August 17th, 2011 | 829 Entries

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829 Entries for “succeed”

  1. One more step and she would be there. All her life, and this was the final moment.
    Cautiously opening the door, and taking a deep breath, “This is it” she whispered to herself.
    “I’m here.”

    By Viviane URL on 08.17.2011

  2. I forgot how to succeed. It used to be so simple. Just do it and it will all work out for you. But I have to be an adult now. It’s not just my life in my hands anymore. I have her life. I have all of the infants lives that I will be saving.

    By Megan on 08.17.2011

  3. I will succeed, but in my terms. I will be who I was meant to be, but in my terms. When people look at me, they won’t think about my paycheck, or my car. They’ll see me, and they’ll see who I’m with and they’ll see who I love and who loves me and they’ll think, “Yeah, he succeeded.”

    By Jazz Espiritu URL on 08.17.2011

  4. Succeed is such a complicated term. It comes with pressure and expectations that people try so hard to meet that they overshoot and completely miss the mark. The term “success” has been missconstrued in today’s society to mean everything – your life. People see it as the key to happiness.

    By Lauren Kramer on 08.17.2011

  5. there is nothing but success that makes a person feel good and complete. It doesn;t matter the feeling before you succedd but thwat you feel AFTER the truth th poer the giving of succes! never stop growing and get there!

    By Alison Hicks on 08.17.2011

  6. To succeed in life is everyone’s ultimate goal. Everyone’s dream. We go to school, pay for college, work, work and work, all so that we succeed. Some people are born with success only an arm’s length away; others are born as far away from it as possible. Some look as success as a destination, others a journey. Can one ever really say that they’ve truly succeeded in life? Is success living life with no regrets? Is it being rich? Having a loving family? My family was born poor, dirt poor, but now we live in a 4 story house with 2 summer houses, one in another country. My father became a very high ranking engineer and my mother a well-respected doctor. Have they succeeded? Or has that only happened after their four kids have finished college? Or after they get married? When does one reach success? Certainly it is not a set point, it must be different for everyone.

    There is one thing that I am sure of: I want to succeed, no matter what.

    By Fatema URL on 08.17.2011

  7. no time limits are needed
    with a mind that sets no limits
    on the evolving definition
    of what it is to suceed

    By Rene on 08.17.2011

  8. There was once a man who wanted to succeed. So he went to business school and got his MBA and got a fancy job in NYC. He made millions of dollars each year, but he did not feel successful. He then married his wife and had kids but he still did not feel successful. Then he quit and spend more time with his family and felt successful.

    By Jane on 08.17.2011

  9. to succeed I need to have a plan, a goal and a lot of luck. I must have a vision in order to know my path, I will do this I want to succeed.

    By Mari Maloney URL on 08.17.2011

  10. It takes perserverance to succeed. It takes courage and through understanding of the task at hand. I would love to have a handbook on how to succeed in life or rather at life. What is sucess to me…simplicity.

    By spartica URL on 08.17.2011

  11. something i think most people are afraid to do, because to truly live out the definition of the word, it requires them to push themselves to levels they are not sure they can sustain. I guess success is self defined because if you think about it, as long as youre happy doing what youre doing, youve succee

    By mike kane on 08.17.2011

  12. being good at something you like, maybe you will like to improve more this ability. You may be feel very proud of yourself and being happy at what you re doing.

    By Florencia Gonzalez Griffero URL on 08.17.2011

  13. To succeed is very important in life. I want nothing more than to succeed because it will mean that my hard work has meant something significant. My parents expect me to succeed too. Everyone does, but more than anything I expect myself to succeed. I will not be happy with myself if I fail to make something of myself.

    By Mikayla Raymond on 08.17.2011

  14. succeed is kin to persistence if you want to succeed you must be prepared to be persisitent. I have learned this from my current boss.

    By Granolagirl on 08.17.2011

  15. To succeed is to win the game
    The most difficult game in the world
    It screws you over and mess’s with your mind
    until you have no grass in your yard or hair on your head
    its piled in the back turning into a chiapet.

    By Ali Flip URL on 08.17.2011

  16. If I had to have one wish it would be that I would fall so deeply in love. Not that every girl does not dream of having her Prince Charming come swoop her up on his White Steed and take you off to a far away place, but I wish for it every day.

    By Elissa Gaskins on 08.17.2011

  17. To succeed was everything to me. If I did it, my heart would swell with pride, my friends enraged in jealousy(which even if I voiced my disapproval, I secretly enjoyed that), but if I didn’t, my own heart would pound itself down to the ground, my friends words of comfort only bee’s on my ears, buzzing around as if they understood how much the failure killed me.
    They’ll never understand. I must succeed, if I don’t, I don’t live.

