June 1st, 2019 | 14 Entries

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14 Entries for “succeed”

  1. If at first you don’t succeed…invest in an aluminum baseball bat and use it to beat the snot and/or tar out of your haters. Then, once they’ve stopped moving, dump their bodies into the sewer because the water system in your hometown is absolute rubbish, and no one will taste anything different about their water. Then, after a few months, move to a small town to the north of your current residence and become a wheat farmer.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.01.2019

  2. false self pours exasperated lung liquid back on the culled horses pleading successful wishes with fate for molasses falls that boil limbs like pigeon’s talons, heels, then stubs. Next centuries analogous with trauma common plea. And that might look like the real deal.

    By smurfstoestar on 06.01.2019

  3. Would she ever succeed, or always be in trying mode? What would success look like to me? How would it feel? She realized she needed to be clear about her destination, or how would she know she had arrived?

    By Caysee URL on 06.01.2019

  4. I really want to succeed but I set myself so many things to succeed at that I make failure inevitable. I am acutely aware of my fatal flaw but I can never quite bring myself to prioritise and focus on one or two important things at a time. Thus, I am destined to never truly succeed.

    By Lily URL on 06.02.2019

  5. success is a thing i think about every day. How i want to have a lot of money to buy what i want and to help others with it, but also having a happy life, where my close friends are and family, living in my dream country and living the life to the fullest. hopefully i will succeed one day and have all that.

    By Angela on 06.02.2019

  6. “Are you sure about this?” Jamal asked, his voice quivering.

    The sorceress looked at him, one brow raised. “You want the ritual to succeed, yes?”

    “Well, of course, but …”

    “Then do it. Do it and be done with this foul deed.”

    Jamal breathed in deeply, shutting his eyes as he lowered the knife to his palm and prepared to slit the soft skin there. One quick cut, one drop of blood on the hallowed stone, and his mother would be back.

    What else could he possibly want?

    By fox_face on 06.02.2019

  7. she runs it through her head again, like an organic simulation. walk in, drop off your coat and have yourself a party. he’ll pick it up and you’ll go home cold for a bucketload of cash

    By canaria on 06.02.2019

  8. I want to succeed in life. It’s hard to know how well I’m doing with that though. I guess it depends on how I look at it. They say, we should do the best we can with what we’ve been given. I was given crap and I’m working on overcoming it all.

    By Jenette Satriano on 06.02.2019

  9. how can you succeed if you don’t know what the goal is? Succeed – such a strange word when it means ‘come after ‘ as well as ‘kick goals.’ when the word itself is confused what hope do the rest of us have?

    By Kristina Phillipson on 06.02.2019

  10. Try, try try again…until one succeeds and accomplishment is made

    By RaShelle on 06.02.2019

  11. Everyone wants to succeed in life. However, am not sure, if they realise whether the success will bring them real happiness. One success after another, people are always on the race to succeed. Although, am writing this, am not sure if i have realised where i have to succeed & which would bring me real happiness. Experience & time are the best teachers.

    By Jayalakshmi Ganesh on 06.02.2019

  12. yes, this is very important when you pplan something, and get there, no metter you nedd to do for it.

    By jjames loes on 06.03.2019

  13. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. In order to make that happen, she was going to have to have complete focus. And that didn’t come about very often. She opened her eyes, calculating sums on the wall in front of her.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.03.2019


    By AJ BARAHONA on 06.03.2019