August 17th, 2011 | 829 Entries

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829 Entries for “succeed”

  1. i sit down and write.
    sometimes my ideas won’t come.
    this time I’ll succeed.

    By stevie bullock on 08.17.2011

  2. i have so much that i want to succeed at but i seem to keep failing.
    i want to have a successful relationship. a successful career. i want to successfully lose weight and feel good about my figure. i want to successfully change my personality into something people actually want to be around.
    i feel doomed to fail. which may be the real issue here.

    By sarah marie URL on 08.17.2011

  3. I had done it! Finally, after many many years I finally did it! I had doubters of course, but they’re all long gone. Months of planning, years of studying… all for this one accomplishment! I had made the perfect pizza. Every topping, completely balanced in it’s array of flavor. Perfectly divine in it’s magnificence.

    By Kevin URL on 08.17.2011

  4. To succeed. Everyone wants to, not everyone can. Success is relative, and if the person in question can wrap their head around the type of success they’re going for, then that person is much more likely to succeed.

    By Julia on 08.17.2011

  5. what is it to succeed? i haven’t succeeded in anything but getting my heart ripped up by those who wanted it. i don’t have anything left to give. i dont think i’m very successful and anything, really.

    By nikki URL on 08.17.2011

  6. Everyone in life wants to succeed. Success is seen as the measurment in life but the truth is, the loevely antonym failure is the trude definition of life. We all must fail to learn. Onces their is success is something we usually move on from it. I want to succeed in life but i would much rather enjoy the journey.

    By Jessica Dragone URL on 08.17.2011

  7. I want to succeed in life. I think success is when I’m finally financially independent from my parents. I hate having to ask them for help. I’ve always hated asking for help. I want to be a successful therapist with a beautiful family married to the man of my dreams. Success comes in different forms for everyone. To succeed means happiness.

    By Elizabeth URL on 08.17.2011

  8. Pass the finish line. In a flourish of red ribbons. Top-hat raised smile. To succeed is everything. Successful, the most sought after adjective in our world. You’ll make it. One rung at a time.

    By siobhan347 URL on 08.17.2011

  9. We don’t succeed. We merely transform our failures into better ones; less failing. Success is not a goal. But merely a hallucination. We are not bodies. We are souls.

    By FaridaEzzat on 08.17.2011

  10. If you don’t try, you cannot succeed; but, if you want to be lazy, you don’t have to try. You should probably try, unless you have enough weed to sustain your nothingness. Still, I’m not positive that you shouldn’t try.

    By Helen on 08.17.2011

  11. A flash, bang, and pow into oblivion. A monumental start to a tumultuous finish, these are the fruits of my ego maniacal labor, these are the lies on which I’ve sold myself.

    By Cameron on 08.17.2011

  12. I have the overwhelming desire to succeed. People wonder what success is. Is it money? love? satisfaction with your job? happiness? I don’t know yet.I

    By Emme on 08.17.2011

  13. Success could mean anything. Love, wealth, happiness, fitness, etc. It’s all in how you define it. Gatsby didn’t have success because he was never satisfied with life. For him money was not success. Tom Buchanon never found it either. Nick found it though.

    By Emme on 08.17.2011

  14. I’ve never really touched upon success. It was always a dream far off in the distance, an inaccessible goal that we always strive toward and never find. It is measured in numbers and letters; pulled apart and squashed together until its imperfections are revealed. I don’t think success is even real.

    By Ally on 08.17.2011

  15. I wish I could succeed in getting you to date me because you’re supermegafoxyawesomeHOT and I love you and I have since 10th grade and that’s creepy but stilllllllllll

    By Malalalalory on 08.17.2011

  16. win. to achieve something you’ve wanted to achieve from a long time. to feel good. no accomplish something. to have faith in yourself. have dedication. swea, tears. perseverance

    By Mariana on 08.17.2011

  17. i need to succeed to take care of my family, to leave a legacy for my family, to give hope to my family….to give hope and faith to everybody that witness my testimony.

    By Danica Johnston on 08.17.2011

  18. I don’t know whether I have succeeded or not.
    I told her. I told her everything. Flushed. Flushed right down to the pit of my soul.
    All of my feelings, I told her.

    I can’t feel my heart beating. I’m holding my breath. I still don’t know.

    I still don’t know.

    I still don’t know…

    By Mady URL on 08.17.2011

  19. Succeeding is a very important thing in my life. To tell you the truth I don’t see myself any way other than succeeding. I will be an amazing screenwriter, or author, or any other type of creative writer out there. Why you may ask? Because I beleive in myself.

