February 4th, 2011 | 429 Entries

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429 Entries for “suicide”

  1. She was standing on the bridge, looking down into the foaming waters below, pondering what she was going to do next. Would she jump and end this now, or wait for death to come to her? Why should she stay here? Why should she leave?

    By S. Montgomery URL on 02.04.2011

  2. How you come and go, and I fear not the next life in my mind… dark as all… we cannot be satisfied… I once loved her, but she did not — as me.

    By Adam Young on 02.04.2011

  3. My cat walked off the edge of a building today. Rixie, was her name. I don’t get it. She was stalking the roofgarden, like she loves–loved–to do, with her tail swaying proudly behind her. She used to just to circuits, you know? Like laps around the edge. I was never too worried about it. Cats don’t need you to worry about them. She always had it together. Always a step ahead of life. Not like me. And I was looking at this fucking little tomato, wondering if it was worth the trouble of picking because sometimes you get them like that where they’re like almost retarded. Might pull through, might not. So I decided, hey, lets just leave it be. Live and let live. Come what may, and it won’t be in my hands any more. And I look up and see Rixie perched there, against the blue sky. That kind of baked blue they always put on porcelain and pottery and all that. She looked back at me and her shoulders kind of moved. It wasn’t a shrug, not really. Cats do different things with their bodies than we do. But I was looking at her eyes. Her eyes–the look she gave me, that’s what made me think she was shrugging. She meant something by it don’t look at me like that. Why else would she go and…she just walked off. Like she was going somewhere. I didn’t move for about a whole second. Then I ran over and looked over and I saw her all over the sidewalk. Jesus.
    (Obviously I kept going after the time limit, and I cry your pardon)

    By runawaybum09 URL on 02.04.2011

  4. Suicide is a horrible way to die and a horrible thing to think about, but if somebody really wants to do it, I don’t think they should be forcefully held back from it. That just makes them even more miserable and desperate, and they might have a good reason to want to. In any case, it shouldn’t have to be the answer, no matter the reason.

    By Morgan on 02.04.2011

  5. How far must I fall before I feel sweet relief? I will forever be wrapped up in your world, and cannot find a way to free myself of ancient sadness. I shall leap into another dream with nothing, no one.

    By Adam URL on 02.04.2011

  6. You’ve got to be kidding me. The one thing that I’ve been thinking about most lately. It’s a fantasy. Nothing real. Never will happen. But a dream, all the same. I can’t even escape it where I want to – in my writing. Wow…

    By garrett-tyler URL on 02.04.2011

  7. What a romantic, poetic end to whatever it is I live today. Even though it’s all I shouldn’t and never shall do, for I am a coward to it’s grasp. Poor and homeless, what else is there left? I’ve been rich, intellectual, at Harvard studies and even battled the best. Worked for my money. I even spent the biggest gaps of my time in the synagogue of many religions… I’m like Siddhartha starring in the river… what next? Om, perhaps…

    By Kris URL on 02.04.2011

  8. You know, a lot of people do not agree with suicide. I am one of those people, but I can sort of understand why people do it. Although it is selfish and wrong, some people are too depressed or messed up to go on.

    By Jordan DeBose on 02.04.2011

  9. Kinda sounds like juice. I don´t know why it just does. Don´t ask just think. Think. Think. Think. Think. Never mind don´t do that, that doesn´t make sense.

    By Vanessa on 02.04.2011

  10. When someone is thinking about suicide, they feel like they don’t have any other options. I suppose that makes sense, because in a world like ours there doesn’t always seem to be another option when all of the doors close on you. It’s sad really.

    By Haley on 02.04.2011

  11. Omg my brother once very recently wanted so badly to kill himself, but I think more than anything it was a cry for help/attention. NOt to say that all people who claim they want to commit suicide are looking for attention, just that if you really want to, you’ll do it, nuff said. It is a sad sad place to be in your life where you truly feel like there is no hope.

    By Jenny on 02.04.2011

  12. I failed – shouldn’t have no. of pills taken – ferry from Island – ambulance – how did they save me? Why did God save me – it was his hand not theirs – what was his reason? there must have been a reason

    By Jackie URL on 02.04.2011

  13. How depressing. Suicide takes the lives of many people and it’s very unfortunate. It can be done in many different ways such as hanging, with a gun, or jumping off the Golden Gate bridge. Suicide is something that can be prevented but is one of the most life taking diseases that is preventable.

    By Brittany on 02.04.2011

  14. Suicide is a natural thing
    Doesn’t have a positive swing
    But when you hear it ring
    You can bet there’s a sting
    Of pain.

    By Jordan DeBose on 02.04.2011

  15. is a terrible down ward spiral for those who feel they have ran out of option…where life is so precious this option is selfish, while ending your own pain, you bring pain to all the loved ones around you…killing yourself is never the answer, ever.

    By Meg on 02.04.2011

  16. She had contemplated it over and over. She went through every scenario in her head, but she couldn’t figure out why he had to leave her the way he did. Was he that much of a fucking coward? If he didn’t want to get married, he didn’t have to fashion a noose.

    By CorkerAnn URL on 02.04.2011

  17. I’ve had the same word three times. So I will give a different thought. You do what you have to do, what you need to do, what you want to do, and if it doesn’t get you there, run to something, not this.

    By Jordan DeBose on 02.04.2011

  18. When somebody has had enough of living they often (and in the most disturbing of ways) eliminate themselves. It’s not always successful and takes a lot of courage because they’re leaving this world for the unknown. People who commit suicide are often miserable and desperate for an escape.

