May 27th, 2014 | 100 Entries

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100 Entries for “sultry”

  1. She took a bite of the orange and set it on the counter. The juices from the fruit dripped down her chin and she smiled at her lover. He smiled back. He tossed her the newspaper and she frowned. He removed his shirt in the mirror and held his head in front of the fan. The air was thick. He imagined himself close to her, but merely felt uncomfortable in the heat. “The storm will have thunder,” he said. “And rain, I hope.” She was staring out the window tucking another chunk of orange inside her cheek.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 05.27.2014

  2. Into the candlelit rooms full of silhouetted shadows behind curtains; atop the satin sheets scented with flowers, the woman with the dark hair and sultry eyes poised for her next move, a moment which he undoubtedly will regret but in every way deserve for breaking her heart.

    By Tricia on 05.27.2014

  3. Today is really sultry so I’m going to buy a ice cream. I don’t like this kind of weather. I prefer cold weather

    By jinho on 05.27.2014

  4. I knock on his door and wait for his sultry voice from the other side. “It’s me.” The door opens and his surprised face greets me. He looks at me like I am a ghost, as if I could not possibly be before him. I step forward and he backs away. The door closes behind me, untouched. The music begins, and he steps back falling onto couch, watching me. Breathe… the music reaches, stretches, conducts my movements as I dance. The words pull all the love and smiles from my heart to lace my face, my eyes, my lips, all for him. I move slowly with the music, caressing it with my hips, my waist, my chest. My eyes pour into him… He answers my beckoning and steps up, believing I am there at last. Our hands touch, fingers entwine, and with breathless lips we kiss at last. And the truth takes us over.

    By JDwrites on 05.27.2014

  5. With her gaze hooded and her smile sultry, she stalked towards me. I swallowed hard, my eyes locked on the swaying motion of her hips only to leap to the quick of a full mouth.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.27.2014

  6. oh fuck she said
    kissing caress cost
    sultry sips lips contain can’t frame the distance
    between him and shy
    the lock lines lied
    nothing quite as sexy as a knowing smile
    a perfect stranger
    a perfect moment
    run away.

    By matt m on 05.27.2014

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    By Me on 05.27.2014

  8. His shirt stuck to his skin in a sweaty cling. It was sultry nights like these that made him regret moving further south.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.27.2014

  9. The sultry sound of her voice carried through the empty hall, reflecting off the tall pillars leading across the way. It rang loud and clear to the young man numbly carrying on his life. His head suddenly perked up, eyes and ears searching, roaming for that voice and its owner.

    By umbazachika on 05.27.2014

  10. His lips were sultry. His lips were everything to do with the word. His lips were like sun ripened raspberries, looking full of sweetness and a subtle hint of sincerity. They were like ice cream on a hot day, drops dripping down thin fingers that wanted to roam everywhere.

    By jina on 05.27.2014

  11. her sultry voice filled my ears from the other side of the phone. All she wanted wad was more night. A night that i couldn’t give her anymore. Not now not ever. I had decided to change to be more true to myself and her.

    By amber on 05.27.2014

  12. sulllllltry sexy smooth slippery sweat running down her naked back the sultry air on the texas plains made her gasp but what really made her hot was the cowboy who ever so slightly brushed his jagged whiskers against her neck.

    By val to the gal URL on 05.27.2014

  13. I can’t stand this torturing weather.
    The heat, the flames from a far distance is unbearable.
    I am losing my mind thinking of chilling things.
    This can’t be how sultry feels. Damn this heat.

    By Jeffrey Tamayo URL on 05.27.2014

  14. Nothing better than a drink outside in the evening when on holiday and appreciating the warm, sultry night.

    By Alexandra on 05.28.2014

  15. We we under the understanding that the night’s presentation would be the climax to the poetry competition, but it was anything but sultry. It just did not live up to our expectations.

    By victor URL on 05.28.2014

  16. Sultry summer nights.

    By Dave John on 05.28.2014

  17. soft
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    By abby hammond on 05.28.2014

  18. the sultry sounds of my moan—his moan—our moans made me ooze. i wanted to live beneath those mums and oohs and ahhs forever—-at least long enough for me to meditate to them. to get forever lost in them.

    By Safon on 05.28.2014

  19. The gun kicked as she fired it. She was aiming for the red dress. Her party stood behind her, breath baited. They cut quite a figure. A gang of girls, beautiful, empowered, and all at least overweight. They had not come for violence, but for justice. They had already taken out the lingere section, the customers had fled at the first shot, and now, they their 50. Cal Sniper Rifle was gunning for the sultry dresses. “It ain’t size zero if I can hit it” she said, before firing off a round that swept through the forecourt of the J C Penney, and launched itself through the claret silk flesh of the dress’s hem. “Got it. Size zero my ass”.

