July 10th, 2012 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “suggestion”

  1. i need a suggestion from you…please
    The thing is that i can’t live without you…it is just impossible for me to do it withouth you.
    just help me a little bit.
    Just one sentence would be ok to move on

    By ijtsi on 07.10.2012

  2. My wife had one suggestion for me. That suggestion was the beginning of the end for our marriage, Her suggestion was something that I just couldn’t change. She should have known that. My constant eating of ox penis was what made her fall in love with me, or so she said. Why, if I hadn’t intrigued her by eating it on our second date, she would have thought me forgettable. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t allowed to eat it in front of her friends.

    By D. Seminara on 07.10.2012

  3. “I have a suggestion for you,” Jay said. I raised an eyebrow. She was always a bit ditzy – I loved her, but…

    “What might that be, Jay?”

    “You should get a rebound guy.”

    I scoffed. For one, a rebound guy? Why? I mean, after all, we dated for a week. I shouldn’t be this upset. I guess it’s just that getting dumped feels like a kick in the chest.

    And for two, I’m not exactly the most attractive person in the world.

    By Sierra on 07.10.2012

  4. When the guy besides you is picking his nose, do you suggest to him that he shouldn’t do it in public? Or do you silently loathe him, think he won’t listen even if you told him? Perhaps, if you told him, you’d be doing him a great favor and he’ll see why people don’t have good impressions of him.

    Make more suggestions.

    Just a suggestion.

    By Holden URL on 07.10.2012

  5. i want to know what you mean. You keep giving me glances, leading me on? I cant be sure. I can never be sure. You are the biggest mystery I have yet to conquer. You smile at me then ignore me completely.

    By Rags on 07.10.2012

  6. Suggestion? I honestly don’t know what to write about in this box, but I guess its SUGGESTING me to write about suggestion. Suggestion, turns out to be a really funny word once you keep repeating it… suggestion, suggestion, suggestion. I suggest that you to the same. Suggest – consider something? Suggest to love one another, haha. SUGGESTION!!

    By Jadine Grace on 07.10.2012

  7. let me give you a suggestion. don’t cover your face in makeup. don’t plaster on a happy face and pretent you are comfortable in your own skin. scrub away the insecuraties, let the real you shine through. i know it’s cheesy but it’s the best suggestion anyone will ever give you

    By Lucy on 07.10.2012

  8. The power of suggestion is possibly the strangest thing. Or the power of NOT suggesting something. They’re one and the same, really. Suggestion by not suggesting, that’s where it gets interesting.

    By C on 07.10.2012

  9. It was in his nature to be rebellious. He never did what he was told and frequently did the opposite just on principle. She had given up on trying to tell him what to do years ago and whenever he asked for her opinion she simply shrugged and said, “Whatever you want, dear.”

    By Eva Shore on 07.10.2012

  10. don’t give any
    it sucks
    give up
    i’m right

    By Amanda on 07.10.2012

  11. a suggestion comes from an idea, an idea that can change a person, masses of people, or the world. suggesting comes from one person to another, it is a virus. the power of one suggestion has the power to reveal in one’s own self a rebirth, a rebirth of knowledge and wisdom. suggestions are key to growth and advancement.

    By briana on 07.10.2012

  12. May you allow a suggestion or should I plant it in your mind? As the young seeks to mentor the old with wisdom gained from experience of modern progression or unearned misfortune, nevertheless wisdom works both ways.

    By Eric Harrell on 07.10.2012

  13. “Its just a suggestion Maradith, relax.”
    “You people all suggest what’s best for you,not me! I don’t want your suggestions! Just stop already!”

    By Claire Edgington. on 07.10.2012

  14. The only suggestion I have for myself, is that I keep my mouth shut. People will start to question me, and if they’re not questioning me, they’ll use whatever I say against me because that’s how the world works. I only have one suggestion for everyone else. Don’t listen to a damn thing I say. My words aren’t worth a damn.

