May 27th, 2014 | 100 Entries

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100 Entries for “sultry”

  1. Maybe it’s all about insult? or Something of distraction. I think it’s positive, I don’t know the word that’s why I’m depending on the word “insult”. Sultry, I think it’s about of something incredible.

    By Bryan on 05.27.2014

  2. I never really made sense of the conversation. Despite his fervor for skin, he spoke so clinically that one would never imagine him putting his own advice into action: “Let the image burn into your memory. Understand the standard you are expected to maintain: nothing but sultry, untamable women should even be considered reasonable recipients of your manly essence.”

    By asavas on 05.27.2014

  3. I’m thankful for this word because I’ve found this amazing site where you can explode your ideas with the given word. Now I’m writing something for the second time about this word. I think sultry is luck, because I’ve reached something interesting that I can burst my ideas that flows in my crazy mind.

    By BryDionisio on 05.27.2014

  4. n

    By catlyn on 05.27.2014

  5. The air was sultry, the way one might imagine the Bayou to feel in the mid-summer. There was an intense feeling between them, as if electricity was arching off of their bodies and toward one another. There was nothing more they could do to contain their passion. Even if it was a mistake, even if it hurt later, they decided to act on the urges that had been growing.

    By Sandra URL on 05.27.2014

  6. The night was hot and everything seemed to drag in the sad way things do in this kind of heavy hear. Her heart beat fast as he came closer. Sweat dripped down her forehead. This was new. New to her.

    By Sydney on 05.27.2014

  7. She couldn’t help herself – she never considered herself to be much of a flirty type, but something just ended up coming over her. Her words were soaked in silkly and sultry tones, and could feel her body moving itself in different ways than she’d ever moved before. She was just too much in love to do anything else, or perhaps just too much in lust.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 05.27.2014

  8. I gasped, trying to breathe in the thick, sultry air, as my old, torn up Converse pounded the ground. I hoped I wasn’t too late. Maybe he would still be waiting? As I approached the corner, I suddenly got a sense of fear. What if he had left? Got bored and went home? I closed my eyes as I approached the corner, afraid of what would happen when I reopened them. I stopped short, gasping for air, as I stared at the abandoned bus stop.
    He was gone.

    By A. Rose on 05.27.2014

  9. The night was hot and heavy unlike anything she had ever felt before. Sweat covered her trembling body as he drew that much closer to her. It was dark but she could still see the shape of his perfect body. Beautiful.

    By Sydney on 05.27.2014

  10. As Nora stepped out of the airport doors she felt the first signs of homesickness hitting her harder than a truck on the Miami highways.
    As similar to home as Florida was, Nora couldn’t help but recall how dissimilar home was to Florida. Home was summer – real summer.
    Home had sun, and sure, so did Florida, but home had a gentle wind to go with it.
    As Nora kissed the sultry Florida air hello, she couldn’t keep herself from remembering the way she had just kissed the summer breeze of home goodbye.

    By Hilyann on 05.27.2014

  11. Hmm. Hmmmmm… Nothing here.

    By Victoria on 05.27.2014

  12. she let her hair grow longer than she should, but it helped her, not as much with the looks, but with the feeling it gave her of feeling attracive

    By eli kjonsberg on 05.27.2014

  13. “I got nothin’,” he whined, tossing himself against the booth bench in a sprawling mess. “That guy just doesn’t want to talk. I think I got three syllables out of him in ten minutes. Three!”

    Ginny couldn’t help the chuckle that bubbled in her throat at her friend’s expense. He was adorable when he was fed up. That didn’t mean she wasn’t still mad at him, of course, but it would appear she would have to do this. Again.

    “What are…?” He asked, watching as she undid the next two buttons on her blouse.

    She flashed him a smile as she slid from their booth. “Sometimes, things need a woman’s touch.” With a wink, she set off.

    She got a whole lot more than three syllables.

    By The Black Flamingo on 05.27.2014

  14. Drückend,
    der Schweiß läuft.
    Nicht wirklich warm-
    nicht wirklich kalt.
    Nichts halbes und nichts ganzes.

    zu schwer sich zu bewegen.
    Nicht wirklich motiviert-
    nicht wirklich ohne antrieb.
    Nicht halbes und nichts ganzes

    By Anuri URL on 05.27.2014

  15. “We’re in this together, right Sam?” Toni questioned, her voice timid but sultry at the same time. She let the silk bathrobe fall at her feet, clad in her rather sheer blue nightgown, as she walked over to the dresser to brush her hair.

    Sam doused his cigarette and, for a second too long, let his eyes wander over her petite body. He’d never discussed how long he’d stay in town; but they’d both fallen for each other and he ultimately saw no reason to leave. “Always, sweetheart. Just you and me.”

    She smiled at him in the mirror, setting the brush next to her jewelry box. “That’s all I needed to hear, Mr. Masterson.” Toni stood then, scooping up her robe and heading for the door that led to her adjacent room. “Good night, Sam.”

    He was behind in her in a second, arms securing themselves around her waist. She shivered at their closeness as he whispered tenderly into her ear, “Stay with me.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.27.2014

  16. “What’s the matter with you?” She cried, fighting back tears that burned her eyes. Her voice had since lost the sultry tone it had for the role she rehearsed not but an hour ago. “Do you want me in this movie or not?”

    Evan groaned, dropping the flowers he’d hoped Liz would take as an apology to the floor as he strode over to the blonde. “Yes, I want you in it, Liz! But I’m tired of fighting over every little thing with you! Our characters are supposed to be in love, not hate each other!”

    “I’m trying my best, Evan, but you’re making it more difficult than it is!” She snapped, tearing her eyes away from him. Her voice got considerably quiet as she said, “It takes everything in me not to just…grab that face of yours and kiss you. And not as part of the show, either.”

