May 27th, 2014 | 100 Entries

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100 Entries for “sultry”

  1. The the voice I pine for.

    The sweaty room I’m confined to in the summer.

    “The night was sultry,” reads the famous first line.

    By Alex on 05.28.2014

  2. The air was heavenly, sultry with the fragrance of roses dripping in a gentle summer drizzle.
    I clung to you like a thorn at your side.

    By Wanda on 05.28.2014

  3. that word that they use nowadays, swag, he looked like he had it. he walked in cocky as hell and acted so slick and sultry as if he didn’t care about anything at all. it was sickening to even watch, and she hoped she never had to meet him.

    By verbomaniac11 on 05.28.2014

  4. The woman had a sultry look on her face as she lounged on the couch in a sheer nightgown. Her daughter had passed through the room several times now, trying not to take more than a glance at her mother. The girl had promised herself that this would be the last trip to the kitchen, scared of crossing paths with the man her mother was waiting for, but she was hungry.

    By Iam Me on 05.28.2014

  5. The quiet tapping of her heels caught my attention. My eyes found their way and followed her as she made her way toward me, her hips swinging with every step. The fellas around me turned their heads as she walked on by, sending death glares my way once they realized her attention was on me. Soon she was in front of me. The tight fabric of her button down shirt was tucked into her pencil skirt and raised a little as she leaned over and placed her hands on my desk.

    By Kay on 05.28.2014

  6. How can I avoid writing about sultry?
    I have been actually. Really, truly.
    To take breaks

    Lust poetry

    Are those my veins you were speaking of?
    I think so
    I love that lust

    I’ve begun my first chapter

    By La Bête becomes Man on 05.28.2014

  7. The woman was sultry, and the night was just as steamy. Standing outside the nightclub she wore a red dress smoking a cigarette, the city lights hitting her tanned-skin further added to her seduction ability.

    By T.J.Legler on 05.28.2014

  8. Sultry. I was not sultry. Cana was sultry and, to be honest, she was overbearing at times. I, however was not sultry. If Will called me sultry again, I was going to hit him. Repeatedly. Will just liked to piss me off and all his little ‘friends’ had picked up on it as well.

    By Victoria on 05.28.2014

  9. The heat of the desert was overwhelming.

    He didn’t know why they’d opted to vacation in Africa of all places. Neither of them had any interest in Africa; Mariam only pretended to, and even then it was a superficial pretending, the kind they used to impress their friends at cocktail parties. And neither of them could stand the heat. Especially not heat like this–sultry, and overwhelmingly dry, where it felt like there was sand everywhere, especially in places you couldn’t reach.

    By Marmaroth on 05.28.2014

  10. The day was warm. Hot. Moist? No, not quite. What was the word to describe it, the way the mirage shimmered in the air above the hot black slab of concrete? What was that compilation of letters on the tip of his tongue? The heat and the dampness and the…what was it? It was so close, the way a star seems close.

    By Shifra on 05.28.2014

  11. For cryin’ out loud. Okay, okay. I’ll do it. Sultry. It’s a word, okay. That’s what it is. And it will probably be used above mostly in a sentence that has something to do with sex.

    By Jim Ranger on 05.28.2014

  12. The red lips
    Curled hair
    Stretched skirt

    Speak volumes

    But look closer
    In here eyes
    Here’s what you seek


    By Sarah on 05.28.2014

  13. The young woman’s eyelids lowered and her legs crossed, the short shirt stretching around her thighs. Vincent Stewart stared at her openly, a blush rising to his face.

    “Would you like a drink, Mr. Stewart?” She asked, her voice soft.

    By Lauren on 05.28.2014

  14. The way I turn my cheek
    to face the sun
    and I slowly
    look up at you
    the way I laugh
    so slightly
    so softly
    that the wind barely
    carries it to your ears
    The toss of my hair
    the rhythm of my step

    By Leah on 05.28.2014

  15. Long hair hung over her bare back like satin drapes, and thin strands fell over her heavy lidded eyes like smoke-stained thread. She was lean and lightly muscular like Tonia, but unlike her mother’s stocky build, Zia was a towering willow, firm yet flexible in the breeze.

    By Charlotte Keynes on 05.28.2014

  16. sickly sweet sultriness slides thru ur veins,
    leaves splinters stuck in your thighs
    creases your tongue
    bleeds thru every opening
    you’ve ever had
    branches out of your eyes
    into the sick morning. stinging
    your pores with the delight
    of withdrawal. they cant save you now,
    ur pockets spell out. dissatisfied

    By Summer on 05.28.2014

  17. salty and humid, hamburgers and amusement parts and sticky lip gloss and fast cars and

    By jane on 05.28.2014

  18. The sultry taste of her lips brought him to his knees, his resolve breaking and his commitment to himself broken. Mark leaned into Rebecca, cupping his large hands around her face and pulling her close.

    By Akuna on 05.28.2014

  19. the woman was laying in her clothes on the bed. When I had made contact with her at the conference first, the only way you could describe her was sultry. Her aura exuded confidence, but something else too. You could tell she wanted something. That something was me. We’d taken a cab from the conference to the hotel room. And now here we were, her on my bed.

    By David Burke on 05.28.2014

  20. The sun wouldn’t go down. We didn’t want it to. But it wouldn’t have listened if we did. The rocks we skipped into the lake burned our soft hands. Sunburnt and laughing we left in the evening.

    By thiscrissguy on 05.28.2014