    By Kiss_My_Freckle on 07.10.2012

  15. I suggest that you go watch Friends, was the first thing my chorus teacher told me, or well, the class, on our first meeting. Because it will change your like, she said. The show made who she was, it made how she sang, what she sang about. The show gave her inspiration.
    That and when she watched the show she would call her boyfriend and probably talked dirty to each other. Gross.

    By GracetheKuriosity on 07.10.2012

  16. Why does this place only give the word suggestion? My mind only brims with this many things that are suggested to me. Is suggestion the only word that the random monkey could think of? Because I’m getting rather tired of suggestions. I found this site from Stumbleupon, a website that rather fervently gives suggestions.

    By GracetheKuriosity on 07.10.2012

  17. The look on her face was painful.
    “It was just a suggestion!” I was grasping at straws. “You will be great as a teacher if that’s what you really want to be, princess. But Daddy always pictured his little girl making more money than that!”

    By Natty Hope on 07.10.2012

  18. I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you do something? Why don’t you take the time to sit down for just a few moments, realize what you’re doing to yourself, and then find ways to amend those shortcomings. You’re sitting in a chair while I pass you by at close to the speed of light. Do something, or else I’ll do some to you. Something you won’t like.


    By Diana on 07.10.2012

  19. -We don’t really have to do it, it’s just a suggestion.
    -Sure, but what can we do about it? There isn’t really a choice, you know?

    By Felipe URL on 07.10.2012

  20. Suggestion is a word of interesting sounds. Sug. Sounds like slug. Gest. Like Gestate, or Gesture. and Tion. The amazing Tion. Or is it Ion, considering that I wrote the first T in Gest? Ion, as in Ionic man, or an Ionic brush, which really isn’t ionic, but just makes it sounds like I am brushing my hair with a super hero.

    By GracetheKuriosity on 07.10.2012

  21. A suggestion of spring in the air is all it takes to lift my heart. I remember the enthusiasm of my youth when that little nudge in the air filled me with optimism, hope and excitement in the buildup to summer. I wonder if I will feel it again this year as my life has changed so dramatically in the last 6 months. I hope it happens!

    By Betty Barker on 07.10.2012

  22. You are in a group and no one can come up with anything or no one wants to share anything. That’s why leaders are so important because they get people going on ideas and subjects if they gave the idea or not. The leader will give suggestions on topics that may help others in the group discover what they want to share or what they may have to offer. A suggestion for a group in a faith club would be, to start with name, where they are from, and what religion they are. Have they started in it from the beginning or not. A leader is strong when they are able to keep people interested and head in the right direction or a different one for people are so diverse.

    By Hailey on 07.10.2012

  23. make a suggestion, suggest a difference, a solution. always suggest need and evolving ideas, never deny a suggestion. never stop re-thinking what you already know. be a suggestion

    By Javier Mahauad on 07.10.2012

  24. Suggestion? I thought that was gooing to suggest something to write about not be the thing to write about waht a surprise to see this as the first word on the screen I feel like I am racing to get as much out of me in the time alloted can I( spell check not edit it is hard I have much difficulty in doing this

    By Michael on 07.10.2012

  25. Weary from a long day of no leads, I was hardly in the mood to take Mark’s suggestion, but I had a few of my own.

    I quirked an eyebrow at him and said, “So?”

    “So? What do you mean, so?”

    “I mean ‘So’, Mark. So what? So he had a gun. So he had no alibi. So he had a flimsy motive. So fucking what. I’m telling you, he’s NOT THE GUY.” I slammed my palm onto the desk for emphasis.

    Mark, unimpressed, said, “I’m bringing him in.”

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.10.2012

  26. this is a suggestion, it is being suggestion, smells like toes and cucumber. what is going on while you suggest this thing, why have you suggested this? is it real or madness, am i imagining this. what is the purpose is this completely pointless. why do we question everything and what about the thing sthat we dont question.. it has two gg i like birds. the orange beaks are neat and fantails are so cute.