    By Mary URL on 08.17.2011

  18. Oh, succeed again. I already wrote about this one, didn’t I? Oh well. Succeed, success, succession….etc. etc..

    By Garnetille URL on 08.17.2011

  19. succeed is or success is relative you can succeed at failing in fact i don’t really like the word that much

    By Siobhan URL on 08.17.2011

  20. Pushing even harder he came to the realization that his failure was inevitable. Would he just quit and enjoy the rest of his time before the crush? Or try even harder just so he could burn out trying.

    By paradoxicalpirate URL on 08.17.2011

  21. To be happy with everything in your life, to be where you want to be and happy with it. To have less worries and time to make more memories.

    By b o b on 08.17.2011

  22. success is what makes a person. I am to succeed at what I do. I cannot disappoint anyone, especially myself. This defines what a person is.

    By berlinda on 08.17.2011

  23. i know I will succeed if i try hard enough, care enough, and believe in myself. No telling what you can do if only you believe. Don’t be afraid of hard work.

    By Jake on 08.17.2011

  24. I want to succeed. I want to get good grades. I want to get into the best collage that I can. I want to succeed with my music. I want to be happy with myself as well. That’s key. I don’t care what I have, as long as I’m happy with myself and what I’ve done, than that’s all I could ask for. :)

    By Cheyenne URL on 08.17.2011

  25. success, graduation, happiness, support, proud, family, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again, glory, exceed,

    By Emily on 08.17.2011

  26. Do you know what it takes to succeed? Well, it takes at least one bottle of tequila, and a small lime! You need to be current in this fast changing times. With all anxiety! It must be necessary for some kind of … cushion!

    By Seansj URL on 08.17.2011

  27. such a relative word. it means different things for every other person. it could be money. or fame. or love. however i believe success only comes from living a life of happiness. a happiness that is only fulfilled through sincere passion and hard work. someday.

    By Christine on 08.17.2011

  28. It’s up to you to succeed…no one else can really make it happen for you but you!

    By Skyepeg URL on 08.17.2011

  29. What does it mean to succeed? Does it mean having the best job or the most money? I feel like that word has so many different meanings to so many different people. Depending on who you are, where you came from, and what you’ve seen, success in your own eyes will be different.

    By Megan URL on 08.17.2011

  30. I would love to succeed in sports. My brother has so much natural talent and I’m envious. All I want is to make the wrestling team and win a match. I’ll truly be proud of myself because in a match, the only person you can really depend on is yourself. If you win, it’s because you alone had the talent and drive to do so.

    By Robyn Anderson on 08.17.2011

  31. I haven’t succeeded in my lifetime, all I’ve done is drowned in a pit of succession and remorse. If i could reach my hand forward and grasp the ladder of success i would. But my fingers quiver and slip like buttered sticks.

    By kristina midgette on 08.17.2011

  32. i want to do my best and succeed in life. In all areas of my life… work, family and love. success is a priviledge is a state of mind. You succeed when u life to the

    By tenchi on 08.17.2011

  33. So, on my mission trip to Peru, a lot of the young missionaries got constipated just from the change and food. Going poop was so rare that it became known as “SUCCESS” to go poo. Now I can never hear the word success, or even succeed, without thinking it and all the amazing things that happened on the trip.

    By Mary on 08.17.2011

  34. Sucess, stirving towards success. Hoping to succeed, to make good, to do what you want with your life. Making friends, having a family, getting married (not necessarily in that order). Getting what you want out of life and being satisfied. Being content. Succeed.

    By Leah on 08.17.2011

  35. to perservere past the expectactions that others bestow upon you. to see success even though everyone around you doubts you will. to feel happieness in a dark room. to feel exuhberant.

    By David Thompson on 08.17.2011

  36. Success can only be measured by one scale. That which is the lips spreading accross your face. When the swell and arc up into a beautiful rainbow than success in my mind has been achieved. In our world we seem to think the views of society control our success, but it is our doing or driving which drives our plane into success.

    By Kat on 08.17.2011

  37. Excellence, accomplishing the things you’d like to. Doing what’s best for your spirituality. Feeling happy and good about your decisions. Perpetuating joy. Love. Wonderful. Always more though. Always room to learn. Always.

    By Jhernie on 08.17.2011

  38. To succeed was the greatest gift that anyone could have ever given her- she strove her whole life towards the great goal that others called ‘sucess’. And yet, here, upon this pivotal point, where she was so close- she was, yet, so drastically far away.

    By Jasmine White on 08.17.2011

  39. “Success is limited by your ambition, which is often limited by success itself,” she thought, eating a donut, and watching Cartman do the same.

    By Tracey on 08.17.2011

  40. Music has always been the biggest part of my life. I started singing in third grade, writing songs in sixth, and playing guitar in seventh. It’s been the one thing that’s kept me sane all these years. I would do anything to succeed in this field and make it my career. So when I didn’t get into the music school at FSU, it was the biggest disappointment I’ve ever encountered.

    By lauren on 08.17.2011