January 2nd, 2011 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “notice”

  1. Hey there you are! Most people want this to happen to them almost all of the time. Some people actually avoid being this. I’d like to give you one.

    By Joey Green URL on 01.03.2011

  2. Shit. My key wouldn’t fit in the door. Someone had changed the lock. There was a notice on the door that reminded me I had been evicted. How could I forget? Hmm… Candy does strange things to you.

    By G URL on 01.03.2011

  3. It makes me think of work, or of change. More of change though. I think its important to have notice for things, it makes me able to handle it all better. I can be prepared, I guess that just makes sense though.

    By PollyAnna on 01.03.2011

  4. I notice things that others do not….the little things. That is what makes life more interesting. Not just stopping and smelling the roses, but LOOKING at them. Noticing the differences in people. Telling them how much you like the differences…that you notice.

    By wendyoneword URL on 01.03.2011

  5. When I see the word notice I think of evictions that happen on doorsteps when you’re trying to make it right but you see that you’ve not done it right. Also people who are trying to be NOTICED, but can’t seem to even notice that they’ve already won the attention of the ONE true one who made them. Notice makes me notice and when I concentrate hard on this word it brings up pain.

    By Heather on 01.03.2011

  6. grr this word makes me angry – notice what? I don’t give a shit about what you say mate, and I’m not going to take any notice of you or your crap.

    There I go, blowing it all out of proportion – I’ve just noticed how aggressive I’m being…

    By lll on 01.03.2011

  7. A lot of people tell me I don’t notice much in my daily life. I miss the woman with the weird hat or the employee doing something wrong. That’s not true. I pretend not to notice things because I don’t want to talk about them to others. I really notice everything.

    By Lauren on 01.03.2011

  8. I noticethat every time I look at the clock, time seems to have stood still. Why does this always happen when I am at work? Why does it never happen anywhere else? Well,, I do notice that it happens when I’m at the doctor’s or dentist’s office as well.

    By Donna on 01.03.2011

  9. i dont want everyone to notice everymove i make because i am not aware of everything i do. Sometimes i try to look interested all the time that way if someone does sneak a glance at me i wont be looking dumb
    however i do want people to notice that i am not stupid that i can do things other people who you respect more can do

    By Yvonne on 01.03.2011