January 9th, 2011 | 335 Entries

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335 Entries for “support”

  1. A family should be a support system. Support is what you need to get through your life. You can accomplish anything with support. Someone you love will give you the best support of all. If you have just one person who loves you, and tells you they love you, and supports you in everything you do then you will make it through life accomplishing all that you wish to support. Love and support are the most important things someone needs in life.

    By Amy Gimpel on 01.09.2011

  2. Strength; someone to lean on; a hand to hold; encouraging words; faith;hope; love; standing by a person; no judgment.

    By Bethy Rose on 01.09.2011

  3. I wish my friends would support my choices more. I think mainly they just don’t understand what I’m asking for. All I want is a boyfriend who cares about me, supports me and loves me. I don’t want a boy who will be that guy for a month and leave. Why can’t I just have one normal relationship? I seriously don’t understand. It’s just not fair. I want a real relationship this year.

    By Taylor on 01.09.2011

  4. Support is about family and friends. Without them you would have nothing in this world. I treasure them as they are my support. I can tell them anything and i know they cherish me as much as i cherish them.

    By Travis G on 01.09.2011

  5. Support? Something most are told they need when faced with life’s challenges. If one wants to succeed at anything in life, he or she must accept support from others. Believing one can do absolutely everything on his or her own only delays progress.

    By D.S. URL on 01.09.2011

  6. Tiny at two, seedling fingers pollinated papers with primary paints.

    Sun and moon that raised these hands looked on but unmoved.

    Sapling branches from which hung accustomed twirling hands making anew were tamed and set straight.

    Sun and moon expected ultimate fruit, but minor tree dreamed quiet dreams of just green.

    Years of dim creating.

    Until one day, moved sun and moon presented room just for blooming.

    Tall, a tree weeps.

    By MONO URL on 01.09.2011

  7. Pft, that’s what wingmen are for, when you’re riding into the Danger Zone!


    By Iceman on 01.09.2011

  8. you support me in the way you show me your love when I feel insecure. Your support is worth more than life itself and couldn’t do with out it. Support me always and support me financially. Amazing is your support in my existence.

    By Emma Bjorngard on 01.09.2011

  9. All I need is some support. Some support from my parents. Friends. Teachers. Anyone who is willing to offer. This time in my life is difficult. Its like nothing I ever have, or hopefully, ever will experience. All I need is someone to lean on. Divorce is not walk in the park, especially for the victim who has no control.

    By Madi URL on 01.09.2011

  10. You used to support me. You used to be there for me whenever I needed a shoulder or an ear. But now… now you are nowhere to be seen. The you I knew is nowhere to be seen. Now you are a shadow of who I was. You aren’t present. You are judgemental. You are not the one I knew. And yet I need your support. I need your love and affection and I can’t find you anymore.

    By Ali URL on 01.09.2011

  11. Slowly, he added another cup of sand. I held my breath and double checked that my fingers and toes were crossed. I’d cross my eyes if necessary. The bridge held as the little red bucket swung below it. The thirty second time frame passed and another cup of sand was added. I smiled. This officially meant that my bridge could support the most weight. Billy was not so happy.

    By Heather URL on 01.09.2011

  12. I needed the support from my friends on this. They stood beside me, the four of us grasping hands. Earth Air Water and Fire. The four of us felt the power surgering through our souls as the elements took control. Support was all we needed, and we received it. A smile from Rebekah on my left made me more confident that I was able to do it.

    By Jessie on 01.09.2011

  13. The support from the audience was overwhelming. They’ve seen the struggle we’ve been through in the last year, and are all standing together, cheering for us, since we’ve made it this far since our tragedy. But Jimmy will always be in our hearts, in their hearts. RIP James Owen Sullivan, ‘The Rev’.

    By Jessie URL on 01.09.2011

  14. When someone has an idea, unless you know it will only end badly, stand behind them. It may not end well, it may not come together the way they envisioned it, but that is their idea, their opportunity to do something new, something different. So what if it isn’t the end to world hunger. Maybe that small thing will lead to a bigger thing. Or maybe it WILL end world hunger. So don’t tell them why it won’t work. Support it.

    By Jen on 01.09.2011

  15. i got so much support when i was diagnosed with breast cancer. the only place i found no support was at work! my coworkers did not like the fact that i would get one day off a week for chemo and my boss told me we all had to die sometime. the lack of support their really got to me after awhile – thank God for my family…

    By phpea URL on 01.09.2011

  16. I need support. i always look for it and i see a tree. The tree is harder than I thought. Termites and woodpeckers will not soften a tree until it is dead or diseased. Even then the decomposers need support.

    By Courtney Brooks on 01.09.2011

  17. I hated
    the hope
    that sprung up
    every time you looked my way.
    But where were you?
    Where was that rapport?
    When all I needed
    was a little support?

    By SprawlingInk URL on 01.09.2011

  18. i need support alot these days. i feel like no one is there for me though. except my few good friends. even then things seem almost hopeless.