    By Olivia Zazzetti on 08.17.2011

  20. I don’t have any idea what it really means to succeed, but I can say with certainty that I think I am there. My goals have changed, over time, and they have been completely achieved. I am happy beyond my wildest dreams.

    By Lysa on 08.17.2011

  21. Success is not necessary. I guess not the way people see it. Why does everyone look for money and education and “love” and call it success? It’s strange. I find successes much more impressive when they have a deeper meaning and deeper influence on the successor.

    By Mary on 08.17.2011

  22. To succeed is hard.It takes work, effort, commitment and the right person. Not many people succeed, but those who do always look back and are proud of the work that it took to get to a place of succeeding.

    By Audrey on 08.17.2011

  23. No such thing as true success. My definition is the achievement of a goal and the subsequent happiness thereafter. One success leads to hunger for another and begins a vicious cycle wherein true happiness becomes virtually impossible, so I strive for failure. Far more rewarding.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 08.17.2011

  24. Some time in life everyone gets a chance to succeed. Not everyone is as successful as they could be and some are more successful than they should be…

    By Jason on 08.17.2011

  25. i want to succeed in life
    it’s my biggest fear to not succeed
    not in terms of money but a rich life
    why are we here other than to fully soak up this wonderful life god has given us
    so we should soak it up and succeed at living
    by helping people
    and giving back to the world
    and loving others

    By Karin on 08.17.2011

  26. I want to succeed in my life. Everythign is going to work out and I will get everythign i want . In the end if u work hard you play hard

    By cami on 08.17.2011

  27. you can succeed anything you want as long as you believe in yourself. Succeeding makes your life easier you get taught life lessons by succeeding and you feel happy after. You feel relieved. To succeed you just need to believe.

    By Sophia URL on 08.17.2011

  28. Makes me smile! to succeed is to achieve happiness. succeed in in getting to your goals. do it for you, and only you – whatever that makes you happy. To succeed in life, is to spread love I’d say. Live to give love, live to be loved. You will be a success!

    By Hannah on 08.17.2011

  29. I want to succeed; specifically, succeed in writing. I look at the stories I post online as a stepping stone towards my future career as a published author. It’s what I want more than anything but I’m too scared to admit it.

    By Melissa on 08.17.2011

  30. learing to play the guitar and becoming an amazing gutarist like john mayer singing like hayley williams and adele

    By ashlee on 08.17.2011

  31. I try to succeed in everything I do, i’m so competitive I feel that hey, even if I didn’t win an oscar I still cooked my eggs in record time… that’s got to count for something right?

    By Katelynn URL on 08.17.2011

  32. I want to succeed in life but something is holding me back. Do you need motivation to succeed? Some encouragement?

    By Mallory on 08.17.2011

  33. All my life the only thing I have wanted is to succeed in whatever my passion is. Being a male I feel that we are measured by our success and that the pressure begins to cumulate over life. Hopefully I can pursue my passion in music and find success.

    By Domanic Blanco URL on 08.17.2011

  34. To succeed is to achieve your dreams. It is to go through all those ups and downs and bumps in the road and still be alive at the end of the journey. It is to be so proud of yourself that you could scream and tell total strangers about your success. Whether is finding the right guy or becoming a teacher, its something that is worth it in the end.

    By teensj URL on 08.17.2011

  35. I want to succeed, but my boss won’t let me. He’s always following me around and judging me on what I do. I’ll never be good enough for him, so that’s why I’m going to cause trouble this week. I’ll show him what a good employee is. His favorite is going to be the biggest troublemaker.

    By amber on 08.17.2011

  36. makes me happy! to succeed is to achieve happiness! You have mastered life. Spread love, be loved and you will be a success. enjoy your success, it is special whether it be small or large. go forth and succeed with love. :)

    By Hannah URL on 08.17.2011

  37. succeed. I did not succeed today. No, rather I failed. Succeed is such a high standard for anyone… do I succeed, did I succeed? How can I continue to succeed? Will I succeed tomorrow? Today I failed to properly parent the children I babysat.

    By Tika on 08.17.2011

  38. I succeed every day at many things. It all feels good….

    By Mica on 08.17.2011

  39. hard. good. don’t know how. will i? i can’t. i’ll fail. help. i can’t do it alone.i can. right? i have no idea…is it worth it?

    By Meg on 08.17.2011

  40. If he succeeded, he could have it all.
    If he didn’t, he would have nothing. He fought and fought, learned and improved, grew from nothing. He had to get this right. If he didn’t… No, he wouldn’t go there. He couldn’t go there. Without, he didn’t know what he’d do, where’d he go, who’d he be.

    By Chelseyann URL on 08.17.2011