    By Rebecca on 02.04.2011

  19. “NO!” I screamed as my brother took the knife to his throat. “YOURE ALL IVE GOT!!” I said as he fell back, and suddenly, I was the only thing breathiing in the room.

    By Maureen URL on 02.04.2011

  20. The only thing that would take your memory away from me and the one thing I am strong enough not to do. So when that bridge you sway across begins to break, take that last look over your shoulder and see me standing on the bank with my back to you…because that’s what you deserve for playing me like that.

    By C on 02.04.2011

  21. Don’t do this if you love anyone.

    By m on 02.04.2011

  22. jessie decided that it would be suicide to try and remerge the minds.she had no options left to save herself as she once was…but..she had one plan that -perhaps -could give her ninety percent of her old self back:the disks

    By Dann URL on 02.04.2011

  23. His depression was so intense that he has contemplated suicide many times, and in many forms. From the typical roof jump to creative apparatuses hanging above his tub that is designed to drop a toaster in it.

    By Umaul URL on 02.04.2011

  24. We played songs until dawn, joking and laughing. We sang, the rest of us, all night long, to keep from crying.

    By lynx URL on 02.04.2011

  25. Empty threat. Plea for attention. Use of manipulation. I know too many boys with broken parts and hearts who’ve used this word. Used it like a weapon. Used it like it’s cheap. Not cheap. A pricey, penitent word.

    By Beth on 02.04.2011

  26. In the heat of the night
    I stuck with a toll.

    The air felt cold as the
    blood rolled out of my
    open vein.

    Then all I felt was nothing
    and it felt good.

    By Destin URL on 02.04.2011

  27. i felt the wind blowing through my hair as I leapt off the bridge into the dark waters that lied beneath. The only thing that came to my mind was happiness and how much I loved you. But darling, this was my only option. Diving into death seems so much more peaceful than being with you.

    By Leela Dawson on 02.04.2011

  28. Cyanide.
    Courses through your veins
    And neurons
    Like a swiftly moving poison
    Softly and swiftly
    Sending you to sleep.

    By Emily Neie on 02.04.2011

  29. Suicide isnt possible in my house. Its not forbidden, or frowned upon, or even viewed as being blasphemous. Theres not horizontal beam strong enough to support the crack of a neck.

    By djnvjbf on 02.04.2011

  30. I’m driving slowly down a country lane, the sun is shining and I am in no hurry. It’s a beautiful, lazy, summer day, the bird are singing, and then splat a bug hits my windscreen, I think it was suicide.

    By Maureen URL on 02.04.2011

  31. I just watched a video of a Russian soldier being beheaded. Suicide now seems somewhat ridiculous. Suicide is an action for the privileged and the bored…I wonder how many suicides occur in those in truly desperate situations. Although…I don’t actually have any fucking idea what I’m talking about. Who does.

    By Gwacie URL on 02.04.2011

  32. The taking of ones life, one’s souls, ones existence. Possibilities unfulfilled, promises unkept, pain unendurable. Better or worse? None will know all that is know is that nothing will be.

    By Gerbz URL on 02.04.2011

  33. I think I just wrote an entire paragraph on suicide and then it didn’t work…and then I said “I’m depressed” Sort of ironic for the word “suicide”….would I kill myself about the fact that people couldn’t read my thoughts? Selfish. But suicide is selfish…so why not do it for the most mundane reason?

    By Gwacie URL on 02.04.2011

  34. When I was a young teen, Kurt Cobain was the coolest person ever. I think I was 13 or so. Nirvana was my favorite band for a really long time. I didn’t believe it was suicide- I really believed that his wife hired someone to kill me. I watched Gus Van Sant’s “Last Days”, watched Michael Pitt climb up to the sky with my jaw dropped. I began to imagine what his last minutes were like. I was diagnosed with clinical depression about 4 years later, but I hadn’t really thought of it like that before. Nick Drake committed suicide, didn’t he? A lot of really cool people commit suicide, don’t they? They also do a lot of drugs.

    By hana URL on 02.04.2011

  35. I saw red, white and blue lights flashing in front of me. It was dark and there I was laying there in a pool of my own blood. There were photographs being taken, and the gun I used was being sealed into a plastic baggie. I sat in the couch in a catatonic state next to my girlfriend crying so hard over me. “What have I done?? Oh, God!”

    By Luke URL on 02.04.2011

  36. Death, is dark. THought about it more than once actually. It’s not that you’re a coward to do it, it’s that life is just the darker of too evils. Death is an escape, it is the easier choice, like someone caught on the 10th floor of a burning building, the jump may become a better option than burning in the flames…

    By Sam on 02.04.2011

  37. Suicide is a selfish thought. What about all of those you leave behind? Think about the reasons you have held on this long, think about reasons to continue living. Suicide is a selfish thought, taking yourself away form the people that love you. Trust me, someone does. Someone always will.

    By Elaine Kushkowski on 02.04.2011

  38. Do it! You won’t! You won’t!

    By Gerbz URL on 02.04.2011

  39. I have had a friend commit suicide. It was hard on me, and especially his really close friends. I was the closest with Brandon, and Brandon was his best friend. I don’t think he was thinking about all the people that he would hurt.

    By Joe on 02.04.2011

  40. the coward’s way out. i can’think of any good reaon to commit suicide. thee’s just nothing bad enough t make me wanttkill myself. i have heard of people taking their own livs and just don’t see hy. when there’s always something that makes you get up in the morning. there’s alway a possibility for something new to comalong and for you to start fresh. everywhere you go there a new pssibiities and you just can’t pass them up ehnever you feel like there’s no going on, you just havce to keep pushing and look for the bright in life.

    By Jessica on 02.04.2011