January 8th, 2011 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “respectable”

  1. The gentleman, dressed in a dark navy suit and armed with a cane, top hat, and monocle, made his way through the town. Unperturbed by the suffering and decay around him, he maintained his respectable demeanor effortlessly, tipping his hat at other gentlemen and ladies as he passed by them.

    By vish URL on 01.09.2011

  2. He was a respectable man. One to whom others applied themselves, no matter the cause. He was a reprehensible man. One to whom others were subjugated without care. He was a man about whom volumes could be written which said nothing.

    By Les URL on 01.09.2011

  3. Saezuru didn’t give a shit about what the Commander thought of as “respectable”. He had tattoos everywhere, piercings on his face, in his ears, and wore his hair wild and long. It wasn’t about looking respectable, it was about being respectable and Saezuru Araise was fucking respectable.

    By Nicole URL on 01.09.2011