June 19th, 2009 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “rest”

  1. i need a rest. its insane to think how long life is and with all the drama how a nap, a sleep and a vacation just dont seem like enough some time. i just kind of wish i could step out of life for a day and just rest my body and soul.
    i want to rest my sorrows and try a new perspective for a while.

    By ben on 06.20.2009

  2. Rest is long, and peaceful sleeping. Or just a lack of doing something active, like for example you could say resting is like… sitting on a couch watching tv one could surmise.

    By Fostahhh on 06.20.2009

  3. His skin was pebbled from the last big blast, but when he got that itch, the scrabbled flesh oozed and quivered with memories of past indiscretions.
    There was no rest for the wicked.
    The bags under his eyes darkened as he packed the last of the plastic explosive into the plush dolls, the bunnies, teddy bears, the Raggety Anns.

    By ThomG on 06.20.2009

  4. I feel non productive when I rest and then it is hard to get motivated. I know rest is very good for the body.

    By Jo Comperry on 06.20.2009

  5. A time of peace when the world slips away and everything comes into the ultimate perspective. When eyelids seperate you from a differant world one you don’t know or understand and you open to your own world compleatly differant from what people want you to see

    By Mandie Lee on 06.20.2009

  6. The rest of the day was quite unspectacular as she sneezed her way around. She feared the antibiotics in her system weren’t working as they should and maybe she had bigger problems at hand. What was wrong with her immune system? what more did she need but rest?

    By ici on 06.20.2009

  7. I need to rest. There is so much to do and all I wanna do is rest. I know that if I do rest I won’t get my crap done. Two jobs and school sucks. I just need more rest. But I know I waste it all away by resting. It’s all mostly my fault that I either don’t get my stuff done or I don’t rest enough.

    By Mack on 06.20.2009

  8. sleep is good for the body. i like resting. i like sleeping. pillows and blankets and peacefulness for mind body and soul. rest is such a nice word four letter word that means so many things but is usually taken for granted because it is so often used and thus, people forget its real meaning. people nowadays dont even do it anymore. restless

    By Cathy on 06.20.2009

  9. Sitting and thinking and maybe even eating. Yay! Resting is good. I like resting. Especially after being all tired and stuff. Rest is GOOD in that case. Yeah man!

    sometimes it is good to rest after eating a lot of food. Because lots and lots of food makes people tired! D: Although I like to eat lots and lots of food. Sadly we do not have that much yummy food. Sad day. =(

    By ...Suuuupah on 06.20.2009

  10. sleep life recovery tired need to quit babysitting so much. i’m really in need of rest. I’m getting terribly cranky. That’ probably also because of my hormones. Yay pregnancy. oh eff this, idk what else to write.

    By Shelby White on 06.20.2009

  11. what is rest? how do you rest? to rest the body or the soul? which is more important. the body gets us through the day, yet the soul gets us through life.

    By Daniel on 06.20.2009

  12. resting makes the world catch breath, and little treasures can pass quickly. only when one is resting can you feel the touch of another. only when resting can you look deeply enough into yourself, know what you want and know what it is that makes you happy.

    By Leigh Ann on 06.20.2009

  13. i began to lay my head down, because i was tired and needed a nap but my boner was in the way and jutting out of my shorts. How could i be so tired, but my body be so aroused? I needed to rest so I watched 60 mins, that did the trick.

    By billy on 06.20.2009