    By Austin on 05.28.2014

  20. Spanish moss hangs from the trees like disappointment. The air around her is thick, filling her lungs and slowing her walk to a shuffle.

    By Martha on 05.28.2014

  21. Slippery & sultry
    me and McNulty
    go out and get some shoes
    to cover the blisters on our Hooves

    By R.C Morose on 05.28.2014

  22. Sultry is something that you feel whenever you are turned on by something. Usually this goes for someone’s voice.

    By Draina on 05.28.2014

  23. I want nothing,
    to strip it all away. Burn it in the fire and keep your words, keep your hands to yourself. I am only for myself, and give myself unto others as I see

    By Dara on 05.28.2014

  24. He walked across the room waiting for her arrival. He began to pace back and forth faster and faster. A door slams. There she is. Standing in her red dress and black heels waiting.

    By Caroline on 05.28.2014

  25. Once upon a time when the wind was sultry and the Snow was coal they had no time to row.

    By regan on 05.28.2014

  26. It’s still hot out. It’s still so muggy that I can feel the sweat between my balls and my thighs creating an almost viscous connector, like some sort of chemical bond between two elements. This is just gross and I have already showered three times today. There’s nothing remotely seductive about this sultry, muggy, horrible, disgusting day.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 05.28.2014

  27. The days were getting longer. The sun beat down on her back as she lumbered across the parking lot. She could feel the sweat pooling in her underarms and dripping down her spine. Her cheeks flushed red and her pony tail hung limply on her back. Finally she reached the street and looked across the busy two lanes of traffic and the building in front of her.

    By Beka URL on 05.28.2014

  28. The young woman entered the enormous dining room not expecting the older sultry woman to have arrived already. Devin with her dark penetrating eyes glared over at Audry in hopes to unease her and strode confidently toward the sultry woman waiting at the table at the far side of the room. All eyes were upon her..

    By Laurie White on 05.28.2014

  29. “She ain’t nothin’ but a low-down, crook’d-branch thief,” he said with a groan, holding the bloody towel to his head.
    “Yeah, but she sure got a smile to match,” he answered.

    By L on 05.28.2014

  30. This tree out here
    has so much heat
    so much moist
    so much soul
    the sultry soul tree
    it talks.

    By freppa on 05.28.2014

  31. Her gaze looked sultry. She had those big, heavy eyes that made him stare at them for long. Her posture seemed weird, but her hair looked as if they were made of snow. Whiter than antything, she looked so attractive that he could not help but go talk to her,. But he could not, for she was a Nazi.

    By Duttatrey URL on 05.28.2014

  32. He looked at her from his chair and she looked back. He told her that she had a very sultry way about her that made him want to do things, things that he wasn’t sure he could control.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.28.2014

  33. On a summer breeze came a song to me just like a hum of bees.
    Hundreds. Into this ease of mind swells the tides towards the bay.
    Moonrise on a steamy horizon at the end of the hot, hot, hot day.

    By Intuition on 05.28.2014

  34. Ooh that smell of ecstasy. Infiltrating the nostril and entrancing the brain into a lurid state of pleasure. She was a sick duck but she made that food tastessss

    By Kind of Krazy on 05.28.2014

  35. Maybe it was the way she read her poetry in all the voices an actor could only wish to master. Sultry, sweet and filled with a never-ending innocence that would make your heart skip a beat every time you hear it.

    By d a n a on 05.28.2014

  36. The morning dawned sultry and dim. Thick clouds battened on the horizon, promising a storm by afternoon.

    By mrsmig on 05.28.2014

  37. Sedina slithered into the crowded room with easy. A dark haired sultry woman in her early thirties. Dressed in a well fitted red dress hanging down just past her knees, with a slit up one side; and 6 inch high heels exposing her finely manicured toe nails all glittering in silver polish. Not a man in the room could avoid a glance in her direction.

    By Freedom on 05.28.2014

  38. it was a very sultry evening as they lay on the beach in nothing but what the good lord let them be born in. They could not keep their hands off of each other ans the waves masked the noises of love that crossed between them. She was not sure if she could ever let this happen between her and this man again, but she woulds certainly give it the old college try.

    By trkstr67 on 05.28.2014

  39. The cat walked across her as she slept. The dreams were invaded by the pressure on her body, a dream turning rapidly erotic. She snored causing the cat to jump off.

    By Boyd Miles URL on 05.28.2014

  40. Sultry movements
    Swift as the wind
    Carried me breathless
    On a musical whim

    By Alesha Aris on 05.28.2014