    By anita on 07.10.2012

  27. especially useless when not required. wats the whole point???

    By ShruthiDivakar on 07.10.2012

  28. I suggest myself to lose weight, to finally fit into the social pressures of a teenage girl. Skinny legs, flat stomach, acne free face, the dream. But unfortunately, my suggestions never tur into action. ever.

    By secret on 07.10.2012

  29. Suggesting something is a terrifying feat. One can never predict how the suggestion will be taken, or if it is even a good one to give. I’ve given hundreds of suggestions in my life, but I’m sure I’ve given some that, if they were taken, would end catastrophically. That said, I’m quite glad most people write me off as clinically insane, because my favorite suggestion is “go jump off a bridge.” That could end messy.

    By Faith on 07.10.2012

  30. i hate when people make random suggestions about everything you do even if you are satisfied with your work its like nothing you do will ever be good enough for anyone call they do is criticize everything i do it not even fair life is not fair thats why people make suggestions to make it better you see everything has an up and a down side thats what life is about knowing when and when not to take its suggestion and when to better yourself or when not to. Thats what life is. Suggestions. Life is just a bunch of suggestions which you must choose whether or not to take life is choosing whether or not to better yourself to other people’s standard of what they think you should be, by giving you these suggestions.

    By Madi on 07.10.2012

  31. Hmmm well my brain is suggesting that I go to sleep right now because I’m very tired and have had a long day and have to get up early tomorrow morning… but I need to write. I don’t want to skip writing today just because I need sleep. Psshhh, sleep… who needs that?

    By Emilia URL on 07.10.2012

  32. To give advice to someone when in need for help e.g. “Hey Alex does this shirt suit me?” “Why not try something blue? It’ll suit your eyes.”

    By Sanjana on 07.10.2012

  33. It annoys me when people suggest how I should look or what I should do. I don’t mind a little positive criticism, but some people just take it waaay too far. I was raised with “Treat others the way you want to be treated” as the golden rule.

    By Kaci on 07.10.2012

  34. giving advice in a subtle way to have someone do something the way you prefer.

    By j on 07.10.2012

  35. My best friends girlfriend suggested that I talk with her lover. I had no idea why, I mean my buddy didn’t tell me what was going on, but she urged me to and I listen.
    Turns out that my buddy was on the brick of suicide and she just didn’t care anymore. Well, I was able to talk some sense into her and reminded her all the good that happened. I also helped my buddy to understand what her lover meant when they were talking. It took hours for her to realize that she was loved, and by some of the best people around.

    By Angelica on 07.10.2012

  36. A suggestion to find a new film to love, is a tough suggestion for sure. The personality of one who is following a suggestion of another matters highly in what is to occur in the end.

    By laura on 07.10.2012

  37. i suggest something and you blow it out of porportion. i dont think to myeslf often and i usually say it outloud so stop thinking i mean something else by what i said because i probably just meant what i said…im a straight forward person.
    i suggest you stop loving me so much and caring about my opinion because im not great at all and you will learn this soon. youll get tired of me because i suck.

    By kristina Andujar URL on 07.10.2012

  38. probably you could, maybe just, possibly, suppose that. you either affirm or oppose that.

    By Pfungwa on 07.10.2012

  39. That is something I really dont need , but everyone has one. Do this, do that, but y? dont i have my own mind to decide? yes, i ll take it, thanks, may not use it.

    By Amritha on 07.10.2012

  40. well I suggest that all of this stupid political stuff stops. what about humanity? what about morals? i suggest that people end greed and hunger. we can do it . it’s been done before. i suggest that people realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them. every move that they make can affect another person either negatively of positively . I don’t understand what people don’t get about them. nobody is perfect so i suggest that people start acting like they are superior to others because they are not.

    By kadijah on 07.10.2012