04.2011

  34. I suppose it will all work out. I guess time will tell. Truth is flexible, bendable, whatever I suppose may be an element of truth. I don’t know. Very confused.

    By elizabeth b URL on 10.04.2011

  35. I suppose things could be different if I hadn’t done what I did. I suppose people would like me and accept me and I’d be a part of society. I suppose there will come a day when everyone has forgotten and it’ll be normal agian. I suppose you’d like to know what I did.

    By Archie Wah Wah on 10.04.2011

  36. I suppose you’re just going to give me the word ‘suppose’ every time I click on the “go” button huh?

    By Archie Wah Wah on 10.04.2011

  37. If you are supposed to do something, you never really want to do it… At least not straight away.
    I suppose I should do my photography coursework… But I just cannot be bothered.

    By katielouise URL on 10.04.2011

  38. it reminds me of that nursery rhyme. If all the land were paper and all the sea were ink and all the trees were bread and cheese what would we have to drink? its a writer’s conundrum that we have to remember to eat.

    By Georgia traher on 10.04.2011

  39. I suppose I can run to the grocery store for you. Why is it always me though? Just because I got my driver’s license doesn’t mean that I have to go everywhere for you mother. But since am so nice, and an amazing child I will do as you please.

    By Ashley on 10.04.2011

  40. I suppose that you are thinking that I will write about a dinosaur destroying cities but no I am going to write something civilized. So Joe was walking down the street and a civilian came up and gave him a handshake. There you go see I told you I could be civilized.

    By Bob on 10.04.2011