October 26th, 2013 | 77 Entries

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77 Entries for “routine”

  1. A routine is something that keeps you from being as awesome as you can be, because to be awesome you gotta know your awesome and how it works. For example, me repeating “awesome” three times in a row wasn’t. So know, I gotta know my synonyms. See? Simple example. Now you apply it to your daily life.

    By Federica Chacon URL on 10.26.2013

  2. A routine is something that keeps you from being as awesome as you can be, because to be able to wear your best kind of awesome you gotta know your awesome. For example, me writing “awesome” three times in the last sentence wasn’t, so now I gotta explore my synonyms, but that’s just a very simple example of it.

    By Federica C. on 10.26.2013

  3. She was a cleaner. It was a simple routine task. Go in. Clean up the mess left behind in their wake, and get out. Same as always. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case this time. The team before her didn’t do their job like they were supposed to: they left someone alive.

    By Mandy on 10.26.2013

  4. He woke up eyes still squinted from the nights light slumber. Get to work, go to bed do it again, meticulous, monotonous, drudgery.

    By WhoisRGL on 10.26.2013

  5. what a boring routine I have
    constant imagination
    floating around
    I don’t even know
    where exist

    By sophie on 10.26.2013

  6. poop. routine is so hard but so easy
    but i can’t get up at the same time/// or sleep at a good time ever
    what is this for
    i dont have that many routines because im always just trying to fit everything in the day
    except school is a routine
    kind of
    school is more of a dreaded event though.

    By jasmine on 10.26.2013

  7. a routine death
    over and over we lost our mind
    take last breath
    again and again we gone with the wind

    a routine birth
    time after time we stand up
    take first mirth
    time and time again we drink from grace cup

    By Eligia V. A. on 10.27.2013

  8. it was a daily routine by now. wake up, roll out of bed, stumble to the bathroom. brush your teeth, brush your hair, take your medications. medications, medications, those damn medications. the only thing stopping her from another tumble down the rabbit hole. but compared to her routine, the rabbit hole was starting to look inviting again.

    By firelight on 10.27.2013

  9. Her routine was skewed, her circadian rhythms all out of whack. Set the alarm for 5:30; wake up at 3:45. Try to go to sleep at 10:30; toss and turn until midnight. Good lord, when was she going to get a decent night’s sleep?

    By mrsmig on 10.27.2013

  10. You were my favourite routine
    And one day I missed the deadline
    And you walked me back to reality
    I wasn’t ready
    I wasn’t ready
    I wasn’t, ready
    But you were done
    And somehow
    I wasn’t

    By Sapphire URL on 10.27.2013

  11. Ive never had a routine
    That could fit a love
    Like yours
    And I’m sorry
    I won’t go

    By Sapphire on 10.27.2013

  12. I always fail to set my daily routine according to way I want but I always fail .

    By Abhyudaya on 10.27.2013

  13. I would love to become a women of total routine where there is a time to do everything and everything is done in its correct time. Instead of making me boring and predictable this would liberate me to be able to spontaneously respond to this adventure called life. The minutiae and mundane would automatically be taken care off and I would be free to indulge in the magnificent.

    By Tracey on 10.27.2013

  14. the routine of the day is the things you do the people you see not always the same routine but routine helps think helps us structure makes sure we do and say the right things at the right time because god forbid we should make a cup of tea too early or eat our toast too late routines make the world go round or something like that

    By Natasha URL on 10.27.2013

  15. Get up. Go out. Walk about. Sit down. Feast on food. Get up. Walk about. Go in. Lie down. Sleep peacefully. Get up. Go out. Walk about. Sit down. Feast on food. Get up. Walk about. Go in. Lie down. Sleep peacefully. Get up. Go out. Walk about. Sit down. Feast on food. Get up. Walk about. Go in. Lie down. Sleep peacefully.

    By Andrew Davies on 10.27.2013

  16. It was routine for the security team to check all the rooms on that floor, but they skipped room eight-sixteen, because the professor had been working late this whole week. Had they opened the door, they would have seen the professor’s “creation” crawl over his crushed and twisted body, and climb out of the window.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.27.2013

  17. i have a different routine in weeks and oin weekends we all have dont we? but it changes depending on you being a dschoolperson or an adult with a job. i am a schoolperson, i wake at 6, and then go to school and am there at 8:10 it is not fun waking up early, but what else would i do?

    By hab on 10.27.2013

  18. my everyday routine was rather eventfully boring:
    dress at 5 am, eat breakfast, out to the barnyards and fields to tend to things.
    My farmer’s life was very repetitive, and I was happy to do what no one else wanted to,
    growing foods and livestock, the things that need to be done. Little did I know how much my life would change in but a months.

    By FollowThrough on 10.27.2013

  19. Hands placed primly by her side as she watched the binmen clear the bins away from the road. Smoothing back her hair so she could place the plastic earrings her daughter had found charming in a pound shop, onto small lobes. A watch worn on a thin wrist, the face gleaming from the weak morning sun. Pink lipstick, a glamorous, sultry shade, not the candy sugar one that her daughter was fond of stealing. When she looked in the mirror, she saw herself again, not the woman she had become during the darkest hours of the night. What a relief that she could still do this, still pretend, when everything around her was so changed.