    By Alex URL on 01.09.2011

  19. no one is self made, support is what drives every individual. without it we become holllowless empty shells of nothing but sad waves and lonley tutrles on a deserted beach or fairy island. we all need to be told we can succeed it sounds better rolling off someone elses tongue then our own

    By layla on 01.09.2011

  20. Dr. Kliban walked into the excavation at the foot of the pyramid with a six of his support staff. As they rounded the corner in the catacomb, a leathery, dusty hand laid on his shoulder. He shrieked, his grandfather brushed the dust off his Dr. Kliban’s shoulder, his callouses scraping the epaulets on the khaki shirt and said, “keep it down, you’ll give me a heart attack here! By the way, lunch is ready.”

    By richpee URL on 01.09.2011

  21. the help of others. family & friends being there for you. has to do with love. troppus spelled backwords…love, meghan(:

    By meghan on 01.09.2011

  22. I’m a huge supporter of Freedom of Speech. I believe it’s the greatest thing about our beloved country. Nowadays, due to sensitivity, people don’t feel free to express themselves as they should.

    By michael on 01.09.2011

  23. Support. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear this word is friendship. I have such wonderful friends and the support they provide me with allows me to accomplish much more than I would have imagined. I am so thankful for everything that they have helped me get through.

    By Tony URL on 01.09.2011

  24. “Thank you for calling technical support, how can I help you?” Caller “My screen went black and I can’t restart my computer.” Support analyst “Did try and power it off then on again?” Caller “The power is out, we’re having some kind of a storm, would that affect the computer?” Here’s your sign.

    By Kevin URL on 01.09.2011

  25. i think that thee i not enough support in this world because people are dying all over the place and there is not enough water for these people because its not fair why do we have to be the lucky ones who live on a planet with fresh water why am i some one who does not have to think about going out tonight because i dont want to but you know i have to because my parents are so strict and everythi

    By Alison on 01.09.2011

  26. we all need support, to help one another and evolve. Support is part of love, part of trust, part that should and will represent all life on earth, and all human beings. Support comes in all different forms, such as in spirituality, health, mental, and even in love. Yes, love. When was the last time you supported someone you loved?

    By Christian Abreu on 01.09.2011

  27. I haven’t been supportive. That’s my fault. Selfishness is no means of giving support and I have been just that. Am I a terrible person because of that? Because I wallow in my own self pity.

    By JSB 073 URL on 01.09.2011

  28. The support beam hung inches from his head. Surrounding him was a dusty, pile of concrete and brick, a pile that used to be his home. “Damn,” he thought. “I never should’ve bought these super bass speakers.”

    By danielle on 01.09.2011

  29. must be mutual for it all to work

    By Ilene URL on 01.09.2011

  30. Support can me many things to different people. For some, it is a financial provision that keeps them going from month to month. For a sad friend, it can be a shoulder to cry on. For the grieving person, it can be the knowledge that friends and family are with them.

    By Rachel on 01.09.2011

  31. i see the dark circles under your eyes
    i see the way your lids close with struggle
    please, let me help lift you up
    let me take you away, to a place we can sleep with no time or alarms to awake us from this dream

    By smdvaks on 01.09.2011

  32. someone who is always there, someone to lean on.

    By Alyssa URL on 01.09.2011

  33. support like this chair is supporting my weight and my body. okay, i’ll support this website by writing for them i will use words, i will use language, which support us being human.

    By antonio Marquez on 01.09.2011

  34. The beam was breaking. It couldn’t withstand the wind and rain. Soon the whole roof would collapse. There was no where to run now, and only enough time to try and take cover.

    By Dizzy on 01.09.2011

  35. Even marble statues need a base.

    By TJ URL on 01.09.2011

  36. support is a connection of people that help you through things and are there for you in times of challenge and grief. support systems are really important for people in general and allow you to take chances and do new things because you know you have something to fall back on.

    By Maddie on 01.09.2011

  37. how do you support someone who you know is wrong. there is no way to force that person to understand the error of their ways and if you push it too much they will not share information with you. it’s like watching Wile E. Coyote try and catch the damn bird, he is constantly failing but you can’t make him stop.

    By Chris Smalley on 01.09.2011

  38. i can’t support writing about the same word three times in a row. it isn’t organic. I’ll check back in tomorrow….typing my thoughts feels very “the end of a doogie howser episode”.

    By Smalley URL on 01.09.2011

  39. i need support.. all of the time. sometimes i wonder if i need it more than most people. other times i think i’m fine going it alone. but most of the time i’m searching for it. just for someone to listen or someone to relate to what i’m going through. does anyone else feel this same way?

    By Lindsey on 01.09.2011

  40. Without the beams
    crisscrossing this way
    and that way
    the old house caved in
    on herself
    (she didn’t even notice that no one was there
    to watch her turn to dust and earth)

    By neonchandelier on 01.09.2011