May 28th, 2019 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “songbird”

  1. Would that I were your songbird
    Not flightless, but wanting to bear the word
    Soulful under the early morning hues
    And mournful amid dusky, navy blues
    Mind me and find me. Hold me to your chest so I may rest too.

    By Paradiso URL on 05.29.2019

  2. bird that sings song…nightingale is what I rememnbr. name place naimalk thinhg whn I pay I used to write this only. nightingalke of india – Sarojini naidu. all childhood memories yet refreshing in my memory

    By kumari on 05.29.2019

  3. i heard the songbird singing melodiously when I sipping my coffee sitting on my favourite couch in the corner of my balcony. It always is mesmerizing to hear the nature’s sounds…soothing, calming to the soul. I feel like a part of the nature and get immersed in it withouth

    By Pavani on 05.29.2019

  4. She heard the shrill melody of birds as the sun hit her eyes sideways, making her squint before she was even fully awake. She stretched and rolled over

    By Bridget Grace on 05.29.2019

  5. A songbird stood on my windowsill. It had a broken wing, and yet it chirped. It sang with as much vigour and force of will as if it were whole. I wanted to pick it up, to possess something so fundamentally strong. I left it for the cats.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 05.29.2019

  6. Songbird perched in the tree in the morning just outside my bedroom window. I sit on my bed with a cup of coffee cradled in my hands and listen to your sweet song. I listen and drink in your notes and I feel my mind and heart unwinding, just breathing, letting out a sigh.

    By Emily Karr on 05.29.2019

  7. Somehow, I thought I could hear a songbird, for the first time in over fifteen years, tweeting a familiar tune outside my window. It was a tune I had grown familiar with as a child, a tune practically engraved in the shape of a heart on every tree, rippling in every park pond, and tattooed on every child’s sweating forehead as they frolicked around the playground. It sounded like what my mother would hum to me each night before bed, before she disappeared for good.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.29.2019

  8. I am a songbird
    a bird that is a song
    songs of birds
    that i love to see
    i hear the music
    whats that
    oh a songbird
    how sweet
    it sounds
    i love it
    till the day i die

    By Shauna Campbell on 05.29.2019

  9. I was taking a walk in the neighbourhood when I noticed a sweet sound coming from the trees. I looked up and saw a pretty bird singing to the morning sunshine.

    By Jacy on 05.29.2019

  10. I hear a song bird in this morning. It is so beautiful.

    By Adalto on 05.29.2019

  11. I hear a song bird in this morning. It is so beautiful. It remenber me a song.

    By Adalto on 05.29.2019

  12. This reminds me of my daughter – i consider her as a wonderful songbird. Sometimes i feel dejected that i am not taking good care of my wonderful songbird. God has blessed her with a wonderful voice and i hope that she shines well. Lots of love to my lovely songbird

    By Jayalakshmi Ganesh on 05.29.2019

  13. That’s my mommy. she is such a freak of singing that me and my brother learnt too many songs when we were in her womb. Haha!!!! She is a song herself.

    By Sushi on 05.30.2019

  14. i’m not know there is ave canora?

    By HOJANA on 05.30.2019

  15. No matter if the voice doesn’t comes out, bird sungs always happily. Be happy though you don’t have something

    By Dhivya on 05.30.2019

  16. All I can think about is is a bird singing a song or a somg about a bird. It reminds me of the myna. They’re pretty.

    By Priyanka Mehta on 05.30.2019

  17. I do connect to the bird always, we are not meant to be caged. We are “To fly and sing happily”

    By DhivyaRajamani on 05.30.2019

  18. un two cat hourse beautiful apple drink blue see you i no not

    By Deise Daiane do nascimento nunes on 05.30.2019

  19. a bird that sings and probably has a beautiful voice and is probably gray and many grandparents would like to watch and listen to these in the woods and they probably love them because of how beautiful they are.

    By Chase on 05.30.2019

  20. songbirds have beautiful voices and their singing is amazing songbirds have very good vocals and thats what makes them good

    By Haylee on 05.30.2019

  21. songbirds have beautiful voices and their singing is amazing songbirds have very good vocals and that’s what makes them good at singing. I don’t really know what they are but there are thousands of them.

    By Haylee on 05.30.2019

  22. Songbirds are amazing. Their beautiful sounds, singing across the blue skies, their joyous songs echoing into grandparent’s ears. Songbirds are often fed by elderly people, and they often bring joy to people’s hearts. It’s an amazing thing, songbirds. It’s in fact, so amazing, that they have an extreme tendency to cure cancer and anything else that may plague the human body. Songbirds are by far, the most important organism alive.

    By Will Hoffman on 05.30.2019

  23. Why am I still writing about songbirds. To be honest, the previous testament I wrote to the songbird’s name, was amazing. And yet you still deny me the power of writing about another word? Do I need an account or something? Asking for a friend.

    By Will H on 05.30.2019

  24. Bueno. Bien. Pájaros cantores eh? Escribo en español señor No inglés. Sólo sé poco español, suficiente para escribir esta frase cortada. Por cierto, este sitio web fue creado por Identity Crisis, Inc. Mucha crisis, poca identidad.


    By Will H on 05.30.2019

  25. Songbirds love to dab on em haterz

    By A Songbird on 05.30.2019

  26. There lived a creature hopping on the thin shoot of a voluptuous tree who stood in the garden for years. The sound was melodious. It was coming from the songbird who was used to singing for the good of the mankind.

    By priyanka chauhan URL on 05.30.2019

  27. There’s a songbird in our neighborhood. Sweetly singing every day, bringing a joy to my heart through the beauty of her song. Thank you little bird for sharing the joy of your being.

    By Caysee URL on 05.30.2019