    It was almost 8 o’clock. Time to get breakfast started.

    By joanwatsons on 10.27.2013

  20. They performed a routine perimeter check as they waited outside for something to happen: they know not what. A cryptic and anonymous call for action in troubled times and an address is all they were given. They have no idea if this could be a trap or a diversion, or if someone knew something that needed to be said and there was a just method to this madness.

    By Jess on 10.27.2013

  21. What one does repeatedly. Day after day the same actions are taken in the exact same order. People who live on a routine schedule are usually type A personalities.

    By Katie on 10.27.2013

  22. do it again. put the feet on the floor. shuffle to the can. piss. look in the mirror – not too long. cup some water in your hand, swallow. shuffle back to the room. sit on the edge of the bed, just for a minute…

    By Lee on 10.27.2013

  23. Routine
    is dapper. The bricks of living. The space
    Routine is the morning on your eyelids.
    And the fatigue of night.
    Routine is going and going and going and waiting to break

    By Conor on 10.27.2013

  24. Boom smash. Boom smash. Boom. crack.
    A folly in the events. The cracking of something more than just routine.
    A deviation of history.
    A snowflake blown onto the wrong tongue.
    A change unfixable, untreatable by the cosmos. Something less
    Something more.
    Something tremendous.
    Anything remarkable was born out of routine.

    By Conor on 10.27.2013

  25. Well my routine is pretty much boring. Work, go home, computer and videogames, sleep, repeat. Its quite hard to get out of that circle. But in 5 momnths I’ve got enough Dough to get out of here and see the world. Fuck yeah !

    By Mrlastname on 10.27.2013

  26. The alarm rings at 0500. She wakes up and goes to the bathroom, washing her face and brushes her teeth. She washes her hair, then blow dries it. She chooses her clothes with care, depending on her mood. She makes breakfast, and eat it. When she leaves the house, it is always 0836, not one minute early, not one minute later, so that she is just in time for the 0839 bus.

    Today is no different. Every step is in place, just the way she likes it.

    By Munchkin on 10.27.2013

  27. She was so bored. Everyday the same. Nothing special ever happens. It was always the same old routine. Get a life!

    By Alexandra on 10.27.2013

  28. I already wrote about routine yesterday. Today is my 60th birthday. I don’t feel 60. Don’t really know how old I look. Hard for me to gauge anyone over 25. On a good day I feel 17 and on a bad day I feel 40. I don’t have too many bad days…

    By just a girl on 10.27.2013

  29. She woke up, brushed her teeth. 200 strokes total, no more, no less. She made sure to touch the doorknob with only her index and thumb finger and she made sure to wash her hands right after. She then made sure to go into the kitchen, 28 steps, in order to fix herself breakfast: scrambled eggs—but only the whites, and a cup of black coffee. This was her routine.

    By affront on 10.27.2013

  30. He’s got his routine back: sitting in front of his computer, playing video games, howling at the sun, making me happy, making me sad, making me wish that I could look back and see the old me, the person I didn’t know what was to come, or how to treat the people that would eventually treat me differently.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 10.27.2013

  31. Get up. Get dressed. Survive whatever the day may throw at me.

    This is my routine. Mundane and boring, everlasting until the day I die.

    Unless of course life gives me a twist in the road.

    By Zoey on 10.27.2013

  32. A routine day in the shop, was all I wanted. Just a normal unbothered day of customers, dusting antiques, and inventory. Until the crate arrived, until I opened it. The contents would change everything I knew. No more routine days in the shop.

    By EliseV URL on 10.27.2013

  33. He’d been doing the same thing week after week, day after day, and couldn’t help feel his very existence had been reduced to nothing more than simple routine. No spontaneity, fun or surprises were ever in store for him, for he lived stuck a mundane rut, the rut of life.

    By Dav Matthews on 10.27.2013

  34. my weekly routine Sunday mornings is viewing the garden, perhaps writing a poetic description of it, and trolling the gardening blogs for garden inspiration. no deadlines, no responsibilities for the morning, just reading, writing, relaxing.

    By Maria on 10.27.2013

  35. Routine is something that has shaped my life over the last few years. They ask me to live like I’ll die tomorrow and dream like I’ll live forever. Routine is an enemy disguised as a friend that has shackled me to society and its norms. It has taken away my personality.

    By Shiks on 10.27.2013

  36. i woke up in the middle of tomorrow

    another half a day farther

    from where we were

    By h. b. on 10.27.2013

  37. Everyday is the same. I wake up, do my thing, and then go back to bed. It’s kinda really sad. There’s plenty that goes on in between but I don’t notice and I don’t care to remember. Everyday is the same, and when I come back to bed later that night, it starts all over again the next day.

    By Leah on 10.27.2013