June 17th, 2009 | 446 Entries

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446 Entries for “suffocate”

  1. Im so fucking suffocated
    When can i look out of here and take a breath?

    By Mage on 06.19.2009

  2. to choke and not be able to breathe. turning purple. losing grip. slipping away. smothered. pillows. under water. i never, ever, want to die this way.

    By laurel on 06.19.2009

  3. I was suffocating, slowly no one knew. My brother’s weren’t leaving me alone, school was getting intense, my dreams, they were getting worse. NO one knew, no one understood, my life was suffocating me, there was no way out. EAch day got harder and harder. soon, I wouldn’t ever be able to reverse the damage that had been done. I wondered, how long would it take someone to understand what was going on. How long until someone helped me

    By Alley on 06.19.2009

  4. suffer down under
    suffocate, sunder
    suspicion is a wonder
    hunted by thunder
    acclimated to hunger

    By ron on 06.19.2009

  5. suffocate. not breathing is rather important to animals that rely on aerobic respiration for survival, without breathing enough or ‘suffocating’ one can suffer from cramp. a build up of lactic acid ain’t so great.

    By fred on 06.19.2009

  6. Repeating your same mistakes
    With an “I’m sorry” each time
    Suffocating my desire to love
    Searching for the exit door
    Each kiss lacking compassion
    Each hug lacking security
    It’s time for something new
    Where is that exit door

    By LynnArts (Jen M) on 06.19.2009