    He blinked, realization hitting him after who knows how long…and seeing as there were no other viable options, he kissed her.

    Mission accomplished.

    By Blue Iris on 05.27.2014

  17. He said that she was sitting in a “sultry position,” so he “could not help” ogling her and then reaching his smeared fingers out to touch her. He simply could not understand what he had done to deserve the crushed knuckles on his offending hand, smacked hard by a very heavy purse.

    “And what was in that thing, anyway?” he growled as the bartender brought him a bag of ice. “Bricks?”

    “Nah,” I said with a glower. “I’d say her pride. And you deserve every ounce of pain from it.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.27.2014

  18. Sultry weather is very common in Malaysia. Who would say that the constant sun and deep blue sky can ever get on someone’s nerves?

    By JOhana on 05.27.2014

  19. Sultry sound like a word related to laundry. Maybe it’s because they rhyme. I put all my clothes into the machine and added sultry to the water. My clothes cam out fresh as a cabbage. Where am I going with this? Wait… Sultry right. Humid and hot. Sounds like Malaysia.

    By PranavNair on 05.27.2014

  20. It was a sultry day
    this is literally all I can come up with
    what even is sultry
    how do you even use sultry
    sultry sounds like good.
    and how do you even describe a woman like that
    “you’re a sultry woman”
    like what even
    you’re just gonna get a slap to the face.

    By Jeff on 05.27.2014

  21. It was sultry yesterday at the afternoon.

    By Fahmi Jasni on 05.27.2014

  22. The weather was sultry today.
    Much like cooked poultry.
    I have no idea what I’m writing
    It’s just based on all my sightings.
    Attractive… where did that come from?
    Oh yes, a woman.

    By Ericia on 05.27.2014

  23. She was of a playful nature. Men frequently described her as sultry; a flirtatious, passionate young woman.

    By Leanne on 05.27.2014

  24. hot and humid (weather, woman)

    By Jeslin on 05.27.2014

  25. All K Pop girls are all sultry. I always like to stare at sultry girls.

    By Marcus on 05.27.2014

  26. Seeing and watching sultry women, i couldn’t control myself.

    By Muhammad Adli on 05.27.2014

  27. It was a very sultry day, in the middle of a field.The sun was high up and there were very little clouds. I was playing a game of football with friends at school.

    By sorfina on 05.27.2014

  28. Very hot and humid.

    By Xuanyou on 05.27.2014

  29. When the weather is hot and humid.

    When a woman is describes as sultry, it means that she is hot/attractive.

    By busyra on 05.27.2014

  30. You used to call me sultry and laugh when I’d swing my hair around. You always laughed at my jokes, and brushed your hand up against my arm. If we were having dinner with friends you’d glance at me in that peculiar way you used to, those amber eyes would gloss over me, and you’d squeeze my hand. I suppose I felt ‘sultry’ then, with your eyes on me like that. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be looked at that way. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in love.

    By annie on 05.27.2014

  31. The surrounding air was heavy, heady, laden with lust. It was like being a kid again, what with the fogged windows and that overwhelming sense of urgency. There were no parents to catch them out, now, no reason to kiss and grope and gasp like horny teenagers. But there was no reason not to, either, and maybe that’s what egged them on. Maybe that’s what they both needed.

    By emgee on 05.27.2014

  32. She walked down the street in the hot, sultry Savannah evening air. A slit glistening on her skin gave her a dewy appearance and as Edwin got s slight sideways glimpse, he was mesmerized once again by the woman he was in love with. They had traveled so far in such a short amount of time and yet her allure never seemed to fade like the other women he had known in the past.

    By Mrs. Goodson on 05.27.2014

  33. sultry… a word that i just know today :D…… cant understand the true meaning behind it he3

    By meow~~ on 05.27.2014

  34. It was unusually sultry, the air was so thick you could feel the moisture on your skin. The thickness made it difficult to breathe. It was almost choking the search party as they entered the dark cavernous region know as Hell Chasm. They could not believe the rest of the group did not return on time. The needed to find out what happened to them and quick.

    By Bethany Herrington on 05.27.2014

  35. Am I a king or queen? Wtf is sultry? Seduction? Sultan of swiing?

    By Diana on 05.27.2014

  36. The night was sultry, as the day had been. He looked over at his girlfriend, lying in the other room, wrapped in a blanket, oblivious to the heat. He realised now the argument had been petty, and regretted his actions. He knew he would have to take steps to rectify the situation, and soon. By morning, the smell of her corpse would be noticed by the neighbours.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.27.2014

  37. She was as if smoke itself had somehow collected into a being; so incredibly hard to hold onto, but mysterious enough to capture one’s attention. She emerged from the clouds of cigarette puffs, a beautiful disaster that was begging for explanation beyond words.

    By Anyssa on 05.27.2014

  38. the beginnings of an annoyed sigh cuts off when he feels the tips of eren’s fingers trace along the grain of his undercut, and the warmth of the boy’s lips against the back of his ear is painfully distracting.

    “keep typing,” eren insists before peppering kisses along the curve of levi’s neck.

    levi tries to focus on his work, but eren’s mouth is all over his neck and jaw. and the light squeezing at his hips is impossible to ignore; he ends up throwing his glasses onto his keyboard and groaning, unabashed, when eren’s hand slips down the front of his pants.

    By heartful on 05.27.2014

  39. “The Lover” by Marguerite Duras… the blunt remembrances of a young girl and her older lover. scandalous. sweaty. steamy.

    By c on 05.27.2014

  40. Dark cloudy eyes
    that cast shadows with their light
    a movement so serene that
    it’s fluid and graceful as
    melted silk over a knife
    that brings a quickness of breath
    for those embraced by her presence

    By Protean on 05.27.2014